Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

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Isn't love wonderful?

While some lavishly enjoy the inherent bliss of romance, some are torturously seeking for the magical means to cushion the effects of heartbreak, yet some are painstakingly looking forward to a future in cloud 9.

Happy Birthday Sister in Law Messages, Wishes, Poems and Quotes

I wish You Happy Birthday Sister in Law

I stood afar and watched how your presence in my family has wrought untold joy. I waited to see if it was all a mirage or faint shadows that wouldn't last. But the more I looked and waited, the better you became.

It's amazing how you always look out for the family and I just must confess that your type is rare.

Is it your Words, encouragement, care? Time will fail me to talk about how sweet they are altogether.

Sweet Cute Happy Birthday Love Text Messages for Him/Her

Do you have someone so sweet and special celebrating their Birthday Today, Tomorrow or Soon?

Then, the Happy Birthday Text Messages on this Page can help. And lovingly enough, they were written to give the best to that lovely Person.

Best Collection of Sweet Happy Birthday Love Text Messages for Him/Her, For Boyfriend/Girlfriend, for Wife/Husband, for Colleagues, for Friends, for Brother/Sister, for Loved Ones.


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