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3 Adult Dating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Adult Dating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you are dating an adult, then you are coming to the dating scene with experience from your previous relationships and past love lives. Most times, that experience can work in your favor, as you will know what you want and you will also be good at identifying when things are not working out well. Sometimes, however, the experience you already have can work against you. Below are 3 mistakes people dating old people (over 40) easily make, and how to avoid them:

Marrying Your First Love

Marrying Your First Love

Of all the feelings that a person can experience, first love is the most romantic. Someone will say that it is just a chemical reaction of hormones, but others are not likely to agree. Like any exciting state, both positive and negative, it leaves a mark on our soul for life.

3 Truths You Need to Know About Couples Therapy

Truths You Need to Know About Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is often surrounded by several misconceptions. While some people believe that walking into the office of a therapist means your relationship is facing serious problems, others believe it’s merely the last option whenever problems arrive. To crown it all, there are people think seeing therapist is a sign that the relationship is over!

5 Signs Indicating the Need to Visit a Marriage Counselor

Signs Indicating the Need to Visit a Marriage Counselor

Most times, people go into marriages without having the right tools to manage its inevitable challenges. And while some people know exactly when things are going out of kilter, others are totally oblivious of the change.

If you want to have the best of your marital life, it’s better to know where and when to get help  if things take the unexpected turn

The big question then is, “how do you know the right time to visit a marriage counselor?

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Online Counselor

Online Counselor

In this contemporary world of ours, it is without a doubt that an average person’s first port of call in dealing with life’s problems is the internet. Whenever you want to solve a problem you first of all do an online search. Thus, it is only natural you would also turn to the internet when you want to hire the services of a counselor.

10 Steps to Get the Beautiful and Healthy Summer Body

Beautiful and Healthy Summer Body

The approaching of summer sees droves of new members enrolling in gyms aiming to get well-shaped and beautiful bodies to flaunt in the summer on the beaches. Most people do anything possible as they take abs workouts and fad diets which offers them crazy promises of gifting them healthy, fit and amazing bodies for the summer.


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