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120 It's My Birthday Status

Its My Birthday Status

At every point in our lives, we deserve to be celebrated. You don't necessarily have to come riding on the back of a stallion with a bloodied sword to become a hero and be celebrated. No. The beauty of celebrating humans lie in every little step we take towards becoming better individuals. And now, it boils down to you. Yes. You.

77 Sweet Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

Sweet Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

Mothers are amazing treasures that are irreplaceable and mustn't be traded for anything. A mother's love is like no other and our mom's important role in our lives can never be overemphasized.

Mom is the one that was there from the beginning of our existence, nurturing us from conception to birth, till adulthood. And I'm sure you'd agree with me that mothers are the only ones who never stop caring, no matter how old we've grown, and they never give up on us too.