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2021 Best of Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Him

Almost everyone celebrates the anniversary of the day they were born, your man is not an exception (no doubts).

But then, there’s no ruling out the fact that you can’t be with your man as much as you might wish to, that day. This is when you have to send messages from the heart, a message to inspire him so that he can have plans of being a better person and at the same time boost his love for you.

Nothing can be compared to sending inspiring quotes from the heart to let him know that what he means to you.

Check out this collection of 2021 Best of Inspirational Birthday Quotes for Him.

Cute Happy Birthday Quotes and Sayings for Him

Inspiring Happy Birthday Quotes for Husband or Boyfriend.

1. Today, my best friend is born, you are a special breed and I can’t appreciate you enough. Happy birthday to you.

2. You’re the kindest person I know and I cannot but thank God for bringing you to me. Happy birthday

3. I wish you success in all your endeavors and I pray that all your wishes come through. Long life and prosperity.

4. I love that you are a better person today, you are stronger and older and of course, your path will shine brighter. Happy birthday to you.

5. I join the whole world to celebrate your birth today, God bless you as you add a year today. Happy birthday.

6. May your days be filled with fun and laughter. May you go from strength to strength. Happy birthday, love.

7. May you always find reasons to celebrate. God be with you this new year. Happy birthday, dear.

8. Thank God I met you, you’re a great source of strength to me and I love you for that. Happy birthday to you.

9. I have you and that confidence is enough to boast me so that I can conquer the world. Happy birthday my love.

10. To the love of my life, may your days be filled with thousands of laughter. Happy birthday, darling.

11. May this day be one of the best days of your life. More grace to you baby, Happy birthday.

12. To the sun that lightens up my day, I wish you great success in every sphere of your life. Happy birthday, dear.

13. You’ve made the world better and kinder to me, I love you and I wish you a happy birthday.

14. Today is another perfect day to appreciate you for what you are to me, Happy birthday to my heartbeat.

15. You’re more than amazing to me, I can’t trade you for anything in the universe, happy birthday to you my love.

16. I adore your persistence and optimism, you’re one of a kind baby. Happy birthday, darling.

17. You’re one in a million, and God bless you greatly dear. Happy birthday to you my dear.

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18. I will never hesitate to reciprocate your love, you’ve stood by me and shown me what real love is. Happy birthday to you, baby. I wish you more than blessings.

19. To my great source of happiness and inspiration, happy birthday honey, live long and prosper.

20. It’s your day and more than anything, you deserve the best treatment. Happy birthday!

21. I have never regret knowing you, thanks for being so good to me always. Happy birthday, baby.

22. Today, I pray that as you wish may it be granted unto you. Happy birthday baby, you’re more than a million to me

23. Your prayers have been answered I’m quite confident with that, welcome to a new chapter, many happy returns to you.

24. I think you deserve more than just cakes and sweets, you are worth more than gold. Happy birthday my sunshine.

25. May the grace to fulfill the responsibilities that come with this age come to you, long life and prosperity darling.

26. Kisses and hugs o send across to you today, happy birthday!

27. Welcome to a brand new year of great opportunities and innovations. Many happy returns of the day.

28. May every word of prayers which you have opened your mouth to say be fulfilled today, happy birthday my love.

29. To the most outstanding person in my life, I wish you a day full of joy and smiles. Happy birthday.

30. You’ve touched so many lives, I bless God for the inspiration which you really are, long life to you my love.

31. I will be selfish if I do not send my prayers across today. Goodness and longevity is yours always baby, happy birthday.

32. May this day usher in the fulfillment of every heart desires that you have. Many happy returns of today darling.

33. For the many blessings you’ve brought to my life, I wish you a hearty birthday. I love you, darling.

34. Today, I wish you success in your career and life. Happy birthday to you my dear come true.

35. Wishes and prayers will be answered today as my special man is celebrating his birthday. Long life baby!

36. May your dreams come true and this new year open paths unto you. Happy birthday to the best man in the whole universe.

37. This day, you enter the realm of unstoppable, may your paths be clear and straight. Happy birthday, honey.

38. May the odds continue to be in your favour this day and always, have a great celebration and happy birthday.

39. May your light shine bright and be as illumination to everyone around. Many happy returns to you baby.

40. More than anything, your uniqueness is one of a kind, and that’s why I celebrate you today my love. Happy birthday.

41. May this new year bring with it pleasant surprises.

42. May you find the strength to get over every disappointment in this new year.

43. Just like a star, you’ll shine without encumbrance, happy birthday baby.

44. Today, you’re embarking on a journey of another 365 days of greatness. Long life and prosperity darling.

45. Open your hands and heart to receive the blessings that come with a new age. Happy birthday my love.

46. You are a gentle soul, you display complete maturity in any situation. Happy birthday my baby.

47. I’m confident that you will rise and be a great man. Many happy returns today love.

48. Enjoy all you can, it’s your celebration.

49. Your time and season of great things is here. Enjoy it and have a sweet birthday today.

50. I can say it over and again and not get tired because you deserve it. Long life and prosperity to you darling.

51. It would have been a great disaster if you hadn’t been born. As you celebrate another year today, I wish you goodness and long life.

52. I just want you to know that knowing you have been the best thing to me, happy birthday to the only one I love.

53. My heart is warm and this is because you’re always there. Happy birthday anniversary my superman.

54. Just close your eyes and make a wish, you can be confident that is fulfilled already. Many happy returns of today my darling.

55. Your love has taken over me that I find strength always, I can’t trade you for anything, and on this day, I say Happy birthday to you, love.

56. May every heart desires and dream that you have come true today. Happy birthday to you my guardian angel.

57. Wishing you my special person a special happy birthday today. I love you always

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58. Explore, have fun, do things, enjoy yourself. It’s your day baby, happy birthday to you.

59. I pray that you will not lack the strength you need for every day. May every wishes come true today. Happy birthday!

60. Close your eyes, make a wish and blow out those candles on the cake.

61. You have every reason to celebrate. I hope my greetings will make you happy and have enough fun for today. Happy birthday.

62. You are the one that adds colours to my life and I’m glad I found you. As you add a year today, may you enjoy a colorful world! Happy Birthday!

63. Today opens to you a door to another life stage, it is a new opportunity to fulfill all your dreams. Happy birthday, dear!

64. I hope you know that today, a new
ride, full of unforgettable emotions and priceless experience is unfolding. Enjoy it, love, you deserve it and more. Happy Birthday

65. Be ready to let your life be filled with an endless stream of breathtaking and of course exciting journey. Welcome to your new age love.

66. This new year, chase your dreams passionately and of course enjoy every ride on this journey. Many happy returns darling.

67. On this journey, I wish you great strength and peace of mind. Then don’t forget to adjust as you go on your path to your destination. Happy birthday, dear.

68. I can’t thank you enough for walking this journey of love with me, I love you more with each new day. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

69. You’re my greatest gift which I’ll never take for granted. I hope you’ll enjoy your day today.

70. Doors and paths to success will be clearer to you today. The strength you need for success is yours already. Happy birthday my love.

71. May the new age brings along with it gifts that your heart longs for. Many happy returns of today darling.

72. I wish you nothing but absolute not today and always, I love you baby, happy birthday.

73. Enjoy another year’s ride of fun and laughter. You deserve it always. Birthday hugs and kisses from here.

74. May this year gives you the strength against every fear you’ve had. Happy birthday love

75. Happiness and success are yours completely as you go on this journey another year. Happy birthday, babe.

76. May the day usher in nothing more but happiness and peace of mind unto you. Enjoy the day and have fun.

77. This new year remember to do things without regret and don’t forget to never give up on anything you set your mind on. Happy cake day darling.

78. Be rest assured that this new year will be the beginning of stunning life and achieving goals. Welcome to your new year.

79. Set goals and tasks and you’ll be surprised at how you’ve achieved them easily. Happy birthday, baby.

80. Be ready for new victories! Men are like wine – the best improve with the age. Happy Birthday.

81. You’re special and I don’t mind telling you that every day of life. As you add another year, may your uniqueness increase. Happy birthday, love.

82. Your intelligence is one of a kind and I’m so happy I can associate with you. I love you, baby, happy birthday.

83. You’ve been blessed with many and great gifts, I wish that this new year, the gifts will multiply greatly. Happy birthday my love.

84. You are just one perfect person and I hope that today be made completely perfect for you. Many happy returns baby.

85. Your kindness is one rare gift and you are just perfect. Happy birthday, love.

86. May light shine on your path and you gain more enlightenment this new year. Happy birthday, darling.

87. You are simply one of a kind, may this journey bring out the best of you. Long life and prosperity darling.

88. Make your life count and enjoy every moment of it this new year. Happy birthday my love.

89. Just as you take my breath away all the time, I pray this new year surprises you with breathtaking moments always. Happy birthday to you my sweet was.

90. In all, don’t lose hope but face every challenge with your sweet and genuine smile, always. Happy birthday, hunny.

91. In all, have strong faith in yourself so that you can always carry yourself with poise and confidence. Enjoy your day baby, happy birthday to you

92. Thank God you came to this world specially for me, thanks for being the best part of my life. Long life to you darling, happy birthday.

93. I wish that your charming smile will stay permanent on your face this new year. Happy birthday, love!

94. I bless the moment I met you, you will forever be special to me. Happy birthday my love.

95. Life is just perfect with you in it with me. You rock my world honey, happy birthday.

96. May your days shine bright like the diamonds. May this day open doors of opportunities. Happy birthday my prince.

97. I don’t know what I’ve done in my previous life to deserve you my charming prince, but one thing I’m sure of is I’ll not lose, ever. Happy birthday, sunshine.

98. Thanks for bringing smiles and fun to my life, you’re one of the best things on earth. Happy birthday, baby.

99. May every wishes today come true as you celebrate another year of your birth anniversary. I love you always darling, happy birthday.

100. Nothing will change my love for you, you are my world and I celebrate you today specially. Happy birthday my love.

Never lose faith in yourself, optimism, and a charming smile! You deserve the best! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my queen! Your appearance in this world is a great gift to humanity and a simply irreplaceable gift to me because you make my life colorful and complete. I love you.

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