Happy 29th Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes

Happy 29th Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes

Sisters are unique. You share secrets, gossips, clothes, jewels, shoes and everything between, with your sister. They are warmer than any teddy bear when you need a good hug. Attentive, loving, caring and understanding. The bonds between siblings are lifelong and unbreakable.

Sure, not all sisters are nice. When you see a toxic sister, you give her a wide berth. Your first inclination may be to make a run for it, but a birthday greeting would do no harm, would it? Lovely birthday wishes are ice melters, toxicity reducers and civility encouragers.

Who else would easily forgive your many offences and melt at your woebegone looks, if not your sister? They are as much a sucker in the emotional department as your mother. It’s your darling big kid sister’s 29th birthday. The year before they hit the big T, their thirties.

It’s a birthday to celebrate, rejoice and make merry. Go ahead, organise that mini party, get the most lovely gifts, or package a most shocking alarming bank alert in her account, but add some spice to it with gripping birthday quotes and wishes.

Are you ready to celebrate your darling sister memorably? Do you care to make her mushy with emotions on her 29th birthday? Want to leave a lasting impression on her special day? You can do this by adding a distinct flavour to her day with this collection of happy 29th birthday sister wishes and quotes:

Happy 29th Birthday Sister Quotes

‘ Life without enjoying the luxury of my resourceful sister is a mission to nowhere exciting, everywhere monotonous and dreary. No kidding, you are ‘the whole vibe’. Feel free to quote me. I love you, sis. Happy 29th birthday to you.’

Add flavour to your sister’s celebration with these beautiful happy 29th birthday sister quotes:

1. 29 has a nice ring to it. Like a page to explosive success or the turning point chapter. Happy 29th birthday to my gorgeous and smart sister. Stay fabulous!

2. 29 and fantastically beautiful and successful! Aren’t you cute? Happy 29th birthday, sister dearest. I love you madly. Have a blast!

3. Beautiful, young and vibrant, that’s my sister! Seize the moment, don’t stop until you grab your copy of astounding success. Happy 29th birthday, my darling sis. Love you loads!

4. You will never know the outcome until you try and keep putting in the work. I’m rooting for you, sister dearest. Happy 29th birthday, Sugarplum.

5. Give it your best shots from every angle and watch the universe align in your favour. Happy 29th birthday, sweet sister. You rock!

6. At 29, you have nothing to prove to no one. Just focus on your dreams and enjoy your baby girl life, no stress. Happy birthday, dearest sister. You are the bomb!

7. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. So, shine for all to see. Nothing like a shining star to attract the best. Happy 29th birthday, sweet sister. Soar, like the eagle.

8. Eagles fly alone and soar above others. Don’t be afraid to embrace the solitude that produces success. You have me, though. Always. Happy 29th birthday, darling sister. I love you.

9. Great people make others feel great. Happy 29th birthday, my adorable sister like no other. Keep on being great, it’s in you. I cherish you.

10. Today is a gift, it’s called the present, to be cherished and treasured. Tomorrow is a luxury that’s never guaranteed by time. Happy 29th birthday, my precious sister. Enjoy your day, to the fullest.

11. When you are the boss lady, you prance around like her royal majesty. Happy 29th birthday, darling sister. I love you like it’s going out of fashion. Have fun!

12. I feel like a superstar because I have a super-duper sister. I love you. I am super proud of you. Keep doing your best, because you are the best. Happy 29th birthday to you.

13. A toast to an amazing sister at 29. Have a fantastic birthday, my darling. You rock, like a star!

14. No long story today. Already you know you are every shade of phenomenal. Today is for fine dining, dining and toasting to a wonderful new year. Happy 29th birthday, dear sis. Have fun!

15. If special is a name, that would be you. You are special in every way and I’m forever blessed to have you as my sister. Happy 29th birthday, my precious sister. I love you forever.

16. As we prepare for the big T, we are going to rock this year. Happy 29th birthday to my fun-loving, cute as always sister. I cherish you.

17. You are the charmer with the stunning smile. The one with the awesome zest for life, whose sparkling eyes speak volume. I love vibrant vibes. Keep glowing, sweetie. Happy 29th birthday, darling sister.

18. The simplest truth quoted most simply is: I love you. You mean the world to me. Happy 29th birthday to you, my darling sister. You are my role model, my superwoman.

19. When you have a sister like mine, the world becomes a global village of love, fun and happiness. Happy 29th birthday my wonderful sister. I love you.

20. Nothing lasts forever, they say but I disagree. Your love for me is as endless as mine for you is eternal. You are a rare gem, darling sister. I adore you. Happy 29th birthday. Have loads of fun, on me.

21. Having a big sister like you is the best thing ever in my life. You are a treasure of immeasurable value, sis. I love you. Happy 29th birthday to you. Have a fabulous day.

22. If you take a wild guess, you won’t come close to how much I adore you. Your love, advice, unflinching support and sacrifices, are the winds beneath my sail into success. I love you so much, beloved sister. Happy 29th birthday, sis. Have a jolly good one.

23. The best thing that has ever happened to me in life is having you as my sister. You are life, love, light and everything good and blissful. Happy 29th birthday, my beautiful sister. You rock!

24. Happy 29th birthday, dearest sister. I love you to bits; cross my heart. Have a lovely day!

25. With an exceptional sister like you, the world is a beautiful place. I love you, darling sister, quirks, flaws, warts and all. Happy 29th birthday to the most beautiful sister in the world. Have a lovely day.

Happy 29th Birthday Sister Wishes

Happy 29th birthday, dear sister. I’m sending you all my love with loads of kisses. This season, may you be filled with all the happiness you truly deserve. Best wishes, always.’

Spike up your sweet sister’s day with these lovely happy 29th birthday sister wishes:

26. Happy 29th birthday to my effortlessly beautiful sister with sparkling eyes and a cute smile. I wish you everything terrific, special and blissful.

27. Happy 29th birthday, dearest sister. Here’s wishing you a fantastic year!

28. Happy 29th birthday to my darling sister, confidant and gist partner. I wish you a spectacular new year. Enjoy yourself!

29. Happy birthday to my exciting, fun-loving sister. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. I wish you loads of joy, peace like a river, and blessings without limit. Keep smiling!

30. Happy 29th birthday to my exceptionally brilliant and gifted sister. Here’s wishing you a year as amazing as you are.

31. When you are big, then you are big. No pun intended, save the fat wallet. Happy 29th birthday to my chic and glamorous big sister. I wish you a jolly good year.

32. 29 isn’t a step towards 30. It’s the new 25. More like a sweet sixteen. You look that hot, sister. I wish you a happy birthday. This new year, may you retain your freshness and vigour. May you laugh without restraint. Keep glowing and dripping fat drops of glory.

33. You are a superstar, you will shine as bright as the sun. You are a rare gem; relevant, invaluable and sought after. You are a premium sister, I love you so much. I wish you the happiest and fantabulous 29th birthday, ever.

34. My sister, my everything! It’s difficult to describe how special you are. Loving, humorous, witty with a rare blend of sensitivity and sensibility. I love you to the moon and back. Happy 29th birthday, dear sister. I wish you all the best on your big day and much more.

35. Happy 29th birthday to my beautiful sister with the kindest heart and most generous hands. When I hit my millions, you’ll be rolling in the millions. I wish you the best today and always. I love you.

36. Happy 29th birthday to my naughty little sister. You are such a pest, but I love you like that. You make my life colourful and lively with your shenanigans. I wish you a really good year. Have fun!

37. Happy 29th birthday, sis. I’m very proud to have you as my sister. If I have a choice, you’ll still be my choice. I couldn’t ask for a better one, you’re simply the best. I love you.

38. Happy 29th birthday to my dearest sister. You mean so much to me, and it’s never up for debate. I wish you a more prosperous year in good health and a sound mind. Love you loads.

39. Happy 29th birthday to my dear sister. I wish you all the best this new year and forever.

40. You are a tremendous blessing to me, big sister. You always inspire and encourage me. I’m grateful for the gift of you in my life. Happy 29th birthday, big sis. I wish you God’s blessings, always.

41. I wish you long life in abundant blessing. Happy 29th birthday, little sister. Have a jolly day!

42. Everybody’s kid sisters are little terrors, not mine. Mine is just sweetly naughty and exasperating. Happy 29th birthday. I wish you grace to fulfil your dreams. Loads of love to you with hugs and kisses.

43. I wish you the happiest, drama-free birthday, darling sister. No need to pout, Sugarplum, you know you’re a drama queen. Happy birthday 29th birthday, Lil sis. Love you, always.

44. I know it’s a tall dream, but hey, miracles do happen. I wish you the happiest, grooviest, but drama-free birthday ever. Not a worry, pumpkin, big sis loves you, quirks and all. Happy 29th birthday, my baby girl. You rock.

45. I love you very much, little sister. You are my mirror image, so much that the resemblance is uncanny. Happy 29th birthday, sweet. Keep on rocking the world with your goodness. Best wishes.

46. Happy 29th birthday to my dependable big sister. Thank you for always watching my back and sharing from the fountain of your rich experience and wisdom. Thanks for giving me unlimited access to your fancy wardrobe and coffer. You are the bomb! I wish you a fabulous day!

47. I love your smile, it’s so sweet and enchanting. It’s my foolproof energy booster and mood-lifter. Happy 29th birthday, Munchkin. I wish you a year full of magical moments.

48. I feel blessed to have a wonderful sister like you. You are my best-kept secret of a good life and turning out well. I love you, big sis. I wish you the happiest 29th birthday ever!

49. Happy 29th birthday, lovely sister. I wish you a wonderful, joyful and prosperous life. Loads of love to you.

50. Happy 29th birthday to my favourite sister. No matter what you face in life, I’ll always be here for you. You have me, little sis, I will always have your back. May all your dreams come true this new year. I adore you, Sugarpie. Best wishes!

Good sisters are to be treasured forever. Thanks for building special memories with your dear sister. I’m glad you were able to choose the perfect one for your sister out of happy 29th birthday sister wishes and quotes above.

Kindly share with your friends, family and colleagues. I believe you’ll be rewarded with a smile of gratitude for helping out. Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments? Please, feel free to drop them. I’ll gladly respond.

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