Anniversary Wishes

8 Years of Friendship Quotes for 2019

8 Years of Friendship Quotes

Friendship is a bond of affection and togetherness, forged in love and unity of purpose. It is an essential aspect of life for all humans to live happily, feel loved and desired, and live purposefully.

While some friendships span a short while and fade away, many other friendships live forever, undeterred by limitations and obstacles.

2019 Happy Anniversary Sweetheart Wishes

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Most times, what leads to fights, misunderstanding and relationships break-ups is not really because of lack of money or due to long distance. It's due to one particular thing that a lot of partners ignore, thinking it is not that important.

It's why you may see a lovely relationship that you admire today having issues tomorrow. Those newly married couples who recently uploaded their pictures and got hundreds of likes on facebook end up having quarrels a few weeks after walking down the aisle.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend in 2019

2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend

Anniversaries are big deal, wedding anniversaries are the real deal in a marriage. When you have to celebrate being with that person for 2 years, to celebrate memories and fun stored up over the months, it is an exciting occasion.

Almost every married couple look forward to celebrating the love and unity which they have shared over the years.
It seems like a perfect opportunity for them to relish every memory from their wedding day.


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