Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

150+ Sweet Birthday Messages for Her - Your Girlfriend

Sweet Birthday Messages for Her

Birthdays only come once in 365 days. That single day is a representation of a lot of things and your new age is a reflection of how far you’ve walked in life. Who wouldn’t want to make it spectacular?

Better still, who wouldn’t want to make it spectacular for the lady who chose to be yours when there were other options available? That’s right, nobody!

100 Happy Birthday Prayers for Sister

Birthday Prayer for Sister

Sisters are the most amazing gifts we can ever have. They are one of the few we can share our ugly secrets, our happiness and failures with.

They are our gist & gossip partner, cheerleader and a caregiver. They are angels sent by God to us.

If you have a sister, elder or younger, you are one of the most fortunate persons on earth.


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