Trending Caption for Best Friends Birthday

Trending Caption for Best Friends Birthday in 2021

Everyone wants to impress their best friend on their birthday. But only a few can do just that with beautiful words which etch a sense of love in the heart.

However, you can be a part of that few, if you choose any of these beautiful birthday captions for your bestie. These captions can live a pleasant momentum in their hearts forever, when used with their picture on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

You’ll be glad, and they’ll be glad, you did.

Cute Caption for Best Friends Birthday

This day became etched on the sand of time because your special friend is plus one. So, send this Happy Birthday Captions for My Lovely Friend to him or her as you join in the celebration.

1. All balloons must bounce in ecstasy today, for it is my bestie’s birthday.

2. Today mustn’t end without an echoing shout out to my bestie. Happy birthday, sweet bestie.

3. Every food, on all dining table, must come with an enduring appeal to make my best friend’s birthday.

4. If you look well, you’ll see someone with a special kind of glow today. That’s my bestie, it’s your birthday.

5. Happiness may come on many days but today, it didn’t come alone, it came with your birthday. Happy birthday, bestie.

6. When your bestie clocks one, you can’t help but wake up early to ring that alarm. Happy birthday, best friend.

7. Today belongs to a special being, little wonder, the cloud seems clouded with happiness. Happy birthday, bestie.

8. I have a pile of wishes and they all belong to my bestie. Happy birthday, my best friend forever.

9. I’m a huge lover of today, reason being, my best friend is a year older.

10. Who never knew today to be important has never seen my best friend. Happy birthday, bestie.

11. Every time of the year, these words always ring in my heart and come out of my lips: happy birthday, best friend forever.

12. My bestie is of high birth because she was born today.

13. Two things belong to someone special today: happiness and growth. Happy birthday, bestie.

14. The birth of my best friend aggrandized the relevance of today in history.

15. This day was refined with the birth of my best friend forever. Happy birthday, bestie.

16. This much I know: heaven came down, because my best friend arrived here, on the sands of time just on a day like this. Happy birthday, bestie.

17. I garner all the spotlights on my best friend today. Happy birthday, my bestie for life.

18. My joy lies in the birth of my best friend on a day like this, some years ago. Happy birthday, best friend forever.

19. Today is dependent on my bestie to look this dreamy. Happy birthday, best friend.

20. Today, gold wasn’t discovered on earth but more valuable than gold, tiny feet dropped on earth: my bestie, happy birthday.

21. To the one who forgives me in many ways, happy birthday, best friend.

22. Today’s dynamite is my best friend. Happy birthday, best friend.

23. If today had a name, it would have been named after you, my bestie. Happy birthday to you, bestie.

24. My passion today lies in the birth of an angel. Happy birthday, best friend.

25. The earth knew joy when she was born. Happy birthday, my bestie.

26. The grasses are greener today because a healthy soul came amongst us on a day like this. Happy birthday, my best friend.

27. The one who entwines my fingers with hers is a year older. Happy birthday, dear best friend.

28. The sun isn’t gloomy today, for the reason that, my bestie takes pride in this day. Happy birthday, dear bestie.

29. The one who is allowed to share my forever with me is plus one. Happy birthday to my best friend forever.

30. The world seems to be a lot kinder today in honour of my bestie. Happy birthday, best friend.

31. This day became etched on the sand of time because you were born. Happy birthday, dear bestie.

32. My laugh mate is a year older in smile and gorgeousness. Happy birthday, bestie.

33. If you see her sashaying, it’s her birthday, so let the hips move sequentially and the shoulders pop up. Happy birthday, bestie.

34. The stars won’t light the sky tonight, my bestie would, because she was made for this day. Happy birthday, dear best friend.

35. I can’t get tired of wishing you a superlative birthday. It’s my best friend’s birthday.

36. I may have gotten many things wrong but I got you right. Happy birthday to my bestie, who gets me like she does herself.

37. You’re the reason the table will be surrounded by your loved ones, today. Happy birthday, dear best friend forever.

38. The joy of your birthday makes me cry. It’s my best friend’s birthday.

39. Who makes good wishes that are always granted? Kindly, make one on behalf of my best friend. Happy birthday, bestie.

40. I want to sell the whole world for my bestie. She deserves the best gift, for it is her birthday.

41. A thousand hug is not enough to celebrate your birth. However, a sincere appreciation of your life will do. Happy birthday, bestie.

42. I am short of words to describe your place in my life. Yet, I’ll find a word to wish you a happy birthday, bestie.

43. Life is a lot merrier with my bestie beside me. Today is, however, exceptional because it’s her birthday.

44. The best of the best is a year older today. Happy birthday, bestie.

45. Heaven is not as joyous as my friend’s heart today, because it is her birthday. Happy birthday, bestie.

46. You’re living better than the rest because you count your life by infectious laughter. Happy birthday, dear best friend.

47. The heaven has poured out its blessings on this day for one reason: it’s my best friend’s birthday.

48. My heart beats with joy, whilst, my bestie’s birthday beats with ecstasy.

49. The truth of this day is that it belongs to my bestie. Happy birthday, best friend.

50. You give the best. Little wonder, you became my best friend. Happy birthday, best friend forever.

51. Your heart makes you special, your debonair makes you outstanding. Happy birthday to my bestie, of whom I am well pleased.

52. If all besties were like mine, friendship would last forever. Happy birthday, best friend.

53. When your best friend is the celebrant, you get super delirious. Happy birthday, bestie. I’m happy for you.

54. It’s my bestie’s birthday! And I’m ready to let go every other occasion. Happy birthday, angel.

55. The beautiful ones are born already. I know because I found you. Happy birthday, bestie.

56. The one celebrating today isn’t just a friend but the best there is. Happy birthday, bestie.

57. I’m happy to call you my best friend, because, with you, I have been at my best. Happy birthday, bestie.

58. If I had diamond, gold, and silver, I’d present to you, because you’re the treasure that I sought for. Happy birthday, bestie.

59. To the one who makes me feel never alone, happy birthday, bestie.

60. All your special days are my special days too. Happy birthday! You rock!

61. My bestie is the reason for today’s history. Happy birthday, an angel on earth.

62. If only I could, I’ll make a shout out to you from the other side of the sun cause you’re that special to me. Happy birthday, darling.

63. You’re more than a friend, you’re everything good in my heart. Happy birthday, bestie.

64. Today wouldn’t have been special but for your birth. Thanks for adding grace and light to it. Happy birthday, a special one.

65. Happy birthday, bestie. I look forward to all your dreams coming true.

66. I couldn’t wish you a happier birthday. Happy birthday to you my bestie.

67. You remind me of the true essence of our being, which is to love and to serve. Happy birthday to my bestie and role model.

68. Until when I can afford you a birthday bash of your dreams; happy birthday, my darling bestie.

69. Do not stop growing my bestie, in health, in wealth and in wisdom. Happy birthday, my love.

70. Every time I think of you, I shudder to think of you as a stranger. I’m happy you’re in my life. Happy birthday, bestie.

71. To the bestie who keeps a secret better than a priest; happy birthday, my darling.

72. May life not separate us, may prosperity not elude you, may your dreams come true. Happy birthday, my best friend.

73. If my dreams do not come true with you, I’ll rather not have them come to life. Happy birthday to the one I dream about.

74. My bestie is one in a lifetime. Happy birthday, best friend.

75. You’ve led me to a path of peace and laughter. Happy birthday, my bestie.

76. Happy birthday to the one who helps me think when I’m too lazy to. I love you, best friend.

77. Find peace of the purest kind, know the love of the truest kind in this new year. Happy birthday, sweet bestie.

78. A best friend as cool as mine deserves the coolest birthday in history. Happy birthday, bestie.

79. Happy birthday, bestie. You make friendship the greatest treasure in life. And, I love you!

80. I’m always ready to turn up for my bestie because she’s the best. Happy birthday, sweet best friend.

81. Happy birthday to the bestie I wanna have for and ever. I love you, sweetheart.

82. Making yet another memory we can’t forget in the future. Happy birthday, bestie.

83. I wish to let you know that, there’s no one like you. Happy birthday, bestie.

84. The reason why a million others were born with you on this day, is for you to shine brighter and stand out amongst them like you do. Happy birthday, bestie.

85. To the bestie who makes my yoke easy to bear, happy birthday, my darling.

86. How about I celebrate you every day of my life? Happy birthday, bestie.

87. Write down your wishes, I’m sure they’ll all come true because you have been amazing over the years. Happy birthday, coolest bestie.

88. It matters to me today, that you’re full of celebration. It’ll always matter to me that you’re alive and kicking. Happy birthday, bestie.

89. I sing because it is your birthday, I dream because I want you to stick with me forever. Happy birthday, my bestie.

90. Don’t worry about your birthday wishes, they’ll all come to pass. Happy birthday, bestie.

91. Your birthday cake should be made high to the heavens because you’re one of the angels. Happy birthday, bestie.

92. It’s my bestie’s birthday. I can’t help the joy of knowing you for another year again. Happy birthday, my darling.

93. What would you do if it were your bestie’s birthday? I’ll shout it to the world because I can’t keep calm. Happy birthday, bestie.

94. Life may be tough but not with a bestie like mine! Happy birthday, angel.

95. I’m in love with my bestie, don’t ask me why! Happy birthday, best friend.

96. A best friend’s support breaks down the walls of Jericho. Happy birthday, bestie. With you, I’ve conquered the world.

97. Happy birthday to the one who matters most amongst friends. I love you, bestie.

98. Today is your day but every day will be our day. Happy birthday, my sweet best friend.

99. I’ll give my life for you if I have to. Happy birthday, my darling bestie.

100. It may have taken me a decade to meet you but it’ll take forever to leave you. Happy birthday, bestie.

101. Waited for this day so religiously like the coming of a messiah just to tell you, you’re amazing. Happy birthday, bestie.

102. You’ve been my sunshine every day, thank you for not dimming your light. Even at night, you give me the stars and the moon. Happy birthday, my one and only best friend.

103. I’ve counted down to this day because your day is just as important to me as mine is. Happy birthday, bestie. Together we’ll conquer this new year.

104. Not a day without your thoughts crossing my mind. I’m glad the heavens has blessed me with you. Happy birthday, bestie.

105. I love you to the high heavens. So, on this day, I wish you celestial bliss.

106. Best friends are for life. So, I owe you a friendship of a lifetime. Happy birthday, bestie.

107. In my lifetime and in the one to come, I’ll always appreciate you. Happy birthday, bestie.

108. Even with just you and I, the world would be perfectly still. Happy birthday, bestie.

109. Good things come in a different shade. You’re gold in the guise of a friend to me. Happy birthday, bestie. Because of you, I know I have it all.

110. I’m not the one who remembers birthdays, but yours is stamped in my heart because I love you. Happy birthday, bestie.

111. May your fingers be locked with mine forever. I don’t want to lose you, dearest. Happy birthday, bestie.

112. Friends are gold, best friends are diamond but you are one with an inestimable value. Happy birthday, bestie.

113. My love for you is indescribable, maybe because you’ve loved me beyond understanding. Happy birthday, bestie.

114. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve hoped. For this new year, I hope we sing the songs of victory. Happy birthday, bestie.

115. Your good nature breaths new life in me every day, so, until the day that I stop breathing, it’s you I want to inhale alone. Happy birthday, bestie.

116. Your day is extra special to me because, with you, I am blessed. Happy birthday, bestie.

117. You make miracles happen, one of such is your friendship with me. Happy birthday, my lovely bestie.

118. I could write a book about you but then, you make me speechless. Happy birthday, bestie.

119. I’ll have the world stand still for you someday. But until then, happy birthday, my bestie. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself.

120. You matter to me more than you know. Happy birthday, bestie. Grow gold!

121. Friends like you only come once in a lifetime. So, I’m ready to hold on to you for a lifetime. I hope you don’t mind. Happy birthday, bestie.

122. Show yourself to the world, do not dim your light, you’re just what the world needs because I know just how much I need you. Happy birthday, bestie.

123. Letting you go has been the hardest thing ever since I met you. Happy birthday, my bestie.

124. My wishes are many so, I pray the heavens permit them. But my wish for you is one, I hope you never change who you are because to me, you are amazing. Happy birthday, bestie.

125. In my eyes, you’re the perfect human nobody thought existed. Happy birthday, bestie.

126. Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart leap for joy. Wishing you longevity and prosperity, bestie.

127. The world is a better place because you’re an angel on earth. Happy birthday, bestie.

128. Enjoy the season, enjoy the day. All the good today is for you. The heaven owes it to you. Happy birthday, bestie.

129. I never thought a special kind of joy springs from having a best friend but until I found you. Happy birthday, my bestie. Thank you for letting me know.

130. I shudder to think a world without you, I dread to live my life without you. Happy birthday, sweet bestie.

131. You deserve everything good. I hope this year takes you into wonderland. Happy birthday, best friend.

132. From eating your favourite food to living your dream life, I hope you do both this new year of your life. Happy birthday, bestie.

133. Your life inspires me. So, I hope you live until you become a great-grandparent. Happy birthday, bestie.

134. Happy birthday, my bestie. Your day isn’t just marked in my calendar but also in my heart.

135. A cake isn’t just what you deserve, but the whole world at your feet. Happy birthday, sweet bestie.

136. Happy birthday, sweet best friend. May every day be your favourite day.

137. Happy birthday to my all in all. You’ve been a parent, a lover, a friend and an angel. I wish you good health and good life.

138. Happy birthday, bestie. I look forward to the next birthday anniversary with you with many celebrations of successes in between.

139. Today is another day but my best friend’s birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I am your biggest fan and that is why I’ll do anything for you.

140. I’ll say, I love you, in many ways. Simply await my gifts to you on this special day. Happy birthday, my best friend in everything.

141. When it’s your bestie’s birthday, then it’s simultaneously your own birthday. Happy birthday to my bestie, love you in many shades.

142. A shout out on a day like this is exclusively reserved for my best friend. Happy birthday. Wishing you unending joy.

143. I feel happy as though I was the celebrant. That is because it’s my bestie’s birthday. I love you to death. Happy birthday, bestie.

144. When I saw the sun this morning, it reminded me of something: my best friend’s birthday. Happy birthday to my vibrant bestie.

145. I want to make hay this morning not because the sun shines but for the reason that, it’s my bestie’s birthday. Happy birthday, dear best friend.

146. I’ll go tell it to the world today, that my best friend forever is plus one. Happy birthday to you, bestie.

147. The sun keeps shining but never ages. So also is my bestie, because she’s just like the sun. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

148. I’m about to party so hard today because it is my best friend’s birthday. Happy birthday, bestie.

149. My best friend must have been born with a wine in her mouth because she never ages after all. Happy birthday, bestie.

150. Do not confuse today for my day, it all belongs to my best friend forever. Happy birthday, dear friend.

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