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2019 Best Birthday Prayers for Dad from Daughter

Birthday Prayers for Dad from Daughter

Father and daughter bond are special and it sparks beautiful emotions for both child and father. See a grown man dropping a tear? There must be a child affection behind that tear. Father's are compassionate towards their children and they hold their daughters dear to their heart. Every daughter should make it a responsibility to reciprocate the love of their father and one of the best time to do this is on his birthday.

2019 Trending Happy Birthday Bae Paragraphs

Happy Birthday Bae Paragraph

Your love life is important and celebrating your partner special day gives a spark to your relationship. Beyond the gifts and celebration, sending a beautiful message on their birthday gives an assurance of love and support. I thought you will need beautiful words to express your feelings and I got for you this pack of the best 2019 trending happy birthday bae paragraphs.

2019 Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Like Sister

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Like Sister

Good friends are such beautiful assets any human can be privileged to have in a world where trouble never ceases to strive. And more blessedly is the grace of finding a friend who acts just like a sister.

So, when time presents itself to acknowledge and celebrate such beautiful souls on a day such as their birthday, it is only right that you celebrate them with words of love, appreciation and wishes.

2019 Best Friend Birthday Paragraphs for Instagram

Best Friend Birthday Paragraphs for Instagram

Whoever finds a good friend is lucky. So much so, finding one who can be called a best friend. A best friend is one who is always there, who supports, who comforts. A best friend has your back even in your absence. They are always ready to give a listening ear and do not judge you. They love you unconditionally, notwithstanding your differences and most times, they stick closer than the actual family.

2019 Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Daughter

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Daughter

Birthdays are important times of the year. It gives room for accolades, wishes, gifts and best of all; prayers.

So, as a mother who cares deeply for her child, a birthday wish on the internet finely written by the best word smith isn't the most enticing to you, but one perfectly adorned with lovely prayers. After all, a good mother wants to see her daughter thrive and grow in years to come.


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