Birthday Wishes for Myself

2019 It's My Birthday Post (Birthday Posts for Yourself)

It's My Birthday Post

It is not enough to shower birthday prayers and wishes on the occasion of other people birth anniversary. Just as it is good to show attention to others when they are celebrating, it is also best to show yourself that you care for you more than anyone can.

It is absolutely ok to make yourself a priority at a time, and one of the very rare occasions where you can show yourself that you care is on your birthday. Those sweet words you send across to others can also be personalized for yourself.

2019 Trending Today Is My Birthday Status

Today Is My Birthday Status

By now you know that the most important kind of love is self-love. And the first step to loving yourself is realising you are special, unique, and there's only one of you.

Don't wait for people to tell you how special and amazing you are. You should tell and remind yourself every day, and especially on your birthdays.

I know you expect to be celebrated by family and friends, and many people will say nice things about you on your birthday, but, why not especially celebrate yourself first?

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Keep Calm Today Is My Birthday

This is a better way to wish yourself a good day with beautiful words on such a birthday.

No one loves you better than you do, only you have the power to tell yourself to feel well. Of course, many people will come with messages bearing wishes and praises as it's your birthday but sometimes or most times, what you tell yourself is usually what keeps or motivates you to go on.


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