Love Quotes for Him

100 Heart Touching Love Quotes for a Loved One in 2019

Heart Touching Love Quotes for a Loved One

No matter where love goes, these heart touching love quotes for a loved one can meet it there. And it's amazing that you are going to be the next person to enjoy this collection of most touchng love quotes for your loved one.

Wait... Normally, a loved one is your family member. But many people don't understand that. They think a loved one is one's lover and so search for love quotes for a loved one when they mean a lover.

Or am I wrong?

100 You Are My World Quotes for Him or Her in 2019

When you find love, your being is complete, your world becomes perfect and your heart is filled with overflowing sweet and romantic thoughts towards that special one who makes your existence real and lively.

When you say someone is "your world", to some people it sounds strange but to those who truly experience true love knows it is authentic.

2019 Sweet Love Quotes for Husband

Sweet Love Quotes for Husband

One swell way of letting your husband know you are crazy about him is by telling him outright. Keeping it bottled up does no one no good. Love expressed brings joy, diffuses tension, raises hope and improves a sense of well-being.

That men are all tough, self-possessed and macho, is a myth carried too far. By nature, men and all that and more. However, hidden or understated is their need to be loved, cherished and adored, especially by their wives.


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