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120 It's My Birthday Status

Its My Birthday Status

At every point in our lives, we deserve to be celebrated. You don't necessarily have to come riding on the back of a stallion with a bloodied sword to become a hero and be celebrated. No. The beauty of celebrating humans lie in every little step we take towards becoming better individuals. And now, it boils down to you. Yes. You.

150 Happy Birthday My Dear Friend Messages and Wishes

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Friends are important people in our lives. Many of us are grateful to friends because they have touched our lives in different ways. So what better way to show them what they mean to us than appreciating them on their birthdays. Below are messages you can send to your friends on their birthdays to let them know how much they mean to you.

50 Awesome Prayers for Birthday Celebrant

Prayer for Birthday Celebrant

Birthdays come once in a year. For the celebrant, it's like the beginning of a New Year. Celebrating with friends and family is an ideal way to mark One's birthday. Nevertheless, prayers should not be overlooked.

The celebrant definitely needs grace for the new age and year and here are some of the prayers that can be offered to God for a birthday celebrant.

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100 Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for My Aunty (Aunt)

Birthday Wishes for Aunty

Aunties are lovely figures. They play a lot of important roles in our lives. I'm sure there's that one among your aunties that you consider a treasure. What if you have a chance to make her excited?

Birthdays are special and should be celebrated. One way to make your aunty smile is by sending her a creative birthday message.


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