Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Lovers

100 I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

It takes enough courage to tell people how much we miss them, most especially when they're far away and distant from where we are.

Have you ever found yourself in the shoes of having a loved one, say your girlfriend away for a short while and it seems like it's been all eternity?

What then should be done when we feel that way, and we think we should tell them how we feel without being shy to do so?

150 Happy Married Life Wishes Messages

Happy Married Life Wishes

Is it a close family member, a friend, or a colleague at work? Perhaps it's an acquaintance or a church member who's getting married, and you're in a fix as to what to wish them as they consummate their love in holy matrimony?

We're here with a truckload of wishes, blessings and prayers you can always choose from for that purpose. We hope you get to pick the one that suits you, and the one that'll best convey your feelings of love and support to the couple.

100 Sweet Dreams My Darling Messages and Quotes

Sweet Dreams My Darling

1. As you head on to bed tonight my dear, I pray the Lord your soul to keep!

2. Four corners of your bed, four angels are positioned there. Enjoy the comfort of the night till morning. Sweet dreams.

3. May you enjoy every minute of the night and may dawn come, bringing you the happiness that comes with the morning.

4. I hope you sleep well, and that the morning arrives faster than usual so I can have you in my arms again. Goodnight my love.

100 I Miss You Messages for Wife

I Miss You Messages for Wife

Let her know how much you miss her. Did she travel? Is she at work, school... Have you been away for long? With these messages, tell her you miss her so very much, and that you want her so badly.

1. The moment I notice that I’m lonely is when I’m in a crowd without you, and I still feel alone. I miss you.

2. When I lay in bed at night and I can’t sleep, I keep tossing around the bed that's when I know I’m missing you.