Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Lovers

Thanks for Being in My Life I Love You Quotes and Messages

Finally, I got what I ever wanted in love. I got what I've always desired in a relationship - more than I ever deserved! Thanks for being in my life, I love you.

1. You're my pillar of strength and courage when I'm weigh down by unpleasant circumstances. Thanks for being real, my love.

2. Your love for me is like a wall which shields me from every dart of rejection and dejection. Thank you for loving me just the way that I am. I love you.

50 Thank You Mom for Giving Me Life Quotes

Thank You, Mom, for Giving Me Life

It's a nice thing to send a text message (on your birthday or any other day) saying something like "Thank You, Mom, for Giving Me Life"

Or Imagine being a mother and then receive a sweet message from your daughter or son saying "I thank you, mom, for everything..." How will you feel?

It shows how caring you are and it will help to rekindle the spark between you and her if you send her any quote from these Thank You, Mom, for Giving Me Life (Quotes).


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