Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy Wishes Quotes (2019)

Happy Birthday Handsome Boy

Life can be full of celebrations, but what celebration is like the celebration of life it's self?
Come to think of it, today is that special day.

Do you have your sweet brother, closest pal, or even that handsome boyfriend of yours celebrating his birthday today?

Why not send him one of this specially packaged handsome boy birthday quotes/wishes straight away and make his special day even more exciting.

40th Birthday Wishes for Husband (2019)

40th Birthday Wishes for Husband

Attaining the age of 40 is worth celebrating. It shows how youthful the person has been and the realm of adulthood he's walking into.

So make sure it's well celebrated to remind the person how far he has come and more places he will go in life.

And when wishing your husband a happy 40th birth anniversary, it's very important to choose your words carefully and ensure he understands that as he's getting older, he's still young to his special one which is me - his darling wife.

40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Growing up with a brother is one of the blessings life can give you. Often, they perform quadruple roles as a brother, a confidant, an advisor/mentor and a protector.

A brother's love is genuine and true, although rarely appreciated. That's the more reason you should celebrate your brother on this special day of his. It's often said that a fool at forty is a fool forever, hence, your brother needs your prayers, wishes and blessings as he clocks a notable age as a man.

2019 Birthday Prayer Messages for My Love

Birthday Prayer Message for My Love

I know you probably have a surprise party planned out for him or her, a luxury dinner and expensive gifts to celebrate a special day like this. However, prayers and wishes go a long way to make birthdays a memorable one.

Words, pronouncements and declarations are one of the greatest gifts anyone can receive on this special day. Gifts will fade or get outdated, Cakes will get exhausted but these prayers will continually be manifested in your love's life. They can never wear out or get archaic.

2019 Happy Early Birthday to Me Quotes and Wishes

Happy Early Birthday to Me

You are the only one with the key to make your birthday a special one, as much as you have your family and friends to celebrate you, you also need to celebrate yourself. Your birthday is your day, a day to appreciate love and adore yourself more than ever because life becomes more meaningful when you learn to appreciate, love and adore yourself more than anyone else.


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