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100 Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend Quotes

Happy Birthday in Heaven Friend

Accepting that a friend, especially a very close friend, is gone forever, is one of the most difficult things to deal with. No one expects it, and no one is ever prepared to bear such loss.

One day you are together, gisting, having fun, talking and planning about the future, and the next, you're informed your dear friend is no more. You probably never even got to say goodbye, and that hurts like nothing you've ever felt.

30 I Love Your Heart Quotes

I Love Your Heart Quotes

Imagine getting a message from your lover that says something like ends with or starts with - I Love Your Heart or I love your beautiful heart or perhaps I love your heart and soul, how will you feel?

Happy, right? That's how your lover will feel too.

And I'm sure you want that, isn't it? That's why I wrote these 30 I Love Your Heart Quotes to help you get that done with ease.


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