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2019 Trending Heart Touching Love Status

Heart Touching Love Status

Love is a beautiful thing which becomes more beautiful when it is perfectly expressed at the right time and to the right person. It is like golden apples in a silver plate on a diamond table. Just so perfect.

This perfection can only be felt when you have the right words to say and boom! It goes right into the heart of the receiver and do the unexplainable.

2019 Love Status for Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special

Love Status for Boyfriend

A loving boyfriend is rare to find.

One who would not use you to satisfy his selfish desires, who would not treat you as if you are an object that does not need to be respected or treated with love.

I have heard so many ladies complain about their boyfriends.

If you have a guy who gives you so much love, I am sure you do not know how lucky you are. I am sure you would not know you are numbered among the lucky few.

2019 Best Status About Loving Your Boyfriend

Status About Loving Your Boyfriend

As girlfriends, there are lots of things we can do to express how much we love our boyfriends. We do not always have to wait for guys to all the romantic gestures. Learn to initiate and return those love gestures.

A very effective means of doing this is by texting them sweet love messages and also uploading it on your status to show how happy and proud you are of your relationship.

2019 Romantic Status for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

Romantic Status for Girlfriend

To love and be loved by the one you love is the best feeling ever. When there is love in a relationship, the feelings are mutual, you feel free and alive.

In such a relationship, you want to take advantage of every moment and show your true feeling to her, you want to let her know what it means to have her in your life.

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