I'm Sorry Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

100 I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

It takes enough courage to tell people how much we miss them, most especially when they're far away and distant from where we are.

Have you ever found yourself in the shoes of having a loved one, say your girlfriend away for a short while and it seems like it's been all eternity?

What then should be done when we feel that way, and we think we should tell them how we feel without being shy to do so?

Sweet I'm Sorry Messages and Quotes for Your Lover

Is this Talking to You?

Worst moments in a relationship can bring about problems and troubles that the best of doctors can't find out. And this can set such relationship on its way to perpetual doom. But this can be avoided. Yes, you can be free from hurts that can't be mended. Your relationship can bask in bliss and continue in love that is beyond description if you would work at it.


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