Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

2021 Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friends

I’ll keep saying that celebrating birthdays is a beautiful thing — celebrating the day a life was added to earth. Every time set to celebrate a birthday should be a time of love, fun, joy and happiness.

Celebrating people is also beautiful, especially those who are dear to your heart — from family to friends to mentors to protégé to others — and we are here to make it easy for you.

So it’s your best friend’s birthday and you’re out of words to send him a really cute message. We have provided 200 samples you can use. Simply copy paste, send and watch your best friend smile.

Cute Happy Birthday Messages for Intimate Friend

Every good and intimate Friend can not be left without being celebrated on His/Her Birthday. Explore these trending Cute Birthday Wishes for Best Friend. Send them to that special Friend and make Him/Her feel loved.

1. The greatest of friends in history is nothing compared to what you’ve been to me. You are my best friend. Happy birthday.

2. I’ve had a lot of friends, but none has ever been to me a fraction of what you are to me. Thanks. Happy birthday.

3. Love demands of me that today is not just a special day, but one worth celebrating because of you. Happy birthday.

4. One thing I ask of God is that we’ll always have reasons to stay and be and stick together as siblings. Happy birthday.

5. I can not let go of such an awesome friend like you because you’ve been more than lovely and beautiful. Happy birthday.

6. Happy birthday to the most incredible friend and person on the planet. Get more amazing, even as you celebrate. Happy birthday.

7. Happy birthday to you, dearest of siblings and friends. Your days will be filled with love, joy, happiness, beauty and me.

8. If I am asked to choose a new best friend, even a clone of you will not satisfy me. I’ll choose you again, again and again. Happy birthday.

9. Another ahead for us to walk. Your awesomeness is at the peak of the yardstick. Happy birthday.

10. One thing is sure. I value today—like my birthday—above any other day. I hope you’ll remain my best friend. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to One of My Best Friends

Here are also the Best of all Happy Birthday to One of My Best Friends Messages you can use.

11. Happy birthday to my favourite team player, mentor, protégée, sibling, friend and lover, you. Happy birthday.

12. Remember, we’re here on earth to work together, play together, bug ourselves till the end of time. Happy birthday.

13. On a day as sweet as this many years ago, no one would have guessed that I was the reason you were born. Happy birthday, friend.

14. I will make today a day of dancing because it is a celebration of an amazing addition to my life. Happy birthday, my best friend.

15. It’s been a sweet ride since I met you and I have no regrets and don’t expect to have any regrets soon and later. Happy birthday.

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16. Anyone can claim to have found a friend but I’ll never believe anyone ever found one like you. My best friend, happy birthday.

17. The gift of God in you was meant for you, me and us and so is my gift. Let’s do this, Buddy. Happy birthday, pal.

18. I stand to celebrate you today with pride in my heart and an assurance that having you as a friend is a blessing. Happy birthday.

19. Happy birthday to a friend among friends, the best kind there is and my best friend. God keep you, guide you and bless you.

20. My cheers go to a beautiful future, amazing opportunities and achieved goals, for you, then for me. Happy birthday, brother.

21. I won’t be wrong calling you, my blood brother because our biological families cannot affect our friendship. Happy birthday.

22. My life is good and one of the reasons is because of your presence in it. I love you, my friend. Happy birthday.

23. With every chance I get, I’ll celebrate you, not just today, because you’ve affected me positively. Happy birthday, my friend.

24. Life without you in it, I don’t even want to think of imagining it. But thank God you’re here. Happy birthday, my brother and friend.

25. Bread and butter, rice and stew and all those stuff are understatements of our relationship. To a sweeter future. Happy birthday.

26. Everyone deserves to be loved, but not all can find a friend like you who gives them as much love as they need. Happy birthday.

27. You are the kind of person who comes into someone’s life and makes it better. I’m a witness. Happy birthday.

28. Happy birthday to a friend that only one on earth, never to be found anywhere else. I love you, friend. Happy birthday.

29. Every time I think of you, I bless God for making us get to know each other. I swear, it’s been a pleasure—it still is. Happy birthday.

30. Two words that describe you are LOVE and UNDERSTANDING and I’m glad to have known you. Happy birthday, my friend.

31. I don’t want to give anyone a better place in my heart because the best place is meant for you and no other. Happy birthday, my friend.

32. I have a friend like you, only one of them, and that’s you. So I take today to celebrate you and your beauty. Happy birthday.

33. If everyone had a friend like you, the world will not just be a beautiful place, but a livable place. Happy birthday, friend.

34. Take out time to look behind you and celebrate your achievements, encourage yourself and keep pressing on. Happy birthday.

35. If you’re a masquerade, I’ll do anything to be a part of your parade. Thanks for being my pal. Happy birthday.

36. All good? People say it’s impossible, but I know it because they’re yet to have you as a friend. Happy birthday.

37. I never wanted to be a hero until I met you. Now, being your hero is all I live for. Happy birthday to the best of friends.

38. The love you have for me have shown me that good people like you still exist. Happy birthday to my best friend — a good man.

39. I won’t even take a twin of you as a replacement. I have found you and I’ll keep you forever. Happy birthday, friend.

40. Forever, may God guide you perfectly and keep our friendship as sweet as it has been forever — even sweeter. Happy birthday, pally.

41. Your endurance and strength are things I admire about you. I’m proud to associate with you. Happy birthday, love.

42. I like the way you came into existence to make me loved and a better person. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

43. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that I’m not sure if there can ever be a friend like you again on earth. Happy birthday to you.

44. Happy birthday to a friend I have no regrets knowing. My heart is glad today because of you. Again, happy birthday.

45. If birthdays were all about cakes, then your birthday may have been a normal one, but your person is the difference. Happy birthday.

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46. You redefined the meaning of love to me. You are one kind of person that’s very very rare to find. Happy birthday, my friend.

47. So today is the day that a parcel of greatness was transferred to earth? No wonder it feels so beautiful. Happy birthday.

48. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. My life turns around and for you be very beautiful, more beautiful than if you can ever be.

49. Happy birthday to you, my friend. As my best friend, I wish you all the best things that can be gotten in life and on earth.

50. May all your wishes come true and may your life shine with the beauty and glory of God. Happy birthday, my friend.

51. The kind of friend you are is awesome. I have a lot of reasons to celebrate you today. Happy birthday.

52. I keep wondering what kind of special you are to your family, because of the way you relate to me. Happy birthday, friend.

53. I’m very sure that when I knock on heaven’s gate, my vision will be filled with people like you. You must be from heaven. Happy birthday.

54. Every year, I celebrate Christmas twice — on 25th December and, more importantly, today, your birthday. Happy birthday.

55. When the world recognises, that people like you are the true role models, then I’ll take a break. Happy birthday.

56. As you read this, I pray you understand that your birthday is not just about you, but also about people like me. Happy birthday, friend.

57. I’d rather live with you for the rest of my life than keep all my other pleasures. Happy birthday to my one and only best friend.

58. Ask for the reason why I celebrate? It’s because my life became complete on a day like this many years ago. Happy birthday.

59. If for any reason I don’t celebrate today, then there’ll be no sense in celebrating any other day in the year. Happy birthday.

60. If my mum wakes up today and tells me that you are my twin, I’ll scream “no wonder!” I love you, my friend. Happy birthday.

61. The more I have you with me, I keep getting surer of my having you as a friend forever. Happy birthday, my friend.

62. Every year, on this day, I have a reason to celebrate a gem — the rarest kind — that’s a friend of mine — my best friend. Happy birthday, friend.

63. I can tell the future of those around you. You have influenced it and made it enviably beautiful. Happy birthday, friend.

64. Finding love and life is easy when you’re a partner, not just for me, but many others out there. Happy birthday, bro/sis.

65. The only thing I regret is not knowing you as early as I should have done. You’ve been a blessing for as long as we’ve been friends. Happy birthday.

66. Music and poetry come nowhere close to expressing the way my heart rejoices at a time like this. Happy birthday to you, Bestie.

67. A happy — and joyful, and beautiful, and excellent — birthday is my wish to you on this day. May your life be sweeter.

68. The best way to rid me of pains is to be in your company. I pray your influence increases significantly. Happy birthday.

69. We need to travel to a place where nothing else matters — for now — other than our friendship. Happy birthday, friend.

70. Walking out of your door, last time we met, I knew I wasn’t going to see you until you were a year older. Today is here. Happy birthday.

71. If I discover that you are a dream, and not real, then be assured that I’ll sleep forever. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

72. Until death separates our friendship, I’ll always see today as one of the greatest days ever. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

73. You are birth to a world — a whole world — and more. Basically, your value is more than precious stones. Happy birthday.

74. Happy birthday to you. Today is set aside by God, men and even the devil in honour of your greatness and beauty.

75. Happy birthday, my friend. Love has radiated in your heart. Peace has filled your days. May your life only get better.

76. Your life is a book that deserves to be read, a movie that should be seen, a music that must be listened to. Happy birthday.

77. There are times I feel like I should give up on humanity, but I remember you and my days go bright again. Happy birthday, friend.

78. There is no time I ever wished you were fiction. You are someone I never want to lose. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

79. If you are a friend to everyone, then I can be a friend to everyone. I trust you, my friend. Happy birthday.

80. There’s nothing I’ve done for you that I desire a payment for. I’ll gladly give to you of myself. Happy birthday.

81. Beauty is something that’s inseparable from you, so inseparable I’m forced to ask: “Are you human?” Happy birthday, friend.

82. Forget all those radio and network people that tell you: “Stay with us.” It is you I choose to stay with. Happy birthday.

83. One thing I want to own for the rest of my life is your friendship. It’s been so beautiful I wonder if I can do without it. Happy birthday.

84. Happy birthday. You are blessed and highly favoured because your life is in the hand of God. I’m proud to associate with you.

85. How many years have I had to celebrate your awesomeness? How many more lies ahead? I’ll never get tired of celebrating it. Happy birthday.

86. I’m yet to reconcile why an awesome person like you was sent to earth. You must be superhuman. Happy birthday.

87. I’ll start a birthday revolution so achievers like you can have special birthdays that will be totally different from every other birthday. Happy birthday.

88. Sound it in the streets, with the loudest speakers you can find. It’s the greatest birthday ever and I’m excited. Happy birthday.

89. It’s in my blood to make your day, not just a success, but the best day you’ve had in your life. How can I help? Happy birthday.

90. Just the way you are, you’re a great shade of glory. Just stay the way you are, my lovely friend. Happy birthday.

91. You fill empty places with good things and transform dishonourable things into things that reek of honour. Happy birthday to you.

92. You’re sweet. You’re simple. You’re a blessing. You’re beautiful. You are more than these. Happy birthday, my best friend.

93. If things don’t go as you plan, I’ll do my best to work it out. Because a day like this should be excellently celebrated. Happy birthday.

94. Today, we will reflect more joy than the tears shed at a funeral. We will celebrate more then we’ve ever been sad. Happy birthday.

95. Today is purely and basically for fun, joy and laughter. Don’t let anything change it. I got you. Happy birthday, my friend.

96. I’m sure that good is all you’ll have because it’s what you’ve sown. Enjoy the large harvest that’s coming your way. Happy birthday.

97. I know it is not easy to be a pillar of a lot of people, including me, so I send my appreciation and wish you a happy birthday.

98. A lot of things about you make me happy, hopeful and excited. I am blessed to know you. Happy birthday, my best friend.

99. To understand you, one needs to have known a lot. You challenge me to be better. Yet, you seem so simple. Happy birthday.

100. Happy birthday to you, my friend. The day is set to obey you. Walk in your victory and power. Happy birthday, again.

101. My trendy, beautiful and amazing friend, today marks a remembrance of one of this greatest day in my history. Happy birthday.

102. There’s nothing else I’d rather do today than celebrate your greatness, achievements and person. Happy birthday, friend.

103. Life is more than a sport and you have emerged as a winner countless times. I’m so so proud of you. Happy birthday.

104. In a fair competition on life, no one should be ahead of you. You may be my friend, but you are a hero. Happy birthday.

105. Happy birthday, my brother and friend. Life made no mistakes when it brought us together. I appreciate life for that. Happy birthday.

106. You’re beautiful, hardworking, amazing and strong. You’re someone I look up to. Happy birthday, my friend.

107. No sign of a loss in being your friend for ages now. I say that you are worth celebrating and its true. Happy birthday.

108. Even in the hardest times, you emerge stronger than ever. You fight the good fight in a good way. Happy birthday.

109. Awesome is a word that’s still trying hard to describe the entirety of who you are. Happy birthday, my good friend.

110. It’s not every day you get to see someone of your age that have achieved what you’ve achieved. Happy birthday, my friend.

111. Every day is a beautiful day, but none compares to your birthday. It’s a day worth celebrating. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

112. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Today, I restate my commitment to our friendship, not forgetting to be grateful for yours in the past.

113. Today is really a happy day. There are a lot of reasons but the most basic is because you were born today. Happy birthday.

114. There is nothing as beautiful as celebrating an icon, a rare gem and a beautiful personality. Happy birthday to you.

115. Not just I, but the world, rise to the celebration of you. Your friendship has been a blessing to me. Happy birthday.

116. When I look at the friends of others and compare their friendship to ours, I have no reason to be jealous. Happy birthday.

117. For being more than a friend — a leader, a teacher, a partner, a brother and more — I am deeply and heavily grateful. Happy birthday.

118. Everyone that knows you will readily agree with me that there is a positive difference between when they did not know you and now that they do. Happy birthday.

119. I have never been prouder of a friend than I am of you. Happy birthday, friend. Today is your day. I love you.

120. Keep your fire — of love, peace, life and joy — burning. The world will celebrate all you are. Happy birthday.

121. I have never felt discomfort being around you. You are indeed a brother and a friend. Happy birthday, my best friend.

122. One day, we’ll look back at days like this and be satisfied that we celebrated greatness while we had the chance. Happy birthday.

123. Another day is here, unlike every other day, to celebrate a hero and a friend. Happy birthday to you.

124. To me, today is a special day for special days. And you are a special person among special people. Happy birthday.

125. Anyone who speaks ill of you is definitely on the payroll of your enemies and ill-wishers. Happy birthday, bestie.

126. Sometimes I wonder if anyone can ever do for me the things you do. I don’t want to lose you. Happy birthday, best friend.

127. Even if the Constitution fight against our friendship, we’ll still keep at it. Happy birthday to the best kind of friend in the world.

128. So today is another day of great joy. I will let everyone know that my hero celebrates today. Happy birthday.

129. My friend and my family, the bond we got is stronger than three cords and harder than diamond. Happy birthday.

130. You are strong and beautiful like diamonds. But I think you’re more precious. Happy birthday, friend.

131. Happy birthday to a carrier of fun, joy and great strength, and my friends too. Happy birthday to my best friend.

132. Today is a good day, because on this day, many years ago, a good project began. That project is you. Happy birthday.

133. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. May the best things look for you and find you on this day — your best day.

134. I woke up today with great joy and couldn’t understand it. Then I remembered it’s your birthday and I knew why. Happy birthday.

135. Today is the day we’ve waited for a long time. Now that it’s here, let’s rejoice in it. Happy birthday, my best friend.

136. Trust me, my friend, when I say there can never be any friend as good as you are. In fact, you must be the definition of the word, friend. Happy birthday.

137. Why do I feel like I own the world today? Yes, it’s because it’s your day and I have you as my best friend, so we co-own the day. Happy birthday.

138. Whatever is yours is definitely also mine. So today is also my birthday. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

139. There is nothing as beautiful as having and holding you as a friend and as fighting for our friendship. Happy birthday.

140. Several days ago, I could hardly eat or sleep because of the excitement of your birthday. Today, I feel on top of the world on your behalf. Happy birthday.

141. Happy birthday, friend. This is a day that God specially crafted for you and me to celebrate you. Let’s gladly rejoice in it.

142. Happy birthday, my best friend. There comes a time when greatness must be recognized and this is one of those times.

143. Happy birthday, my friend. Your days have been a blessing to all of us around you. We pray you reap the fruits of your beautiful and hard labour.

144. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Today was specially created for you and I celebrate you in it. Keep enjoying favour and grace.

145. School need teachers and countries need rulers. And this is just how I need you in my life as a friend. Happy birthday.

146. If we’re to talk about times and chances, then it seemed you were created to be in the perfect scheme of things. You’re not just lucky but blessed. Happy birthday.

147. Happy birthday, my pally. Today, may you get the fruit of every good you’ve sown in my life. May you get stronger, wiser and better.

148. Food or no food. Cake or no cake. Today must be celebrated with the hype of an international festival. Happy birthday.

149. If today was never on the calendar, the world would have felt different from the way it feels now. Happy birthday, bro.

150. You make all the difference. You shine light in darkness, bring life to death and truth to darkness. Happy birthday.

151. Let’s just say, in few words, that you are a friend among friends. My celebrating you is beyond this message. Happy birthday.

152. To the king, to the boss, to the most real person I’ve ever known, my main G. Happy birthday, paddy. I got you.

153. For today, I am yours. And that’s my way of saying thank you for being my best friend. Happy birthday.

154. Many will run away when trouble strikes, but you have stuck with me through it all. Happy birthday, friend.

155. Go on. Count your blessings. God has blessed you so much and you know it. Happy birthday. I’m blessed to have you.

156. With joy in my little heart, I celebrate you, because you have proven, not once or twice, to be a valuable asset to earth. Happy birthday.

157. There is a place for you to do as you please on your day — today — and that place is hidden in my heart. Happy birthday.

158. I know that your bright future is sure, certain, unstoppable. Keep going higher and higher. Happy birthday.

159. This year, your impact has been greater than other years and I know it only gets greater. Happy birthday, friend.

160. You are a perfect and beautiful ambassador for the love we share and the friendship we possess. Happy birthday.

161. You love me. You’ve stood by me. You’ve taught me. You’ve blessed me. Today, may you enjoy all these benefits too. Happy birthday.

162. I’m not kidding when I say you’re amazing, blessed and capable of good things. As simple as ABC. Happy birthday.

163. You are a blessing to the earth and a gift to your generation. I strongly admire you. Happy birthday, my best friend.

164. What is the easiest way to solve a tough problem? By bringing you on the scene. Happy birthday, my genius friend.

165. I’ll never tire of hearing your beautiful voice, shaking you graceful hands and seeing your beautiful face. Happy birthday.

166. You have been so faithful to our friendship that even if you decide to leave, I won’t let you go. Happy birthday.

167. You have spoken sweet things to me and acted beautifully towards me. Thanks for being my friend. Happy birthday.

168. We, who know you, are so proud to identify with you that I think we should get an ID card to indicate that we are associated with you. Happy birthday.

169. How else should you be described other than as a man with great wisdom, strength and love in his heart? Happy birthday.

170. Happy birthday to one of the many few people who deserve to be celebrated during their time on earth. Happy birthday, friend.

171. Happy birthday, my best friend. I believe in you, and also your goals, aspirations and dreams. Keep shining.

172. I have tried to test the humanity in you and, just like Pilate told Jesus, I find no fault in you. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

173. Your uniqueness is one that is unbeatable. Your goodness is admirable. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

174. When I say good things about you, it is not because I want to make you happy or because I’m defending you as my best friend, but because the things I say are true. Happy birthday.

175. Even God knows and bears me witness that you are the greatest addition to my life so far. Happy birthday, friend.

176. Happy birthday to you, my friend. It is my sincere wish that no evil come near you. And I pray good things follow you everywhere.

177. How will you feel if I tell you that you are the number one inspiration in my life? Well, there you have it. You are. Happy birthday.

178. Anytime someone refers to me as your friend, the pride I feel is the greatest kind I’ve ever felt. Happy birthday, my best friend.

179. Happy birthday. Since we became best of friends, I have had a very smooth life. Thanks for coming into my life.

180. You are the perfection of humanity. You spread love and hope. Even in your weaknesses, you are strong. Happy birthday.

181. I’ll have created a very terrible history if my celebration of you is eye-service. In fact, it will be a disservice to me. Happy birthday.

182. Tell those who want to keep talking about you to talk all they want but remember to spell your name correctly. Happy birthday, friend.

183. Happy birthday, brother and friend. My heart is joyful and excited for today is a day that appeals greatly to it. Much love.

184. Happy birthday to a living legend, my best friend. May your legacy see many millennia after you’re gone. I love you.

185. Love is the motivation behind my celebrating you. It demands that I celebrate what’s worth celebrating. Happy birthday.

186. There are many names I can call you by today, but the one that sticks is “bestie”. Happy birthday, my best friend.

187. I wish all my friends and family were like you. I’d have had a more fulfilled life. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

188. I became a better person when I began to roll with you. Thanks for being a very good friend to me. Happy birthday, dear.

189. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. I expect that you will want to run from the ovation you deserve, so I sneak it into your phone with this text.

190. I can say many ways in which you’ve transformed my life, but today is basically about you. Happy birthday, my friend.

191. Happy birthday, my friend. In this place where we are found, may all the things you need find you and may God preserve you?

192. This is truly a day made by God. As we rejoice on the occasion of your birthday, may you see his hand on you? Happy birthday.

193. Happy birthday. Where’s your party really happening, in your house or in my heart? I guess its the latter. Come and join me.

194. If I have few words left in my mouth, I’ll keep them to have a conversation with you before I go dumb. Happy birthday, friend.

195. Today is the most colourful day of the year because you are significant in many ways. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

196. Your day is a gift to is, as it gives us the opportunity to celebrate a hero. Happy birthday, my best friend.

197. You are one of the few people around me that I’ll easily give up a lot for. Happy birthday, my dear and best friend.

198. There are days when I feel like I’m on too if the world and you have made today one of them by being my best friend. Happy birthday.

199. Happy birthday to my hero and my friend. You are a superstar and a helper and I love you. Happy birthday once again.

200. There is joy when I think about all the times we’ve had and you are my best friend. I’m proud to tell you happy birthday.

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