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Happy New Month Prayers for Lover (June 2020)

It is no surprise that you want to always serenade your lover at every given opportunity. I, personally believe it is one of the...

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Sweet Best Friend Text Messages (2020)

2020 should not have to start on a rocky note. Having that good person as a friend is a beautiful thing to glory about,...

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1 Year Anniversary Instagram Posts (2020)

The first year of a beautiful relationship, just like all other beginnings is always filled with excitement with prospects of things to come. I...

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2020 Best Thank You for Believing in Me Quotes

In 2020, you should be more grateful. You really do not have to wait until you are gifted a car before you mutter some...

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Long Sweet Messages for Girlfriend (2020)

Gone are the days when men were known to be stoic, unemotional being taking glory from their brash display of egoism? These days, the...

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