100 Touching Birthday Letter for Friend

Touching Birthday Letter for Friend

Our friends are very important parts of our lives, they make or mar us. They are mirrors to our thoughts, give us reason to continue.

Many of us are always too busy to appreciate who they are to us and what they have done.
Everyone wants to be acknowledged and although they say nothing, it gladdens their hearts when you tell them how much you value them.
One of the best time is on their birthday.

Below are 100 touching birthday letter for a friend so special. Share your thoughts and true feelings for your friends especially on their birthday but every day should be a new means to appreciate them.

1. My Beloved Friend,
Your friendship is as refreshing as water to a thirsty soul. It quenches my hurts and renews hope in me. I am grateful I met you and enjoy all our times together. My warmest wishes are with you on this day and always. Happy birthday. With lots of love.
From yours sincerely.

2. To an Amazing Friend,
Words fail me to truly convey how much your presence is valued, your wisdom irreplaceable and your love as wide as the ocean. May our friendship be timeless. Happy birthday to a beloved friend.
From your best friend.

3. My Dear Friend,
Your friendship has taught me that some of the most important things in life are not to be gained by money but insight from special people. Thanks for teaching me and being a true friend. Happy birthday to an amazing friend.
From your number one fan.

4. To a Caring Friend,
Your personality is one in a million. You are caring, compassionate and understanding. All these traits make you the great person you are and I am blessed to have you as a friend. Happy birthday, champ.
From the one who's got your back.

5. To My Dear Friend,
You give the best definition of friendship. You are loyal, patient, meek and a whole lot of awesomeness. You are special and never forget that especially on this day. Happy birthday, dear.
From your very good friend.

6. To a Wonderful Friend,
Your understanding of people and things is amazing. You are always seeking the good in others which is a rare but wonderful trait. May life bring you fond memories and may the happy moments outweigh the sad ones. Happy birthday and keep being wonderful.
Yours Fondly.

7. Dear Wonderful Bestie,
I thank God every day for bringing you my way. You have been simply awesome. Nothing in the word is as amazing to me as our friendship which has blossomed from year to year. As you start a new year, may life give you reasons to always smile and never cry. Happy birthday.
Yours truly.

8. To a True Friend,
No makes me smile and brings delight to my heart as much as you do. Being with you makes me soar higher. Thanks for being my wings and believing even when all seemed lost. May you find help before you request it. Happy birthday.
Yours truly.

9. Dear Amazing Personality,
Tears of joy feel my heart whenever I see you and it gladdens my heart to see you grow daily in beauty, wisdom and strength. Have a wonderful day as you celebrate. May life always give you reasons to celebrate. Happy birthday.
Yours Fondly.

10. To a True Friend,
Your words are soothing like balm to a wound, your smile is refreshing like water to a thirsty soul and your devotion is incomprehensible. Words are not enough to tell you how wonderful you are. Happy birthday. Keep shining.
Best wishes.

  • Written By Edith Abiodun.

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