Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

150 Happy Birthday Wishes for a Special Friend (Female or Male)

Birthdays are times of the year when friends, colleagues and loved ones are celebrated and appreciated for being amazing and loving.

It's a time of the year when we send messages to our loved ones to let them know how special they are and how much blessings they have been to us.

We send gifts too, remember?

105 Christian Birthday Wishes for Brother: Religious Messages for Him

Awesome Christian Birthday Wishes for Brother

1. Today, I pray that you will be visited specially by an Angel that will deliver the good news that will turn your life around for the best. Happy birthday sir.

2. The beauty of today is the fact that you are alive to celebrate it. I pray that may you live to celebrate many more years in Jesus name. Have a blessed birthday celebration.

Sweet Romantic Birthday Poems for Lovers

Sweet Romantic Happy Birthday Poems for Lovers: Birthday Poems for Him or Her.

A New Age

I heard the bird's wings
Flapping simultaneously to the dings
The bells dangled its rings
Rocking gently in the middle as it swings

Indication I learnt from time
That strange things has meanings with line
Rapt attention I paid to get the vibe
Bravo, I got it very very right

Happy Birthday Sister in Law Messages, Wishes, Poems and Quotes

I wish You Happy Birthday Sister in Law

I stood afar and watched how your presence in my family has wrought untold joy. I waited to see if it was all a mirage or faint shadows that wouldn't last. But the more I looked and waited, the better you became.

It's amazing how you always look out for the family and I just must confess that your type is rare.

Is it your Words, encouragement, care? Time will fail me to talk about how sweet they are altogether.


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