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100+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sister's are a wonderful part of our lives. They are sacrificial and loving. Most of them take up the role of a mother just to see other members of the family through. Isn't that amazing! Now having to celebrate their special day with sisters, we should make it worthwhile and amazing just the way they are. We should make them feel appreciated and give them joy in place of the good things they have done for us everyday. Celebrate your sister and touch their hearts. Birthdays are special days to make this move.

Samples of Opening Prayer for 80th birthday Party

Dear father, we thank you for how far you have kept the birthday celebrant (mention the name). We appreciate you for everything s/he been through to bring about the joy on his/her face today. We know it can only be you. We bless you for in you has s/he lived, moved and had her/his being. We glorify your name over his/her life and we ask your limitless grace to be with her, going forward.

100+ 1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

To be the best uncle or aunty, you must understand children love sweet words and promise. There is always a special bond between a nephew and his aunt and uncle that cannot be denied. It's your nephew's birthday and you are looking for the best text to make the parent and the kid feel the best, pick one of these lots.


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