Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

2019 Happy Birthday to the One I Love Wishes

Happy Birthday to the One I Love

Birthdays are very beautiful once in a year kind of days to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of friends and if this person is more than a friend, then it's an extra special occasion to celebrate.

When you love someone, you want to make them feel very special on their birthday.
You could throw a party, get amazing gifts and most importantly send a birthday message first thing on that day to show them that you are thinking of their special day.

2019 Trending My Birthday Coming Soon Status

My Birthday Coming Soon Status

The joy of a forthcoming birthday is enough to make an eager celebrant wear a dress with the inscription; my birthday is coming soon. However, a catchy status can help scream it to the world if you can't do that.

It isn't the hardest thing keeping your status viewers fixated on your birthday, all you need is a happy birthday in advance messages to draw their attention to it.

2019 Best Pre Birthday Messages for Myself

Pre Birthday Message for Myself

Whilst preparing and looking forward to something big, there's a great need to create the right atmosphere, so as to get warmed up and ardent.

This is also true for birthdays. Birth anniversaries are no little moments at all and that is why it's expected that cheery celebrants would be proactive enough to look up for special Pre Birthday Messages to adore themselves with as their day approaches.

Trending 1st Birthday Wishes for Cute Babies in 2019

1st Birthday Wishes

Babies are amazing beings that bring lots of joy and happiness to our hearts, and lives. And it is amazing how these tiny little creatures grow every single day, and before you know it, they start to walk, to run, and become almost as tall as you are.

A child's very first birthday on earth is worth celebrating, as it is believed to set the pace, for the many more years and birthdays he/she will celebrate.

2019 It's My Birthday Post (Birthday Posts for Yourself)

It's My Birthday Post

It is not enough to shower birthday prayers and wishes on the occasion of other people birth anniversary. Just as it is good to show attention to others when they are celebrating, it is also best to show yourself that you care for you more than anyone can.

It is absolutely ok to make yourself a priority at a time, and one of the very rare occasions where you can show yourself that you care is on your birthday. Those sweet words you send across to others can also be personalized for yourself.


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