Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Lovers

2019 Trending I Am Happy Because You Are in My Life Quotes

I Am Happy Because You Are in My Life

Either way, happiness is a very beautiful emotion: one we can’t really explain, but when we are happy, we just know it, irrespective of how good or bad our day may be.

Most times, our happiness is always attached to the feeling of being loved or cared for by someone: something we should always be thankful for. And who else should make us happy if not our family, friends, lover of our lives, spouse, or other significant fellows as the case may be.

2nd Monthsary Messages for Long Distance Relationship in 2019

Love is very beautiful and if you find the right person, it always feels like you're in fairyland.

Times and days fly quickly when you love someone and you wonder how fast it is that it's two months already since you met them.

Whether it's they are flirty quotes or sweet messages to you, say Happy 2nd month anniversary to your partner in a way that charms him/her all over again.