Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

50 Awesome Prayers for Birthday Celebrant

Prayer for Birthday Celebrant

Birthdays come once in a year. For the celebrant, it's like the beginning of a New Year. Celebrating with friends and family is an ideal way to mark One's birthday. Nevertheless, prayers should not be overlooked.

The celebrant definitely needs grace for the new age and year and here are some of the prayers that can be offered to God for a birthday celebrant.

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150 Christian Birthday Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Someone Special

One of the life's beautiful condiments is celebrating those we love. All year round one of such special days to celebrate each person is their birthday. Below are Christian Birthday Wishes, Christian Birthday Messages and Christian Birthday Quotes for those you love, starting from yourself.

Feel free to use any of your choice and if you think they are lovely, kindly share.

70 Happy Birthday to Me Poems: Wishing Myself a Happy Birthday Poem

Happy Birthday to Me Poem

Birthdays are usually the days we feel like celebrities as we are duly celebrated by friends, family and loved ones. We are shown how much we mean to the world around us with kind words. Isn't that the norm?

How about what you feel for yourself, wishes you would blow on the candles on your cake? Happy birthday Poems for myself carry the few wishes you would want to tell yourself on such a mark in your life.


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