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Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Wife in 2019

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Wife

Wives deserve to be appreciated and celebrated because being married is not easy. It involves learning how to understand and live effectively with another person.

There are a lot of demands on a wife because she is a daughter, sister, mother, worker or employer and she has to perform excellently well in all these areas.

Clocking the golden jubilee is no small feet and for a woman to attain this age, it's a major milestone for her.

2019 Happy Birthday Prayers for Mum (Mom)

Happy Birthday Prayers for my Mum

Mothers are likened to a gold that is priceless because of how much they sacrifice for their family. Mothers are probably everything ranging from cook, nurse, nurturer to sometimes, provider and protector. Their birthday is, therefore, a special time to make them feel appreciated by praying for them. Below are short and long prayers you can pray for your mum on her birthday.