Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

100 Happy Birthday in Advance My Love Messages

Happy Birthday in Advance My Love

Celebration of birthdays are one of the most beautiful celebrations on earth, the day to remember when a life was added to a family or the earth, and family and friends are usually very excited about it.

This year, make yourself standout as preparations are made ahead of his or her birthday by sending a message in advance. Make yourself a reason why he or she will always look forward to another birthday. And very importantly, don't forget to get a gift for him or her on the big day.

120 Birthday Wishes for Sweetheart

Birthday Wishes for Sweetheart

Some days in our lives are really special, the day we celebrate our birth is one of those days. And as we all know that anybody would want to feel special on this day, including our partner, it's in our hands to make them feel the uniqueness that day signifies to them, and in doing that, you might wanna start with a lovely message.

120+ Cute Happy Birthday Quotes for Best Friends

Cute Happy Birthday Quotes for Best Friends

Friends are lovely, always showing up to cover the mess we created at times, but there's this one special friend that's simply amazing, such an angel in disguise, the one whose shoulder you can cry on, just one call away and poof, they are here

Even some of our great religious books recommend that friend if you think I'm not telling the truth? Then you need to open it more often. Lol.

150+ Birthday Quotes for Daughter from Mom (Mother)

Birthday Quotes for Daughter from Mom

Birthdays are not just some dates on the calendar if you have someone special to celebrate. They say the bond between a mother and her daughter goes beyond explanations.

This is why the best way for a mother to express how much she loves her daughter is through messages, and what better day to say these If not on her birthday.

Sometimes words fail us. We know what we want to say but just don't know how to put the feelings into words. And that's why you've come to the right place.

150 Today Is My Birthday Quotes

Today Is My Birthday Quotes

Yay! It's your birthday so you simply can't afford to be short on words.

But, whether you lack words to grace your social media status on a special day as this or a caption to go with your birthday picture, here are 150 birthday quotes that absolutely quantify how you feel today.


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