60 Sweet Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Sweet Messages

I have learnt that it’s not always easy being in Love unconditionally. Sometimes love needs inspiration to grow, and sometimes it needs comfort to stay awake. Love is so magical that it could be the only reason for which sweet dreams is ever achievable. It could even be the main reason life is bearable.

But no matter how much of romantic ideas a relationship gets or plan, not executing them could set such in perpetual peril.

That love is great, I am a witness.... And I think it is same with you too. But the last time I checked, love would not grow until it is expressed effortlessly. Before you attain that level when love flows endlessly, you must have invested much - yes, much! And this much starts with romantic love messages like this.

Whether when you wake up in the morning, or just anytime of the day, send these Sweet Messages to your Boyfriend: that would show that you are a darling indeed.

Sweet Messages for Boyfriend 1

1. No one fits into my life but you
No thought fits into my plan but you.
Nothing makes my day but you...
And nothing is me without you.
I love you.

2. You will be to me an endless dream,
Your touch on my body Like loveliest of cream.
Loving you from my heart, not my whim.
And showing care that will be full to the brim.

3. Among a million, you are qualified as my boyfriend,
And so obvious, you've proven more than a close friend.
Then the rest of my life, with you I wish to spend…

4. Loving you morning, night and noon, even unto the end.
In kindness my love for you will grow,
In love forever, we shall both grow.
Morning night and noon, we're inseparable...
To live as best lovers in the world, for that we are able!

5. My life started when I met you,
My joy started when you said "I do"
Proving so strong, that's what your love for me is...
And I can see it ending in bliss. I love you.

Sweet Messages for Your Boyfriend 2

6. To love any other, my love, no way.
Not leaving you, regardless of what they say.
Stick with you all seasons, come what may.
Going with you down the aisle, no delay!

7. To describe how I love you, I'll say madly
To tell how your name sounds, that's Medley
I wish I have known your love early....
For it is the true definition of dearly!

8. I will place you in my heart if I have my way
For I am falling in love with you every day
Your love is cool like the cool of the day
So thrilling that I don't know what to say.

9. I found you as my true love, I'm no more searching.
I will stick with you, not two-time and never flirting.
Only you and I forever, and never cheating...
And to take you down the aisle, I am tired of waiting.

10. My love for you has come to stay,
Morning and night no going away,
No going away but with you to stay,
With you to stay in love, all my day.

Sweet Messages for Your Boyfriend 3

11. You say it and I feel it,
You feel it and I mean it,
You mean it and I keep it..
You keep it, and we become it...
That is the journey of our love.

12. Like sweet rain in the winter,
Is how your thought in me makes me feel
And like soft bread with sweetest of butter,
Is how you are every moment to me.

13. I've been waiting for so long for a miracle to come
That moment came when into my life you came.
Now I feel great and my life no more the same.
This way you have loved me, I will love you same.

14. Your love is magical, this I have proven,
Complete with me is it, like a team of eleven,
And perfect is it than number seven,
On earth, this is nothing but heaven.

15. The change I sought began when I met you,
And the journey to my fulfilment started with knowing you.
I wouldn't have been this great and gorgeous without you.
For loving me this way, I say a big thank you.

Sweet Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend 1

15. A cheek full of romantic smiles
A heart full of undying love
And a path full of shining light
Is what knowing you brought into my life.
I love you.

17. If I love my morning and night
And I love my evening and afternoon
And I love the life I live....
It's because you love me. I love you.

18. The night seems endless without the morning
Like a journey seems so long without a shortcut
And so is my life without you in it.
You are all that makes my life complete.
I love you.

19. Your love is special to my bone
I can’t wait to take you home
Take you home to be my own
Be my own to build my Rome.
I love your love like I love my own.

20. True riches has no end,
And flowing waters don't stink.
My life with you is so sweet,
And it will last forever.
I love you.

Sweet Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend 2

21. In the dark, people seek for light,
In danger, people seek for refuge.
In all I do, I seek for your love!
Isn't it great to have one as you?
I love you.

22. In the midst of thousand lies, you are a sure truth
In the midst of gloomy dark, you are my light,
In the midst of my struggles, you are my succour.
You will ever remain my world best. I love you.

23. Your love is hot in me like burning fire
Your care is my very best desire
All I want is embedded in you.
I am incomplete without you.

24. The dark is powerless in the sight of the light.
A mountain is not a threat, where a lowland is.
In the midst of my trials, I am glad.
So glad to know that you are there with me.
Thank you for staying with me. I love you.

25. Royalty is what I feel to have met you
Special is how I feel at the thought of you
Ecstatic is how I feel knowing you are so loving, and
Fulfilled is how I feel, knowing you are mine forever.
I love you.

Sweet Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend 3

26. Sweetheart, you are one of your kind
And to die for you my love I don't mind
I can do anything you want for you
I can even give my whole life for you.
In love you.

27. Your love is more than symphony
Too ecstatic and full of harmony
You're so sweet, sweeter than honey
I'll choose you instead of sweet honey
And where your love is what is money!

28. I have given my heart to many
And unending regrets was the ending point.
For the very first time, my heart meets its owner,
And how lucky I am for that person to be you!
I love you.

29. It is so great, how your love for me has been.
Feels like I'm going to dance my heart out.
I feel deep joy so much within.
That I will give you my all, both in and out.
I love you my sweet love.

30. Your love gives more than sense of satisfaction to me.
And it builds me farther above my competency.
I would have been a mess without you in my life.
I love you forever and I give my all to you.
I love you sweetheart.

Does This Describe Him?

I remember when I became a downer, and I needed someone to lighten me up. Someone with whom I could share special unbreakable bond. I wanted someone I can ever remember.
Someone whose love would stay deep down in me.

Someone who wouldn't get away when things get rough. Someone who would stay close whenever all my life goes out of kilter.

Then, life was nothing comforting but mainly discouraging. All I had was the opposite of all I wanted. My life, my ways, my deeds, my actions - all did sucks! I felt as if I was in another world. A world where you only see pains, gloom, doom and despair. A world of limitless troubles, agonies, hurts and pains.

I was falling apart on the inside, so much that putting on a brave face wouldn't do. I was cut in two. And I could feel my heart torn apart at worst - or maybe I was wrong.

But I couldn't believe that there would ever come a moment when I would get ever more than the best I ever wanted out of love and life. I knew I would pull through, believing faith still worked, and that my fate was not to live in dejection all my life.

I wanted true love, and I wanted it so badly. I wanted to feel what every successful relationship feels. I wanted to belong into the bracket of those who witness undiluted happiness in their relationships. I wanted to be the real and loving me. The me that once saw love more than a patch to gorgeous life living.

One fateful day, my heart found answers to all its questions. It happened when I found you.

Now I feel more than romantic on the within. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I love you.

I am more than glad whenever I see people who passionately want to go beyond all limits to make sure their relationships take the way of success. It gives more than joy when I know that you are one of those. As a cool man, one of the best ways through which you can prove your love is by sending Sweet Messages like these to your Girlfriend. I celebrate you for being that great man.

Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend 1

1. My sweet love sweeter than sweet candy
Intoxicating even better than a bottle of brandy
Your love is so enormous and doesn't come in handy
And your care for me is ever and ever trendy.

2. I'm my life you are all that matters
Just like a soft bread filled with butter
I am missing you and no word to utter
You are my very best, better and better
Without you in my life nothing gets better

3. No one makes me better than you
No one teaches me love more than you do
Caring, downhearted, that is you
And forever and ever it will be you.

4. My life floated around like a feather in the wind
And I knew not where to find rest for my downcast soul
But your coming was the soothing balm for my mind
And all that were broken in me, alas! You made whole
I choose to love you forever my life and my love.
I love you.

5. Sweet and sweet is your love to my belly.
Sweeter to my spoil is of, more than cherry.
I have tasted things, your love is sweeter than berry.
Sweeter is it ever than a dish with the best of curry.
I love you.

Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend 2

6. Lonely, I tried to get through my life every day
But no one beside me to show me the way
Your coming, sweetheart, saved the day.
And for this, I am loving you till the rest of my day.
I love you.

7. I had fears that haunt my every night,
Hurt and pains that turned my day into untold plight.
And all I could get was my dreams being stole away
But your presence in my life has come to save the day.
Thank you, thank you and thank you all the way!
I love you.

8. I cried remembering I was never loved before
And cried so hard that I wouldn't take it anymore
It was like I dream come true, me having you.
And my heart met peace, when you prove your love is true
I love you.

9. I will stand with you while the heart remains
I will be there, through moments of hurts and pains
Anything you so desire, for you I will always do
And my love for you always will be true.
I love you.

10. When on a course it doesn't fail
When on a mission it doesn't go astray
When faced with troubles, it will ever prevail
It's sweet love and sweet love all the way.
And that is what I had for you til the end of my day.
I love you.

Sweet Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend 3

11. Your love saved me from my horrible past
Your care saved me from my pains and hurts
And you gave me your all, made well my weary eyes!
You are my all in all, forever and ever my love.
I love you.

12. I love you I cannot lie
And my love for you will never die
I will cling to you without saying goodbye
And we will be together by and by.

13. You are the answer I need
Your love is true and true indeed
You have proven to be more than friend indeed
And so I will pay you in my deed.

14. I keep on loving you, I can't help it,
The feeling is so much that I can't keep it.
My life is looking awesome, I'm loving it,
But if you ask me why, I can explain it!
It’s because you love me. I love you too.

15. If there is no more home to live,
I'll choose to stay inside your heart.
If there is no more food to eat,
I'll choose to live through your love and care.
I love you for being the love of my life!

Do you love your girlfriend so much that you need to express your love to your girl? These are cool enough for that beautiful girlfriend of yours.

Sweet Messages for Girlfriend 1

16. In search for another girl,
Baby, seeing you that game is over
In being in love that I call little hell,
Seeing you all that is ever over.<

17. I will give you love, that you will want no more
Whichever way you love me, I will love you more.
I will go with you whichever way you turn
Happy and happy shall you be, full of fun.
I love you.

18. Your love is the very thing that blows my mind
Too ecstatic and soul-soothing like a bottle of red wine
You make me feel so tender like I'm age nine
Forever my love, you will always be mine.
I love you.

19. I freely give my heart to you,
For only you deserve it true and true.
No more searching, You are my full stop,
No going further, you are my bus stop.
I love you and I really do.

20. For a long time I've been waiting for you
So glad now that I could have you as mine
This is lovely love in a lifetime
And it's worth keeping until death!
I love you.

Sweet Messages for Girlfriend 2

21. If fragrance could be sent, I'll send that of roses
If feelings could be sent, I'll send my heartbeat
You need to understand how much you mean to me,
You need to see how much I want to love you!

22. No journey is too far for me
No path is too dread for me.
As long as you are with me...
Anything goes my love.
I love you so much.

23. In all my successes, you have been the reason
I will love you in and out of season.
Your wish ever shall be my wish,
And your desire shall be mine.
I love you, love you, love you!

24. I believe you are the chosen one
Since in my heart you are the number one.
Your love prove to be more than fun,
With you all my worries are gone!
I love you dearly.

25. Your love for me is enough to live for.
Your care for me is enough to die for.
To love you isn't just a wish, but a will!
It's what I will do all my life.
I love you eternally.

Sweet Messages for Girlfriend 3

26. With outstanding courage battles are won,
With hardworking, great feats are achieved,
With untiring hope, life is preserved,
But with your love, I have all I want in life!
I love you my sweet.

27. You are a touch for my better tomorrow,
And a treat for undying love with no sorrow.
You are my all in all, no gainsay.
With you I am as happy as ever.
I love you my all.

28. You are my full stop, not my comma,
Whatever your wish is,
That will be my command.
Our love will be sweeter than the best of cinema.
And forever and ever, you will be in my mind.
I love you my heart.

29. The best I can ever be is in you.
The highest I can ever go is with you.
There is no other way to live,
Than to give you the whole of me.
I love you and I give you my all.

30. Just with you, a million miles seems like a 5 minutes walk.
The night always seem like a minute sleep with your thought in me.
Life can't be sweet elsewhere other than with you.
I just love you for who you are with me. Thank you darling.

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