Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend (2021)

Breaking up with someone, or someone breaking up with you is the worst. All the heartbreak and tears and wondering how your life would be without someone that was your world is not an ordeal you would wish on anyone else.

As much as you try to deny it, you remember everything about him even after trying so hard to forget. So what happens when you’re tired of trying and you just want to be nice to him when his birthday comes around again?

I’m sure we all know how difficult composing a heartfelt message for an ex can be. You don’t want to sound too flippant, and on the other hand, you don’t want to seem as though you’re still pining over him (even if you are.)

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here are some messages you can customize to send to your ex on his birthday.

Heart Touching Wishes for Your Ex Boyfriend’s Birthday

Emotional Happy birthday wishes and messages for your ex-boyfriend. Send these when you need to relay your present feelings to him on his birthday.

1. There is a part of me that you took away with you and it keeps reminding me of you. On your special day, I wish you nothing but happiness and love. Have a great day sweetie! Happy birthday!!

2. Wishing a happy birthday to my once-upon-a-time-lover and everytime-best friend! All I wish is for you to be happy always and that is why I pray that this year turns out fruitful and fun-filled starting from today. Enjoy your day.

3. No matter what happened in the past, no matter where I find myself, no matter who I have become, I can never forget your special day because it is always sealed in my heart. Cheers to more happy and fulfilled days. Happy birthday dear!

4. Happy, Happy birthday to my favourite ex! I often reminisce on all the amazing times we spent together and I have come to realize that you are indeed irreplaceable. And that is why you deserve the best of wishes today. Do have a splendid and happy birthday!!

5. Happy birthday my loveliest ex-boyfriend. I wish you long life, happiness, peace, success, excellence, joy, favour, prosperity, more charming looks and above all true love. You deserve it.

6. We may be far away from each other. We may not often talk as much as we used to. We may not see each other in a long time but I still savour the best times we spent together and today I just want to let you know that you are still special. Happy birthday, darling!

7. Despite the fact that we could not work out as lovers, we still stayed friends and I respect you and love you even more for that. Here is wishing you the best of all I could not give to you. Happy birthday, love!

8. People always say that exes can never stay as friends after they break up but you and I have proved them wrong totally. So to my once-upon-a-time-lover to now my very good friend wishing you an awesome and happy birthday!

9. No matter how much it rains. No matter how hard the sun shines. No matter how good or bad my day turns out, this day will always be special for me cause it is your birthday. Happy birthday handsome/beautiful!

10. I can’t stop thinking about how many birthdays I celebrated with you and the thought that we’re not together to celebrate your birthday now reminds me of how much I miss and still love you. Happy birthday, sweetie!!

11. For all the beautiful times I spent with you, for all the happiness that brought tears of joy to me, for all the love I found in you, I wish you a happy birthday and an excellent new year dear!

12. Although we are history now the love and happiness we both shared cannot go unnoticed and can never be forgotten. And part of that happiness was celebrating your birthday. Wishing you a happy birthday sweetie!

13. Forgive me if I get all emotional today. For this day is special and it can only remind me of you and all the love we shared on this day. It is your birthday and I wish you the best of love and happiness. Happy birthday, honey!

14. You are not my Romeo anymore but you are still my knight in shining armour, always coming to my rescue as a true friend. So on your birthday, I wish you joy and true love. Happy birthday to my hero!

15. Although you are no longer my sweet boyfriend, yet, today you are my number one priority. Today you come first in all I do and you deserve it. Just give me a list of all you need today and your wish is my command. Happy birthday, dearest ex!

16. You may not love me anymore and obviously may have found someone better but feelings for you has never changed and memories have not been forgotten especially that of your birthday. Wishing you a lovely and happy birthday dear!

17. Woke up this morning with thoughts of regret but my heart lits up with the mere thought of you and what day it is. So I am sending out good wishes and loads of love to my most favourite guy in the world. Happy birthday dear!

18. Every day I wake I wish I could just turn back the hands of time to when it was just you and I. Although it hurts but all I want is for you to be happy always. Wishing you the happiest birthday ever!

19. I may not be the first one to wish you a happy birthday but I know that thoughts of you on my mind tripled since it struck midnight. Hope your day turns out more than you expected. Happy birthday, dear.

20. Please forgive me for stealing a moment from your special day to wish you a happy birthday and also tell you that you are greatly missed! Thanks for the time and Happy Birthday once again!

21. May your day be as fantastic as you wish. May you find that true love you seek. May your years be fulfilled, beautiful and filled with love. Happy birthday to my ex-boyfriend. Who was the best and still is.

22. The best reward for a man as loving as you are is the reward of true love and on your special day, I hope it comes your way sooner than later cause you deserve it. Happy birthday Prince Charming!

23. It is a special day for a special man and that is why from the deepest part of my heart I wish you a day filled with happiness, peace, love and all I could not offer. Happy birthday *name*

24. A happy, happy birthday to the sweetest of ex! I wish you all that you pray for today and also pray that I find someone as sweet and charming as you sooner than later. Have a remarkable day dear!

25. Cheers to my ex-turned-friend! The ship sailing us both may not be as romantic as it used to but it is not so bad either because we are both still sailing on it as friends. Wishing you a happy birthday and a dynamic new year.

26. Today I feel that the luckiest people in the world are those who get the opportunity to spend time with you on your birthday and I can only wish I was one of them. Hope your day turns out great. Happy birthday dear!

27. Sitting alone on my bed I can only imagine how much fun your birthday would be today as it always is and I can’t help but wonder how I lost something so special. Happy birthday dearest ex-boyfriend!

28. I hope this text reminds you that you still have a place in my heart. I still miss you a lot. That I still hope we can get back together soon and this time, forever. Happy birthday, honey!

29. I may not be good at matchmaking but I could be your fairy today. Thus I hope your wish for finding true love comes true today. Do have a memorable day. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

30. No special stories or poems, no rhyming words, no fancy artworks or texts, just a simple message saying I still miss you a lot, every day and also wish you a beautiful and lovely year. Happy birthday, cupcake!

31. For being such a wonderful and caring boyfriend once, you deserve the best in life and most especially today you deserve the hugest of cakes, lots of surprises and loads of love. Happy birthday, darling! Enjoy your day!

32. In the splendour of the love we shared, from deep within my heart I sing a happy, happy birthday to you, sweetie. I pray all your wishes come true and your day is as amazing as you are!

33. I may not be privileged to call you “mine” but I know that you were one in a billion and you still are. Words will fail me to wish you all that I have in my heart for you on your special day. So I will summarize and say Happy Birthday to the man I love the most!

34. For all the times I held your hands, all the times you held me in your arms, all the times we kissed and all the love we shared I would be lying if I said I don’t miss you or I can ever forget you and more so I can’t forget your birthday. Happy birthday, darling!

35. The happiest birthday to my darling ex. You are still special to me and will always be and that is because you are a rare gem that can never be replaced. I wish you all that you wish yourself and more.

36. I wish you a happy birthday, dear—I believe I am still permitted to call you that. I wish you the best of everything you’ve ever wished for and more. Have a blast. I celebrate with you in spirit.

37. Things might not have worked out, but you are utterly one of the best person’s I’ve ever on earth and I wish you heaven’s best daily. On this special birthday, however, I want you to have a double portion on everything.

38. They say roses are red, and violets are blue, but you are all shades of bursting colours and I mean that. On this occasion of your birthday, I wish you more spice and zest to your life in more glorious shades, darling.

39. You were great—never doubt that. I want you to know that I wish you the best from the depths of my heart even though we are apart now. I hope this birthday brings all those things you said you wanted. I just want you to be happy.

40. Dearest, I trust you have been doing fine. It is always my utmost desire that you have the best of everything. I wish this birthday marks the birth of marvellous things in your life so that you lack nothing from henceforth. Have a blast today and everyday.

41. My calendar reminds me of all the beautiful times with you and the many birthdays there were. It’s different this year, but I still cherish the memories and hope you have many more pleasant ones to last you a lifetime. I wish you the best of everything, dear.

42. I think of what to say to you on this special occasion, and all that come are the reminiscences of what used to be. I won’t count anything as loss, but I want you to gain all the beauty and perfection that come with happiness. Happy belated birthday, dear.

43. I remember you wanting to travel the world and see places and impact nations. We might not be together anymore to make it happen, but all that and more is what I wish for you on this birthday of yours. I want you to flourish even beyond your expectations.

44. Happy birthday and many more prosperous years to you as you walk the surface of the earth. The world needs to know how lucky it is to have you grace it with your presence. You are special, and nothing can change that. Keep shining, dear.

45. Good things are to be celebrated, and so I celebrate this birthday with you because I know how wonderful you are. All your desires have no choice but to come to pass and so you have no need to worry. Keep prospering in all facets, honey.

46. I wouldn’t know who is reading, and so I think I need to be careful with using endearments, though I am awfully tempted. This should tell you that you’ve left a lasting impression. And that is how awesome you are. So, I say a big happy birthday to you, Awesome.

47. Wonderful man, I wish you a beautiful day as you celebrate your birthday. All you whispered under the sheets on rainy and doubtful nights about the future will come to pass starting this day. I wish you the very best manifestation of your proposed plans.

48. I want to wish you a healthy future relationship, but I think that would be too much for my mouth because I miss how things were. Nonetheless, on this special day, my wishes for you surmount all I can put together. Have a blast!

49. Happy belated birthday, the one who used to hold my heart. Things have changed a bit, but nothing has changed about the fact that you are a rare gem and your light radiates everywhere you go. I wish you more radiance today and everyday henceforth.

50. I try to guess what you would want for your birthday from memory of things I got to know you like, but all that comes to my head as I think of you are the big dreams you have. I don’t think any gift I have can match that; so I will just wish you a fulfilled life.

51. That day at your kitchen table, you said what you would want more than anything in the world would be to make a lasting impact on people’s lives; this just goes to show what a big heart you have. On this birthday, I wish you the big resources to do the big things.

52. Happy birthday to you, lovely one. I opened my eyes this morning, smiling to myself because I just felt like singing a birthday song to you like those times in the past. Well, all I can wish you at this time is joy like you’ve never known before. Bubble!

53. You are an angel, and as such, you deserve to be celebrated. On this special day, I celebrate you and all the beauty and grace you carry in one human body. Things might not have turned out as we planned, but I believe you will do great things. Well, it starts today.

54. It’s your day today, and I wish you heaven’s best even as you grow older, healthier and richer. You were born to do exploits, and that’s just what begins to manifestation from this special day. From my heart which I used to share with you, I say a mighty “happy birthday!”

55. You are a glorious star, and you illuminate so brilliantly. I say this from what I experienced with you. The times with you were the best, and one can only rest on the memories now. I wish you a life as blissful as the memories you’ve given me.

56. Twenty four hours is not enough time in three hundred and sixty-five days to celebrate your birth, but we all just have to make do with it. I wish you all the splendid things you can think of today and everyday for the remaining days we don’t get to say “happy birthday”.

57. Saying some things have become too cliché these days, but for you “cliché” turns to “unique” and “special”, and so celebrating your day is made glorious. So I wish you many more years in health and glorious increase. You are loved!

58. I hope there is a party celebration for your birthday; at least, it would allow seeing your beautiful face again. I miss shouting wishes into your ears and eating all your cake. I wish you the very best in all your endeavours.

59. It’s here again, and though I am not “there”, it makes no difference to how important you are. You’ve always been wonderful, and this is just what I wish for you in all things—wonder beyond all measure. Have a wonderful day.

60. I am doing summersaults in my mind as I send this birthday wish to you for I know just how much this day excited you every year. It thrills me how you still carry the childhood happiness about birthdays around. I wish you continuous happiness in all things.

61. God really did a lot in making you—you are so special like that. I am grateful we met in this lifetime, even though things didn’t quite work out. Well, some things are for lessons while others are for keeps. You are still in my heart always, and I wish you a splendid day

62. Happy birthday to the one who is beautiful, precious and wonderful. This day is always special on the calendar because it marks your arrival on earth years ago—a very special arrival. And so I wish you a very happy day and many more happier days.

63. You are a rare kind, and I feel really elated to be celebrating your birthday this day as someone who has walked with you and been with you. You are too awesome to be ignored, and I wish you more awesome exploits in all your endeavours so that you lack nothing.

64. Have a blissful day, dearest as you celebrate your birthday. Bliss and nothing less than that is what you deserve every day of your life because you bring so much joy to people. From my heart, I give you all the hugs and kisses as it used to be then.

65. Happy birthday, handsome. I want to hold your cheeks and give them squeezes like I used to then. I love all you are and so, and though things didn’t work out, you remain a pleasant part of my memory. I wish you the best of all life has to offer as you turn a year older.

66. I should find a way to throw you up and catch you again when next we see just to show you how happy I am right now to give you birthday wishes. I appreciate and value your presence on earth and in my life then. I pray that all your dreams get fulfilled.

67. I remember your cooking, your smile, your laughter, your face, and everything else. Of course, I couldn’t afford to forget that the owner of those wonderful things needed to be celebrated today. For all you exhibit, I say many more returns to you.

68. It’s another year again, and I couldn’t help waking up with a quirky smile as I reminisced on the past and how wonderful it was. You were and are still wonderful, and so I wish this birthday comes with wonderful blessings for a lifetime.

69. Good morning, handsome! And happy birthday! I know you would be up and running around the house singing in that beautiful way you have, and I just wish I could join in my voice to do the “birthday song” for you. I wish you a very long and happy life.

70. You are in the story of my life, dear, and that’s a very grand thing. You are unforgettable, and that’s not flattery. I wish you, on this occasion of your birthday, the things your heart has yearned for so long. You deserve the best today and always.

If you loved any of these messages and are guaranteed to use on an ex, share with us in the comment section. For the rest of us, what’s your take on remaining friends with exes? Yay or Nay? I’d like to know what you think in the comments.

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