Happy Birthday Wishes for a Lovely Friend

2021 Happy Birthday Wishes for a Lovely Friend

Birthdays are special because they come once a year. They are even more special because they are not general celebrations like Christmas, Easter or any other public holiday.

What is a better way to celebrate a friend than a lovely birthday message? Here we have provided you with 100 of them, so without stress, you can prove your love to your friend.

Happy Birthday Lovely Friend

Lovely Friends deserve lovely Happy Birthday Messages like these ones that have been made available for you.

1. Happy birthday to you. I’ve had no regrets having you as a friend. Losing you would be a terrible thing. I love you.

2. People call you my friend, but I call you my brother because you are more than a friend to me. Happy birthday.

3. Happy birthday, friend. May you continuously live surrounded by love and may you get all that you need.

4. Happy birthday to the best kind of friend there is. Meeting you opened a new chapter in my life, a good chapter.

5. Happy birthday, friend. The best things are for the best people and you are one of them, so you deserve the best.

6. Happy birthday to you Ma. I consider you a part of my family because you have held me as dear as a brother. You are loved.

7. A day without you is what I call a bad day, but a day with you is not just a good day but the best kind of days. Happy birthday.

8. Happy birthday to you, my friend. I have a lot to wish you, but for myself, I wish you’ll always be around me.

9. Happy birthday, friend. Wherever you are, whatever you do, whenever it is, just know that you are top on my mind.

10. Happy birthday, friend. There are many people I can do without. You are not one of them. You are my friend for life.

11. I’m sure that in another world, we are brothers. You are a big addition to my life in this life. Happy birthday, friend.

12. You are the true definition of a friend. You have taught me what it means to be a friend. Happy birthday, my friend.

13. If anyone had told me that they are friends like you, I would not have believed. But after meeting you, I changed my mind. Happy birthday.

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14. Happy birthday to you. Nothing about you should be taken for granted. You are unique, special and a good number of shades of amazing.

15. Happy birthday to you. Life is for all, they say. I don’t know how true that is, but I know that life is for you. Live to the fullest.

16. Happy birthday to the best of friends. You are someone that I love everything about. You must be superhuman.

17. Happy birthday, friend. I wish we were born on the same day because that would have made my life more exciting.

18. Happy birthday, friend. You are someone who becomes a better version of himself every day. Keep it up.

19. I know why we were not born the same day. It’s because one day cannot handle two heavy packs of awesomeness. Happy birthday to you.

20. A lot of things are without taste and flavour when you are absent. Wherever you are, take my wishes of love. Happy birthday.

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21. Happy birthday to my friend. A lot of friends do amazing things, but you surpass all of them.

22. Today should go down in history as the day a friend among other friends was born. Happy birthday, a friend of friends.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Lovely Friend

23. Happy birthday to an amazing person, you. You are not just one shade of amazing, you are all of it.

24. You have made me a better person. A lot of things I am is because of you. Happy birthday, my friend.

25. Happy birthday, friend and brother. May your days be filled with the best kind of people being around you.

26. Happy birthday, friend. The world stays at your feet. Do to it as you please. May your days on earth be many.

27. To someone who I think is a gem, happy birthday. Your kind is rare, your person is amazing, you are beautiful.

28. Happy birthday, my friend. Look at your true self and you’ll know that you have no reason to be jealous of another person.

29. Happy birthday to a true friend. You have inspired me to be better. So may you never be worse than you are.

30. Happy birthday to the best of friends. You are a priority to me, high, up in my minds preferences.

31. Happy birthday to my genius friend. Your intelligence intimidates me. Your mind must have been scraped from God’s own.

32. Your name is a reminder of the existence of beauty, love and greatness. Have the best of birthdays, my friend.

33. Happy birthday to you, friend. Every effort, every positive attempt at a good thing that you’ve made will pay off beautifully.

34. Happy birthday. Your greatness shines so brightly that men will rise to your calling one day. I’m proud of you.

35. If I forget to tell anyone happy birthday, it definitely can’t be someone who is as dear to me as you are. Happy birthday, my friend.

36. Happy birthday to my great friend. You are an asset of high value to me. There are a lot of things I won’t do without you.

37. I fear for a lot of people, but not you because I know how good and guided your ways are. Happy birthday, friend.

38. I may never have said it before, but one thing I don’t want you to forget is that I’m forever grateful that you are my friend. Happy birthday.

39. Happy birthday to you, friend. Days make you greater. Weeks makes you more beautiful. Months makes you shine brighter.

40. Every year, I am sure of having people to celebrate that is worth celebrating. You are one of them. Happy birthday, friend.

41. If there’s anyone I know that deserves the best kind of life, that person is you. Happy birthday to my best friend.

42. Happy birthday to you. Your presence transforms my day the way the roar of a lion changes the activities in a forest.

43. Happy birthday, friend. A toast to the greatest friend that ever lived, that I’m also privileged to meet. I love you.

44. Happy birthday, my friend. You have opened my eyes to see a lot of beautiful things about myself. You are a great figure to me.

45. Happy birthday, my friend. Being with you has made me experience a lot that there is to friendship. We still have a lot of years ahead.

46. Happy birthday to a friend of friends. May your day be filled with love, peace, joy and so many gifts, as much as you can’t handle.

47. Happy birthday, my friend. True friends are hard to find, but I found you. Year after year, you’ve been better and better.

48. No debates about who the most amazing person in the world is. It’s you. Case closed. Happy birthday to you.

49. Happy birthday to you. Anytime I remember your birthdays, I remember celebrations of greatness and influence.

50. If there’s no more space left in my heart for anyone, I’ll create one for you. Happy birthday to a family member I call a friend.

51. I know there’s only one of your kind on earth. This is because the world cannot handle two of you, so much greatness. Happy birthday.

52. Happy birthday, my friend. The glory of you will shine throughout the earth, letting everyone know that you deserve greatness.

53. Happy birthday, friend. Forget all those who think there’s nothing great about you. They are just blind to it.

54. Happy birthday, dear friend. I wish you all the good that life can offer, and more space in your life to accommodate all of them.

55. Happy birthday, friend. I wish you the strength you need to go through life, the peace you need to rest and the joy that keeps you rejoicing.

56. Happy birthday, great friend. I’m very sure that during the creation, God said “let there be greatness” and there was you.

57. If you were everybody, then everybody would be friends with me. Happy birthday, dear friend.

58. If I were to choose my best friend, again and again, all my choices will still be you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

59. Happy birthday, my friend. You are noble, excellent, awesome, amazing and more, all in one. Keep being better.

60. Over the years we’ve grown together, I’ve seen you become an amazing person year after year. Happy birthday.

61. People come and go in and out of people’s lives, but you have stuck with me like the dear friend that you are. Happy birthday.

62. Happy birthday to a friend I can’t do without. You being in my life is something I can’t get over. Thanks for being my friend.

63. You make me happy. You give me peace. You are one who keeps blessing me in many amazing ways. Happy birthday, friend.

64. I never experienced what true friendship meant until you became my friend. Happy birthday to you.

65. Happy birthday to the best among all the friends I’ve ever had. May nothing you want be lacking.

66. You, my friend, is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I celebrate you. Happy birthday.

67. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend. You have exposed me to a lot of good and I’m sure everyone that knows you are proud of you.

68. Happy birthday to one of the greatest people I know. Your strength, determination and courage have a way of intimidating mine.

69. Happy birthday to you, friend. You need no other affirmation of the beauty in you. Just know that to me, you’re beautiful.

70. Happy birthday, dear friend. Notes, texts and wishes are not enough to communicate my celebration of the greatness in you.

71. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do, If I could, to celebrate the day you were born in a grander way than it is being celebrated. Happy birthday.

72. Happy birthday, friend. Calling you a friend feels strange because you are more of a family to me than a friend.

73. Happy birthday to you, friend. I wish you grow in wisdom, knowledge and strength. May you rise and not fall.

74. With wings like those of eagles, may you soar to your desired height. Amen. Happy birthday, friend.

75. Never have I ever met a friend as wonderful and amazing as you are. I fear you are the only one of your kind. Happy birthday, friend.

76. Don’t think you celebrate more than me today because I also have a reason to do celebrate. God thought of me and created you. Happy birthday.

77. A part of me came into the world many years ago. That part is you. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

78. You are worth the bests of celebrations. Even the best of gifts can’t appreciate you. Happy birthday, friend.

79. Your heart is bigger than the world. Your greatness is without competition. Happy birthday to you.

80. I don’t need to be anything special or professional to know that your future is bright. Happy birthday, friend.

81. Hold on a little longer, friend. Your efforts will soon yield positive results. Happy birthday to you.

82. Today is the best day there is because it’s the birthday of the best person on earth. Happy birthday, friend.

83. You are my friend but you have taught me so much I look at you as a mentor. Happy birthday to you.

84. Happy birthday, friend. May you find all the good things you look for and get answers to all your questions.

85. If life was a game, I’ll be sure of winning if I’m playing with you. But if you lose, I may just go with you. Happy birthday.

86. Being around you is a definition of a fulfilling time. Time spent with you is never wasted time. Happy birthday.

87. Happy birthday to you. May you never be left without anything for the good you’ve done. May your good deeds pay off well.

88. Today is the day we celebrate the birth of a diamond that walks on the face of the earth. Happy birthday, precious one.

89. Happy birthday to the most friendly person I know. May your relationships be golden and may friendships be the best.

90. Happy birthday to an icon on earth. You may not be very old, but your impact is already being felt. I’m proud to be known by you.

91. Happy birthday, friend. I wish you happiness, excitement and the best of blessings on your day.

92. Happy birthday, my friend. May health and wealth be major features of your days on earth. Enjoy life.

93. Happy birthday, my friend. I wish that your dreams become reality, and may you get everything that puts a smile on your face.

94. Enjoy favour, love and grace on your day. May it be filled with all the goodies of life. Happy birthday, my friend.

95. Happy birthday to an intelligent, creative, strong, sharp and wise person. You can only get better than you are now.

96. Before any other person, my heart goes out to you today first, because you are a very important figure in my life. Happy birthday.

97. You have played your role as a friend perfectly. You’ve encouraged and supported me. Happy birthday to you. You are a dear friend.

98. May your life be so exciting that you would think it’s a dream. Happy birthday to the best of my friends.

99. As you move from year to year, the future gets brighter and brighter. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

100. Happy birthday to my friend. Sometimes, I think you are perfect. Don’t change. I love you just the way you are.

101. Happy birthday, to you my friend. You are a very heavy impact on my life. You contributed to moulding me. You’re worth celebrating.

102. Happy birthday to a world changer. I’ve watched you attempt to make the world better with your little effort. Keep it up.

103. What else is better than having a friend you are proud of? To my friend in whom I am well pleased, happy birthday. May you only get good things.

104. I can’t wait to be with you again, even after spending a full day with you. Ten minutes away from you feels like an eternity. Happy birthday, friend.

105. You are a reflection of love, light and life. You are a reflection of God. Keep shining like the sun forever. Happy birthday.

106. May you never be in a pit of hopelessness. When you enter trouble, may there be a way of escape for you. Happy birthday, friend.

107. Happy birthday, my true friend. May every single day on earth bring you a lot of favours. Keep being blessed and keep living your best life.

108. Happy birthday, my friend. As you grow in age, may you grow in every area of your life where growth is needed. I wish you the best.

109. May every good wish you’ve ever had for others, and even more, come to fulfilment in your life from today. Happy birthday, friend.

110. Happy birthday, friend. How would you feel if I call you my brother? Please get used to it because that’s what I take you as.

111. Happy birthday, friend. May you enjoy the thrills of love, favour and grace today and forever. Let it flow until the day you leave the earth.

112. Happy birthday, my friend. You’ve spread love to all you’ve had the chance to spread it to. May you never lack in your time of need.

113. Happy birthday to my friend. You are among those I consider as true friends. May your days be filled with every quality that will leave you blessed.

114. Wonders and amazements are what you fill us with. Happy birthday to a wonderful person. May you see wonders and amazing things.

115. Happy birthday to you, my friend. I am forever grateful that we crossed paths and became friends. You have been a pack of awesomeness.

116. Happy birthday to a friend that I’ll be willing to sacrifice a lot for. I remember all the sacrifices you made for me. Thanks for being around me.

117. Happy birthday to you, dear friend. Your presence moves me from feeling low to feeling high. You have what it takes control me.

118. Happy birthday to you, my friend. The great things of life are waiting for you yo pick them. I know you won’t disappoint. Your greatness is sure.

119. Happy birthday, friend. I’m yet to determine what’s perfect for a birthday gift for you, but accept my warmest wishes while I keep trying.

120. You are one with whom I can spend hours hanging out with and never get tired because awesomeness will be at the centre of it all. Happy birthday.

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