Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

200+ Happy Birthday My Love Quotes

Happy Birthday My Love Quotes

Happiness can come in many ways, through words, gesture, gifts, you name it. Happiness can never be too much, especially when it's induced by a loved one.

Celebrating birthdays can also bring about happiness because birthdays are personal celebration, that gives unforgettable memories with friends, families and loved ones. Since it's your partner's birthday, your partner's

happiness should be a priority.

120+ Birthday Wishes for a Special Male Friend

Birthday Wishes for a Special Male Friend

You must have waited on this day religiously, especially because it's all about your special male friend. Without any iota of doubt, you simply can't afford to be goofy, on such rare occasion, can you?

Not a lot of guys made it into this special male friend category. However, to the ones who made it, the right words to them shouldn't go missing on their big days!

So, all you need are just these 120+ birthday wishes to rightfully convey your deepest birthday wishes for him and to him.


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