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100+ Missing My Husband Quotes: I Miss You Quotes for Him

The world can be so funny that it can part a union of two lovebirds temporarily with the hope of coming back together later. This could be as a result of work commitments and transfer, training, business, religious purposes, ambitions, career and other responsibilities that are capable of making one’s spouse to leave his place of residence for a while.

100 I Miss You Status for Boyfriend - Missing You Status for Him

Are you missing the most important person in your life because distance has dealt you and him a great blow?

Distance in a relationship comes with some sort of hitch, especially when it happens suddenly and the couple didn't have enough time to prepare for the temporary separation.

Even when prior notice is given, one just can not prepare enough, whether the relationship is a new one and is yet to fully mature, or is a very solid one that has been built for years.

100 I Miss You Status for Girlfriend - Missing You Status for Her

I Miss You Status for Girlfriend

You think about her a lot more than you wish you did? You keep looking at pictures of her, and even read your previous chats with her?

You wish every beep on your phone is from her, and being around her makes you unexplainably happy?

To crown it all, you've never been this vulnerable before...

Missing the love of your life can be really frustrating, and you believe the "I Miss You" feeling isn't a guy thing.

100 Happy Birthday May God Bless You Abundantly Wishes

Happy Birthday May God Bless You Abundantly

Most anniversaries are celebrated once in a year, and birthday is one of them. It is always a special day for the celebrant.

Is your friend, father, mother, sibling or special someone having their birthday today? They deserve your good wishes for them. I also join you to wish them well on their birthday. May God bless them abundantly, with many more!