I Will Always Be There for You Messages, Poems and Quotes

I Will Always Be There for You

By now, you know how indescribable it is to have someone who will be there for you all day, for the rest of your life. To help you reciprocate the unmetered benevolence, the messages, poems, and quotes below would do just great to tell him or her that you will be there for them forever.

My Love, I Promise to Always Be There for You

You might be far away from me, and I am here
But in my heart of heart for you, I will always be there
You are my treasure and in my heart, I hold you so dear
And forever for you and only you will I love and care.
Good Morning my Love.

I Will Never Leave You

We have come this far
Our love has grown so boundless
I can look into the future
I see us making a great home.
And then the promise is...
I Won't leave you forever.
I love you.

I Will Always Be Here for You Until the End of Time.

I have checked the expiry date of our relationship
and I am glad to let you know it's until the end of time.
I love you until death do us part.

I Will Always Be There for You, My Love.

Come rain, come shine, I will stick with you...
Morning, night and noon, I will stand by you...
I love you and I will be wherever you are.

I Love You and I Will Always Be There for You.

My love for you is ceaseless
My care for you is immeasurable
My plan for you is eternal
I'll stay with you, yes forever.

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