I Miss You Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

Sweet Cute Missing You Messages you will Love

Sweet Missing You Messages you will Love

Without you, my life leads no where
I am as lost, even without your care.
I lied that I can stay a moment without you my dear
It's feeling that I might die, thinking you are not here.
I miss you.
I love you I am not just wishing
Morning night and noon, you I am missing.
My sweet lips, meant for your kissing...
But until our wedding day, I am waiting.
Missing you is softly killing

Sweet Cute I Miss You Text Messages for Your Love

Sweet I Miss You Text Messages for Your Love

Like a car is so useless without an engine
So is my life without you.
Every day passing by,
I think of the moment we shared and I cry!
I really miss you my love.
If all wishes and dreams come true
I'll wish and dream of you staying with me forever
A minute of me without you, is like I'm in little hell!
Without you, my dear my life can't be well.
I miss you.

Sweet Cute Missing You Text Messages You will Love

Sweet Missing You Text Messages

It's about time I confess, I must really!
I thought I won't miss you much but I lied
You not here is really breaking all parts of me.
It is either you come now or I might die.
I miss you.
You know the feeling when the day looks like the night,
When forward looks like backward and ups looks like downs?
That is exactly how I feel presently, both within and without

Sweet Cute I Miss You Messages for Him or Her

Sweet I Miss You Messages for Him or Her

Your love gives me comfort from within,
And in life, it's the best I've seen.
You are my world, the reason for my joy,
If not for you, where would I have been!
Loving you, but I am missing you.
I understand happiness by thinking of you,
I understand beauty by seeing your sight,
I understand love by being your own.
I am proud to be me, because I am yours.
I love you, but know I miss you.


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