Good Morning My Love Messages for Him or Her

Good Morning My Love Messages

Good Morning My Love

There are millions of words I would love to say right now,
But none is as perfect as saying “Good morning my love.”
Have a great day ahead. I love you.

Good Morning My Heart

I have many bones that help keep my structure
With many parts that keeps me in shape
But I am going great because my heart is intact...
And I choose to call you no other name than my heart.
Good morning my Love and my Heart.

Good Morning My Heart Desire

I know how magical it could be
To have one’s wishes comes true
And more than mystical, when it’s happening to me!
I couldn’t have done this on my own…
Thank you for helping me get the best out of love.
Good Morning My Love and Heart Desire.

Your Love Has Saved Me

You love had come to save the whole of me
Even when I was speechless and couldn’t call
You have been all that my heart would ever needed.
And I will live to appreciate it all.
Good Morning my love.

Thank You for Finding Me

When you can’t find your way, you can say you are lost.
And when you can’t see farther ahead, you are but blind.
I had everything I needed, but still felt emptiness within!
You loving me was what made the difference.
Thank you for finding me. Good Morning.

It’s All Because I Have You

When everything seems right
In spite of visible horridness
And when you feel as though you have it all
When in reality there isn’t much more you can grasp
You feel on top of the world, and wants it perpetuated
It’s one of the best feelings in the world for every heart
And as I wished, it’s happening to me because I have you.
Good morning my love.

More than I Ever Planned

I now have you on my mind so often
As I see you in all my major thoughts
My smiles and laughter sourced from you
And how I come to love you isn’t my plan.
Good Morning my Love.

My Morning Hug to You

It’s so big, because it’s solely for you
It’s so warm, because you deserve it
It’s so soothing, to melt the hardest of heart
And it’s nothing else than a morning HUG from me to you.

You Are My Morning Dew

Of all the divine dew that comes from heaven to the earth each day,
I am glad I always have a portion of mine…
That portion is your Love for me!
Good Morning and have a lovely day ahead my love.

I Will Be There for You Today

That it’s dark doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t exist
That everything hurts, doesn’t mean love exist not.
That you feel lonely doesn’t mean no one cares…
No matter how it feels today, know that I am with you.
Good Morning my Love.

As Long as It’s You and Me

The star will not cease to shine
As long as there is night
The sun will not stop to shine
As long as there is day
And so love will not cease to exist,
As long as it’s you and me.
Good morning my Love.

I Choose You My Love

The rain chooses the winter to fall
The sun chooses the daytime to shine
For a love that lasts, I have chosen you.
And none else but this lovely you.
Good morning my Love.

You Are Really the Perfect One for Me

Not everyone who can’t find their way is lost
Not everyone who cannot see is really blind…
But the one who has gotten a heart that’s not loved…
Can have everything and yet be missing the real thing.
I have it all because I found the perfect one for me.
Good Morning my Love.