Inspirational Birthday Messages for Friends

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Friends (2021)

Birthdays are special days in the life of every individual on earth, and this particular day is looked forward to with so much joy, exuding great exuberance.

Irrespective of the circumstances that may surround the day, everyone loves to be celebrated, even in the simplest form such as receiving messages, just to feel special and remembered on his/her birthday. So, when you have someone you can call a friend, you should know he/she likes to be made special on his/her birthday.

You would agree with me that sending a birthday message is as thrilling as sending a gift or a word of prayer to that special friend. You can even move further to inspire your friends with your messages on their birthday. So, why not make the big day memorable for your friends by inspiring them on their birthdays?

Do you find it difficult to craft out a worthy inspirational birthday message for friends? Then, worry not because the job has just been made easier for you to get great soul-filling inspirational birthday messages for friends and even for any category of friends you have.

Inspiring Happy Birthday Text Messages for Special Friends

Make your special friend’s day special with these best of inspiring happy birthday text messages, wishes and quotes for Best of friends.

1. Dearly beloved friend, it’s with great joy I celebrate this special day with you. You’ve pulled through stronger than you thought. I am glad this day came through. Happy birthday!

2. Another 365 days of your life starts today. I know it’s going to be a journey of fruitfulness, great achievements and higher heights. I pray you to find happiness all along this new year. Happy birthday, my friend.

3. I have been searching since the day before on the perfect words to use in quantifying your amazing personality. You have been nothing short of an inspiration to me all along our relationship. I wish you greater heights on your birthday today.

4. It’s her Royal Majesty’s birthday. Oh! I wish I could conduct an orchestra, would have done that for you. You are more priceless than rubies. Have an amazing birthday today.

5. It is yet another birthday, seeing you grow throughout the years, I am happy at what a great man you’ve become. I wish you a happy birthday as you turn a year older, my friend.

6. Birthday celebrations come once in a year, but you are worth celebrating every day. Words would fail me to express my gratitude to fate for making our paths cross. Happy birthday, Angel!.

7. If only you could hear my heart, you’ll know I have been singing for you since the dawn of the day. I pray you to grow higher in this new year. Happy birthday, sugar.

8. As the years go by, I see you becoming a stronger and better version of yourself. I wish you not just a happy birthday, but a fruitful year ahead.

9. Let the trumpets be blown and the mighty men gather, the earth deserves to celebrate the day you were brought forth. I wish you a happy glorious birthday my icon.

10. You deserve more than accolades. You worth more than roses, even the chocolate boxes won’t be enough. I celebrate you today and always. Happy birthday my friend.

11. With Jesus joy in my heart, I usher you into your new age of scaling great heights. Happy birthday dear friend.

12. This day in many years back, Heaven announced the birth of a great friend, leader and a superstar. I wish you a wonderful birthday.

13. It’s a beautiful day because it is your birthday. All hail the king!. Best wishes buddy. Happy birthday.

14. The town deserves to be shut down because a beautiful star is born today. You deserve more than accolades. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

15. You have achieved a lot more than your fears told you. I am glad you pulled through all these years. Happy birthday Super lady.

16. All hail the most beautiful queen. You don’t need a kingdom to reign. You have reigned in the hearts of many. Happy birthday.

17. On this special day of yours, I wish you blessings worth more than rubies or diamonds, for you are worth more than gold yourself. Happy birthday and keep glittering the way you are.

18. The whole ink would be poured out and the sheets would be exhausted if I were to write an epistle of you. Words alone cannot qualify your being. Happy birthday ‘da goodess’.

19. Your face shines brighter than the stars, your smile soothes more than the sunshine. You are excellently made. Happy birthday.

20. If I am called to give a speech, I wouldn’t know the right words to qualify you with because words are not enough to qualify your amazing personality. Happy birthday my muse.

21. Oh! What a glorious day it is that your birthday falls on a Sunday this year. Blessed are you amongst all my friend. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

22. The stage has been set, the hall painted in your favourite colour – orange. The orchestra will be performing your favourite classic. I can’t wait for dawn to wish you a happy birthday, my friend.

23. What other way to celebrate a friend that inspires me so greatly. You deserve more than roses. I wish you s fulfilling birthday.

24. It’s your greatest day today. If you weren’t born, the earth wouldn’t be complete. I join the heavens in its entirety to celebrate you on your birthday. Cheers!.

25. All hail the king, his royal handsomeness. It would be an error if I don’t celebrate you on your birthday. God bless the day you discovered you.

26. Looking back at how we started, I couldn’t help but wish our younger days will be brought back. You have been nothing but a great blessing to me. Happy birthday!.

27. Happy blessed birthday my friend. My the Lord add a more wonderful, glorious, excellent, fruitful and abundant year to your years.

28. On this special day of yours, I wish you above all things that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers. Happy birthday.

29. Every birthday is special, hence I felicitate with the host of angels to celebrate a great personality. Happy birthday.

30. It comes once in a year, so I’ll use all it takes to wish you a very memorable birthday. Have a great year ahead.

31. Your value exceeds far more than precious jewels. I would give anything to have you as a friend. Happy birthday, dearie.

32. If I could sing your praises from sunrise to sunset, only then would you know how highly esteemed I’ve placed you in my heart. I want nothing more than for you to shine. Happy birthday my love.

33. It would take 365 days for me to wish you a happy birthday again, so let me celebrate you with all I’ve got. I wish you all of heaven’s best on this special day.

34. You are the best friend anyone could ever wish for. Your impeccable taste for things of value drew me to you. Have a greatly blessed birthday, dear.

35. Let the bell be rung and the candles be blown out. Let the flowers be spread, it’s a Princess’ birthday. Keep being a star love.

36. Of all the birthdays you’ve had, I know this is the most special one because you’ve written your name on the sands of time. You are cherished, my icon. Happy birthday.

37. It is with great joy I celebrate you on your special day. You have been a blessing to me ever since we met. Happy blessed birthday darling.

38. I am so glad we met at that meeting. I wouldn’t have known what to do if you didn’t come into my life. Your good works will continue to speak for you. Have a great birthday celebration.

39. Birthdays come and are celebrated once a year, but you deserve to be celebrated every day. I wishing you an amazing birthday celebration.

40. Today being your birthday, I wish that all things you’ve been looking for find a way to come around you. Happy birthday!.

41. You’ve lived your past years, and your future years are not here yet. So enjoy your birthday today that ushers you into your new year.

42. I am so grateful to God you saw another year, most people didn’t. I pray it becomes your best year yet.

43. Here’s me sending you my wishes like a basket full of flowers. May your years be as beautiful and decorative as these flowers. Happy birthday my friend.

44. I am so blessed to have you in my life. So I pray that God gives you loads of blessings to celebrate your new year with. Have a cheerful birthday celebration.

45. Today is a day to celebrate all the heights you’ve attained and your successes so far. Happy blessed birthday my friend.

46. I wish I could keep singing ‘happy happy birthday’ for you. You deserve all the sweetness from my melodious voice. I join you to celebrate entry into a great season.

47. When birthdays come, it’s time for you to reflect on the bright and positive side of your life. I wish you really see your true beauty. Happy birthday, friend.

48. Today is another day to live in the moments and forget all your worries. So smile into your new year. Happy birthday, sweetie.

49. They say birthdays open doors for new opportunities, I pray you walk into yours today. Have a fulfilling birthday celebration.

50. You have your family and friends to grace your birthday celebration with you. You really do not look like what you’ve been through. I pray you to remain strong. Happy birthday, dearie.

51. Your birthday is not the day to reflect on how old you’re getting, but how better you’ve gotten through the past years. I know you’re on your way to the top. Happy birthday my realest ‘nigga’.

52. I specifically put the candles on your birthday cake to remind you of the light that you are. So keep shining. Happy birthday!.

53. If I’m called upon to give only one wish, I’ll wish that you never know a better yesterday. Have a special birthday celebration, my friend.

54. Birthday celebrations are the time to rejoice and live happily knowing that you’re fulfilling your purpose and giving others a reason to live. Happy birthday my friend.

55. God has given you another year to celebrate because He’s not through with you yet. So celebrate today in thanksgiving to Him. Happy birthday dear friend.

56. On this new year of yours, dear friend, I wish nothing more than you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers, in Jesus name. Happy birthday!.

57. May you have all you ever wish for and may all your silent prayers be answered. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

58. Birthday celebrations come once in a year, but I wish that your celebrations come every day. Have a joyous year ahead dear friend.

59. You are my dearest friend and I love you without conditions. I wish you the very best in life. Happy birthday my sister from another mother.

60. Birthdays are the beginning of our new year. I pray that on this day, you step into new dimensions. Age happily dearie.

61. Call me to give a wish, and I’ll not just give one but two. I wish that you’ll find true love and be happy forever. Happy birthday, darling.

62. I pray that all joy may abound towards you as you start a new year. Happy birthday!.

63. My words won’t be enough for you on your birthday, so I am sending them to you with plenty of hugs and kisses. Enjoy your birthday celebration dear friend.

64. Your skin glows, your face shines, and your heart lights up the world. Keep being you, dear. You are really loved. Happy birthday!.

65. You are not just a friend, you’ve turned brother. We’ve been through a lot together and I pray that you’ll always have help in your times of need. Happy birthday, super friend.

66. You know what they say when life throws lemons at you, you should make lemonades from it. I pray that your eyes be opened to make lots of lemonades from every situation this coming year. Happy birthday my friend.

67. Happy birthday to my one in a million amazing friend. I can only but wish you more of heavens blessings in your life as you get a year older.

68. Years have come and gone, and you’re here again celebrating another birthday. I wish that celebrations will never cease in your life. I Happy birthday dearest friend.

69. You have experienced a lot in the past years, so I want you to allow your past experiences and your current knowledge pave the way into your future. Cheers to your success and happy birthday my friend.

70. You’ve suffered enough in the past my friend, so I want you to live life to the fullest this coming year. Enjoy your birthday celebration.

71. Today is a special day because a special person was born. I pray that the new year begins with the actualization of your dreams and visions. Happy birthday, my friend.

72. It’s the beginning of a new year for you today, so I wish that you be strengthened this day in pursuing your dreams. Cheers to a greater life ahead. Happy birthday, my friend.

73. I am so glad you saw today. Be happy and cheerful for it. I don’t want to see you wear a frown, but rather a crown because we’re going to paint your castle golden. Happiest birthday, my girl.

74. Whatever day of the week your birthday falls into doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re giving you a public holiday to celebrate your day. I wish you all the very best in life. Happy birthday, dear friend.

75. Here’s one of my favourite quotes to wish you a happy birthday – Age is whatever you think it is. You are just as old as you think you are. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

76. I want you on this birthday to chew over on your previous accomplishments and ponder on your next steps to achieve more. I pray we’ll continue being friends. Happy birthday.

77. One funny thing I like about our friendship that keeps changing is that you’re getting older than me lol. Aside from that, I love your personality. Happy birthday, dear.

78. More surprises will follow this birthday today, I know it. So make sure you live today to the fullest thinking about nothing. Happy birthday, dearie.

79. I wish that this birthday will make you more beautiful in all areas of your life. You are dearly loved, my friend. Happy birthday!.

80. This birthday brings a lot of precious memories back. I want you to celebrate it joyfully, knowing that God has been faithful to you. Happy birthday my friend.

81. I wish that every day in this new year of yours gives you a reason to always smile. Enjoy your day today. Happy birthday!.

82. Happy happy birthday, that is all I can say. I wish you many happy returns. It’s a day of joy, so enjoy it my friend.

83. I wish you lots of lovely memories to lay hold on as your new year unfolds. Keep winning more and shining brighter. Happy birthday my friend.

84. I am here singing you your favourite birthday song, because I know they always cheer you up. May your new age be filled with seasons of joyful singing. Happy birthday!.

85. You don’t just get old to look old, you get old to become more of the person you’re meant to be. I see you becoming that. Happiest birthday dearest friend.

86. Though I was iced up (busy), I could give it all up just to pen down my best wishes for your day. Many more candles to blow my friend.

87. God bless the day you were born. You are a blessing to your generation. I am glad we are friends. Happy birthday, day.

88. My best wishes to you as you add a new age. May all your heart desires come to fulfilment. Happy birthday.

89. Happy birthday, pal. May God increase you in wisdom, favour and grace as you clock another year.

90. Just thinking about how much you mean to me, I decided to uncork champagne to celebrate your day. Merry filled birthday my friend.

91. Cheer to my homie, my superstar my gist mate. May your new age open a new chapter in your life. Have a fabulous birthday.

92. Sitting here, sipping wine, celebrating my crony, I can’t stop loving you. Happy birthday, dearest.

93. All the cakes in the world, all the wines the earth has to offer won’t be enough to celebrate your special day. Many more happy returns my friend.

94. You are a gift to the world. A great friend like you deserves to be celebrated every time. Happy blessed birthday.

95. Keep on rocking dear friend. Enjoy your day to the fullest. You are loved. Happy birthday.

96. Attention, please!. It’s my greatest pleasure to announce the birthday of a great friend. Cheers.

97. You don’t look like what you’ve been through and I am so glad you scaled through. Happy birthday my friend.

98. Birthdays come with special blessings, I pray the heavens to load you with lots of it. Cheers to a better year ahead. Happy birthday my friend.

99. In this coming year, I pray the sunshine colours each day of yours, and may your days be filled with laughter. Happy birthday my friend.

100. May this new year take away all your worries and fill them with blessings. Happy birthday my friend.

This inspirational birthday messages for friend will find a way to mend your broken relationship with your friends and strengthen the existing ones. Let lack of inspirational words no longer be your excuse, you have them all here. So, send that special one a token of your love through these messages now.

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