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Why Doing Healthy Lifestyle Activities With Your Date Is The New Cool

Doing Healthy Lifestyle Activities With Your Date

Going on a date? You’re probably thinking eating at a fancy restaurant, having a couple drinks at the bar or visiting a cinema. You know what all these three have in common? They’re all boring things to do, at least because that’s what all people do on a regular. How about taking your date to a yoga class or riding a bicycle together? It is definitely cooler because this way you’re spending your time actively and creatively.

You Deserve All of Me My Love

From Caitlyn to Rachel

He said this about her

She is beautiful, smart, funny, outgoing, caring. She can make me feel better if I’m upset. She can make me laugh at anything. She cares a lot about me. She makes me happy and can make me smile all the time. I really love and care about her a lot. I love and care about her more than I care about myself.

And here is what I have to say

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