Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

100+ First Birthday Wishes from Parents

First Birthday Wishes from Parents

Birthdays are beautiful moments, though it comes once in a year, the uniqueness of each birthday creates memories that linger in one's heart.

However, of all the birthdays one will live to celebrate, the very first of it is largely the most important - the memory last the entire lifetime. So, parents will do well to make the celebration one to truly remember for their kids.

70 Happy Birthday to My Husband Letters

Happy Birthday to My Husband Letter

Life can be chaotic, maddening and unsettling. If possible, the very life would be drained out of us by challenging happenings around us threatening to take away our sanity. The good news is that we have a choice. We can react or respond, depending on our goals, convictions or values. We can choose to celebrate life and defy its odds. Create wonderful memories by celebrating joyful occasions.

(100) 1st Birthday Wishes for Son

1st Birthday Wishes for Son

One of the most important birthdays in our lives is our very first birthday. It is a very significant one although we mostly do not remember that day.

As much as our child would not be able to read our messages, it would mean a lot to them when they are grown and realize we actually made an effort to get them a birthday card when they were too young to appreciate it.

100 Birthday Letters to a Friend

Birthday Letters to a Friend

Stop treating your friends to monosyllabic words and start making them read heartfelt letters.

It doesn't matter the length and breadth of these messages, cause a glance at it will attract even the most impatient friend to read slowly and surely till the end.

Moreover, it's their birthday, curt birthday wishes or messages won't do, else you'll be perceived as a rude or plainly asinine friend: you don't want to be tagged insensitive, do you?

(100) 1st Birthday Wishes for Niece

1st Birthday wishes for Niece

Birthdays are always special occasions that call for celebration, and first birthdays are all the more special to everyone around as it signifies many starts and while the Baby cannot remember it, the memories and stories are always around and interesting so shower love as much as you can on the little one.

100+ Birthday Wishes for Uncle From Nephew

Birthday Wishes for Uncle From Nephew

Many people have impacted our lives in ways we can never imagine, some of them are not biological parents, but we are of the same blood and they love us by heart.

Apart from a father, Uncles are father figure every boy should have. If you're lucky to have a responsible one, then they deserve to be celebrated, and the best time to do this is on their birthdays.

100 Happy Birthday Handsome Boy Wishes Quotes

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy

Life can be full of celebrations, but what celebration is like the celebration of life it's self?
Come to think of it, today is that special day.

Do you have your sweet brother, closest pal, or even that handsome boyfriend of yours celebrating his birthday today?

Why not send him one of this specially packaged handsome boy birthday quotes/wishes straight away and make his special day even more exciting.


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