Anniversary Wishes

(100) 6 Month Anniversary Quotes and Messages

6 Month Anniversary Quotes

No, six months isn't six days, therefore, the need to celebrate such anniversary as it rightly deserves.

But, before thinking about going out on a date, lighting up romantic candles with sweet smells or even watching a romantic movie, you should start by building a palpable tension of love between you two lovebirds with a couple of these quotes/messages.

(50) 4 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Him

4 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Him

Love is worth celebrating beyond February 14th, you'd agree. Your anniversary is the best time of the year to let him know, you have him in mind not just at heart.

If the calendar is your friend, then you must have realized it's been 4 months already. 30 days in 4 places shouldn't be overlooked, cause, some didn't make it past a date. Now, give him some accolades for a well done job.

So, just to acknowledge and celebrate (50) 4 Month Anniversary Paragraph for Him


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