Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

100 Happy Birthday Wishes to My Daughter (from Dad or Mom)

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Daughter

It is an undeniable joy for parents to be able to witness the birthdays of their offspring, and I am sure it is the same for you.

Children are a gift, and daughters are not any less so. If you agree, then I'm certain that you would love to make your special daughter's birthday, even more special, with birthday wishes that will make her blush.

100 Birthday Wishes for Relatives

Birthday Wishes for Relatives

Birthdays are to be celebrated in a very big way. Birthdays give us the opportunity to reunite with family our family members and our relations. It is time, that we usually set aside for celebration and great rejoicing.

Here are 100 birthday wishes that you could send to your relations.

120+ Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline for Someone Special

Birthday Wishes on Facebook Timeline

Your friend/friends on Facebook will soon mark his/their birthdays, you might have thought of how to compensate for their love, care and friendship they share with you.

I know that you will want to send them sweet birthday wishes, flood their timelines with amazing messages. Don't you think that just ordinary; HBD, WLLNP, HBD...LLNP, is not enough and is too superficial to send to someone who's a special friend to you?

110+ Happy Birthday Wishes to My Boss

Birthday Wishes to My Boss

It is not uncommon to hear stories of people having to endure bad bosses at work. In fact, the chance of having a boss, who'll value and treat you well is slim in the most work environment. But, in spite of this obvious fact, there exist some truly awesome bosses, and it’s always a privilege having one.

Are you one of the few who enjoys this privilege? You'll be committing a grievous crime if you don't take time out to celebrate that wonderful boss.

200+ Special Birthday Messages for Friend

Special Birthday Messages for Friend

Of all the friends in your life, it is perfectly normal to have certain ones who are considered more special than the rest. Sometimes, it's just one or two best friend(s), and it could also be an inner circle of about 3-5, or even more.

A special friend is the friend you totally confide in, is always there for you, encourages you when you're down, and cheers you up when things aren't too good.

150+ Keep Calm Today Is My Birthday Quotes with Images

Keep Calm Today Is My Birthday

This is a better way to wish yourself a good day with beautiful words on such a birthday.

No one loves you better than you do, only you have the power to tell yourself to feel well. Of course, many people will come with messages bearing wishes and praises as it's your birthday but sometimes or most times, what you tell yourself is usually what keeps or motivates you to go on.


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