Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

100 Happy Birthday Prayers for Mum (Mom)

Happy Birthday Prayers for my Mum

Mothers are likened to a gold that is priceless because of how much they sacrifice for their family. Mothers are probably everything ranging from cook, nurse, nurturer to sometimes, provider and protector. Their birthday is, therefore, a special time to make them feel appreciated by praying for them. Below are short and long prayers you can pray for your mum on her birthday.

100 Instagram Birthday Captions for Yourself (Myself)

Birthday Captions for Yourself

Birthdays only come once every year, and you don't always have to wait for people to celebrate you, because no one loves you, or knows your story and journey like you do.

Do you find it difficult to give yourself credit (Instagram Birthday Captions, this time around)? Your birthday is a legitimate opportunity to praise yourself and celebrate your achievements as an individual. So feel free to put up any of these praiseworthy messages to yourself on your social media platforms.

100 Have a Blessed Birthday Wishes, Greetings and Quotes

Have a Blessed Birthday

Birthdays come and go every year but what makes each one different are the memories made of it. Just sit back, think about how you started, where you are now and the great future you hope for.

So for your beautiful birthday messages and wishes, you've come to the right place! Send the following heartfelt prayers and wishes to your friends and loved ones on their birthday and they'll be glad you did.


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