Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

So many people are not lucky with finding love. They try, but the right person just doesn’t come. If you’re lucky to have a girlfriend who is always there for you and loves you just the way you are, then going out of your way to celebrate her isn’t too much to do.

Ladies just need a little love, care and attention to be sure they are with the right man. If you can give her these, then you are good to go. Well, of course, this still doesn’t stop you from throwing a big party with her friends in attendance or surprising her with too many presents. She will equally appreciate that.

If your girlfriend has been a huge part of your life and you’re not sure how to make her birthday a memorable one for her, then the happy 32nd birthday wishes for girlfriend below are everything you need to make her happy on her 32nd birthday.

Best 32nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

My dear girlfriend, I never knew God will answer my prayer and bless me this way. You are such a huge blessing to me, and I will forever be thankful for the day you read my proposal message and agreed to be mine. Happy 32nd birthday, baby.

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1. Happy 32nd birthday to the woman who makes my heartbeat. You bring me joy, love, and peace in its purest form. I wish the happiness and protection of God are sufficient for you forever. God bless all you lay your hands on. Amen.

2. Hey babe. It’s your birthday today and I’m super excited to witness this beautiful day with you. You have been a part of my life for a very long time, and I don’t see myself falling for someone else. Thank you for staying true to me. May God continue to keep you. Happy 32nd birthday.

3. Birthdays come just once a year, and that’s why I don’t even wait till your birthday to celebrate you. You’re worth more than being celebrated just once a year, and I’m glad I have been trying my best to make you happy. It’s a new dawn for you, baby. Happy 32nd birthday.

4. Dear girlfriend, it’s with full joy and happiness I welcome you into your 32nd year on earth. You have been fulfilling purpose for years, and I hope God strengths you to do even more. You’re blessed and highly favoured forever. Happy birthday.

5. I’m the happiest man today because it’s my baby’s 32nd birthday. Ever since I started dating, I have never seen a woman like you. You are different in everything. I love you, baby. As you celebrate your birthday, may God change your story. Amen. Happy birthday.

6. I have always told you there are better days ahead if only you can be patient. I’m glad the better days are coming through. My prayers for you today is that you continue to make a difference in this generation. God will uphold you the more. Happy 32nd birthday.

7. There’s no better time to celebrate a rare gem than this day. Your birthday is a continuous reminder that I chose the best. Thank you for being right in my corner at all times. I’m grateful, and I pray God blesses you more. Happy 32nd birthday.

8. Guess who’s happier than the birthday girl herself. That’s me! I’m so excited about this day, baby. I will make sure I make you happy and enjoy every bit of this day. Happy 32nd birthday, baby. May all your dreams come true. I love you.

9. Even though you never knew it until I told you, I have always loved and had a soft spot for you. Seeing you makes me so happy. I am glad you’re mine at last. On your birthday, I wish you joy and success that surpass human understanding. Happy 32nd birthday.

10. It has never been this great with another woman. You are a total package of good luck. My favourite thing is falling in love with you; you never make me get tired of it. I am proud of how far you’ve come, and I hope God opens more ways. Happy 32nd birthday.

11. I know you have so many wishes that are yet to be answered, but trust me, God is working out the best for you. Cheer up, because it’s your birthday and we are going to have fun while it lasts. Happy 32nd birthday, my queen. Love you forever.

12. It’s no news that you are my woman, and I love you with all of me. I am grateful for the times I get to spend with you because they always bring lasting memories. I hope we create even more, as we proceed in life. Happy 32nd birthday, babe. God bless you.

13. Your presence has always been a huge blessing to my life. I don’t even know how best to make you know how grateful I am. I’m grateful for all the sacrifices you make for us. May God reward you with many blessings. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

Happy 32nd Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

For everything you have done for me, birthday quotes will never be enough to appreciate you. Thank you for choosing to be my girlfriend. I hope to be better at loving you. Happy 32nd birthday, babe.

14. You are a virtuous woman, and I’m glad you ended up with a responsible man like me. I’m happy about your growth. I’m happy with everything you have achieved so far. I am sure there are more to come, by God’s grace. Happy 32nd birthday, dearie.

15. Happy 32nd birthday, love of my life. Life has been really beautiful with you. Having to deal with so many things together has made us a great team. Here’s looking forward to more beautiful moments with you. I love you dearly.

16. You’re more than just a girlfriend to me. I see you as my wife and best friend. You’re a great woman who deserves all the finest things of life. As long as we are still together, I will make sure your dreams come true. Happy 32nd birthday babe.

17. I was never interested in love, but you made it my thing. Today, I want to thank you for bringing me out of darkness and opening my eyes to see the light. I promise to be with you forever. Trust me, you will never regret ever choosing me. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

18. Happy birthday, baby. I know you are feeling good right now. It’s expected. I want you to have the best of today. You can only achieve that by enjoying yourself to the fullest. You won’t die if you abandon work for today alone. Let’s get to it. Enjoy.

19. Even though I don’t say it often, I do appreciate your love and cream for me. I appreciate your labour of love for this relationship. It’s been really great because of your efforts. I’m sure not going to make regret it. Happy 32nd birthday.

20. Hey baby! It’s your birthday, so you need to stand up now. I want to thank you for staying true to me over the years. What would I do without your love? Babe, I love you so much and I promise not to ever stop. Happy 32nd birthday to you. Your presents are here already.

21. There absolutely nothing anyone can tell me, I believe you’re my lucky charm. Ever since we started, things have been falling in place. I never knew I could be so blessed. Thank you for choosing me to be your boyfriend. I love you so much, babe. Happy 32nd birthday.

22. What do we do to celebrate your birthday, babe? As it is, it looks like you already have everything. Well, I am still going to celebrate you in my way, anyways. On this your birthday, I wish you everything your heart desires. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

23. You are such a good woman, and you truly deserve the best the world has to offer. I know how hard you work, but trust me, I will always be there to help out in any way I can. Here’s to another prosperous year for you. Happy 32nd birthday.

24. You are such a fun person and a delight to be with. Heavens bless the day I asked you to be mine; I’d want to do that over and over again. Happy 32nd birthday to the best God ever created. Cheers to a year full of great surprises. I love you, babe.

25. Baby, if only you know how much you deserve all the happiness in the world. I wish I can give you everything you want and grant all your hearts desires, but that’s for God to do. I will always love you, babe. Happy 32nd birthday, my sweet love.

26. The decision to be with you remains the best decision I have taken in my entire life. You have brought me more than I ever thought. My life is in perfect shape because you are in it. Babe, please don’t ever leave me. Trust me not to trespass. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

32nd Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Here’s sending you warm greetings on your birthday. You have been a really good girlfriend. I wouldn’t have done a lot of things without you. Kindly stick with me forever. Happy 32nd birthday, my girlfriend.

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27. Hey baby, it’s your big day. Just sit back and relax. Meanwhile, don’t be surprised when you see family and friends around, because I already invited them. Also, presents, cocktails and many more will be available, all for you. Here’s wishing you have a fun birthday.

28. My love, I never knew love was this beautiful before you came into my life. I never knew I was only being used. Thank you for making me understand all that love entails. There’s no other person I’d love to be with than you. Happy 32nd birthday, baby.

29. Hey babe, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I want nothing but the best for you today. Trust me, you are about to have the most wonderful year ever. Not to worry, I will always be there for you. Happy 32nd birthday, my love.

30. In all you do, I always see you put in your best. You are never the lazy type. You go for what’s best for you without any apologies. I love everything about you, baby. You are incredibly special to me. I wish you all the best. Happy 32nd birthday.

31. Today, the house is going to be full of friends from far and near. Yes, I have called everyone to join in the celebration. You worth even more, but this is all I can do for now. Don’t worry, trust me to make it up to you. Happy 32nd birthday, baby. I love you forever and a day more.

32. I wanted love, you gave it to me. I wanted peace, you made it available in abundance. What exactly would I do without you, babe? I will always be in love with you and you alone. Happy 32nd birthday, my baby. Make sure you enjoy your day.

33. Even though I am far away from you today, the feeling is still the same; it never goes away. I’m grateful for your life because it has helped me in focusing on the right things. More than you’re expecting, I’m going to celebrate you today. Happy 32nd birthday.

34. I’m glad that the woman whom I fell in love with is still in love with me, even after everything she heard about me. Baby, you’ve chosen me against all odds and I promise not to ever make you regret the day you agreed to be mine. Cheers to more beautiful years. Happy 32nd birthday.

35. Why does it seem like I am dreaming, though? Tell me, are you really 32 today? I don’t want to believe this, because you were just 26 when I met you. How did you manage to stay the same way after so many years? Well, I’m glad you are mine. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

36. With the whole of my heart, I am wishing you a prosperous year ahead, baby. You work so hard and you deserve all the enjoyment you can get this year. I’m going to make sure you focus more on yourself than on work. You can trust me on that. Happy 32nd birthday.

37. You are the only angel in my life. You are the apple of my eyes and I never want to lose you; not even for a billion dollars. On your birthday, I want you to know that as long as I am still your boyfriend, you will never shed a tear. You will always have whatever you want. Happy 32nd birthday.

38. Here comes the birthday girl. Look how you are shinning and glowing. I’m happy you’re the one I get to wake up to every morning. This life is nothing without you. Thank you for being there for me, baby. I will not stop taking care of you. Happy 32nd birthday.

Cute 32nd Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

I’m so happy I am with a cute girlfriend like you. You make me so happy, babe. Thank you for choosing to do life with me. I promise not to ever make you cry. Happy 32nd birthday to you. Best wishes.

39. Love is on the lips of many, but in the hearts of few. I’m happy that your love has never left my heart; not even for a second. I will do anything to keep you close to me forever, trust me. I hope you have a happy 32nd birthday, my love.

40. I have never been with a girl like you. No relationship has ever made me happy like this one with you. If I am permitted, I’d love to be the only man in your life forever. I promise to love and take good care of you. Happy 32nd birthday, baby.

41. You are the love of my life. You make my heart skip a beat and at the sound of your voice, I melt away. You make my days so much more enjoyable with your positive vibes. I’m certain we were made for each other, and I will continue to make what we have a great one. Happy 32nd birthday.

42. I’m so glad to have a walk with you on this journey called life. What makes me happy the most is that we are headed to the sake destination. I promise to make this journey worth it for both of us. Happy 32nd birthday to the best girlfriend ever.

43. Without your love, I wouldn’t have realized just how big and beautiful life is. Your love gives me hope for a greater future. I want it to be just you and I forced, baby. I promise to make you enjoy every second of this adventure. I love you so much. Happy 32nd birthday.

44. Thank you for proving to me that our love was worth holding onto. Having another birthday to celebrate with you is the best feeling ever. I look forward to greater years with you, especially a greater future. Happy 32nd birthday, my love.

45. Before you came around, my world was full of ups and downs. In fact, I was confused about the next step to take. But as soon as I met you, the story changed. Thank you for giving my life the change it needed. I will be forever grateful. Happy 32nd birthday to the one who solidly has my back.

46. I am so serious about this. I want to spend the rest of my life loving and caring for you. You are a good woman and you deserve a good man like me. I promise not to ever let you down if you allow me. Thank you for loving me all these years. Happy 32ne birthday to you.

47. Your love is the only one I can vouch for. I know you have a true and genuine love for me. You have touched my life in so many ways, in the space of a few months. Happy 32nd birthday to the girl who does everything to make me happy. I love you forever.

48. You are a generous and kind woman. There’s nothing too big for you to give out. I sure am learning how to have a better life from you. I want to thank you for constantly loving and supporting my every move. Here’s to you and all of the best things life has to offer.

49. I will do anything to make sure you have a good life. If there’s anything you want, please let me know. Mere looking at you, I am happy with life and everything it brings my way. Today, I will make sure you enjoy your day with some special people. Happy 32nd birthday.

50. Finally, your 32nd birthday is here. You are the one who holds all of my attention. When you are around, no one else exists. You are the one who owns my life and I’m glad you are managing it well. Thank you for everything, babe. I wish you many more years. Happy birthday.

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