Sweet Love Letters for Him - Love Letters for Boyfriend or Husband

Sweet Love Letters for Him

Sweet Love Letters for Him: Sweet Love Letters for Boyfriend, Sweet Love Letters for Husband

Sweet Love Letters for Boyfriend - from a Beautiful Girlfriend

heart My Love

My Camerun is weird and sweet simultaneously
He is both expressive and lively.

Your love waves has washed away my depression.
The wind has blown away the distance.
I think of you always
I dream of you daily.

I wish I'm as expressive as you
So, I can express my love deeply
So, I can tell you I love so much
So, I can remind you I love you today
And that I will love you always.

I wish I'm as expressive as you
That I might let you know the joy you bring
That I might make you know the lovely atmosphere you create
That I might inform you of the ecstasy of your words
And the warmth of your smile.

I'm coming to replace that my namesake pillow
And you can be addicted to cuddling me
So you can hug me till life fades off
I imagine your touch now
How you will caress me cool
I imagine your arms around me.

The Request

Name: Houston

Recipient's Name: Camerun

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Country: United States

About the Recipient:

We have been together since May, but he lives really far away, so I never see him. I met him while I was in a really depressing state and I never knew that in a few months, I could completely forget any reason why I was ever sad.

He makes me smile, with his silly and quirky jokes. He also loves to playfully pick on me when I blush, and afterwards he tells me how much he loves it, and how cute I am.

He really makes me happy, and I love him more than I know how to say, it's weird how Eskimos had thousands of words for love and I seem to only know the one word love, so that's what I want to try and tell him, how much he means to me.

Sometimes he can be really odd and it just makes me wonder what he could possibly be thinking of to say such weird silly things.
Like when we aren't together, he named his pillow Houston, so he can hug it, weird and sweet in a way, it just makes me laugh since it's odd.

Oh and he's really tall and I'm a foot shorter than him, he likes to pick on me about that because I'm cute when I'm mad.

And he's super sweet, loves computers, and he is addicted to cuddling. I remember when he apologized to a pole when he walked into it. And he also calls me perfect all the time, I don't see why, considering he's the perfect one, I know it hasn't even been a year between us but, he just might be the one for me. I love him and just want the words that will help say exactly that.

See this:

heart My Far Away King

My king is the firm Frank
My love can not be contained by a big tank.
My love for you is the reason I'm cool
My love for you flows like the water of a pool.

Your long time crush for cycling
Can be complemented with a crush for me.
Create time out of your busy schedule
Let's raise the flag of love together
Let the blazing light of our love shines.

When we chat on WhatsApp
Eternity seems so nearby
I cherish your honesty
I treasure your respectful approach
Know I hold you dearly,
Dearly within my heart.

Waiting for the time we will meet at Thailand
Waiting for the time your heart will beat with mine
When our souls will become one
When your name can be in my heart forever.
This I want so quickly.

The Request

Name: Franca

Recipient's Name: Frank

Relationship: Admirer / Crush

Country: Netherlands

Your Gender: Female

About the Recipient:

His name is Frank and was born Germany but lives in Thailand now. Has a job and is president of his club. Rides motor and loves his freedom. Very busy man. He is loyal respectful and honest and only wants that Back in a girl.

We met on Facebook and Talk on WhatsApp, Everything for as long as he had the Time. we never met but in spring break, I will go for a weak to him and them he'll Travel Back to my Home and stays a week. Then if it's still Love on Both sides, we will plan that me and my baby boy come to Live for eternity in Thailand and we'll marry Right away.

I Love the part that he's firm.

On chat when he sees me he makes me insecure because I Love him so much and Have Butterfly in my belly. He laughs about that. He calls me his Queen and I call him my King. I hope this is enough information.

Franca wanted a love letter to her admirer/Crush. She would love what's on her mind to come true. She loves this guy and only would wish them together. So we wrote this letter.