Sweet Love Letters for Her - Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife

Sweet Love Letters for Her

Sweet Love Letters for Her: Sweet Love Letters for Girlfriend, Sweet Love Letters for Wife.

Sweet Love Letters for Wife - from a Loving Husband

heart Complete Love

I love the way you make me happy
I love the way you show you care
I love the way you are always there

My heart beats for only you my Cassandra
It will be a crime to denounce your virtue
All I ever wanted is for us not to part.
I love you more than I can comprehend
I see the past, the present
And I can see that the future is bright
For you, our children and me.

I see you care for our children
And my heart beats skips a beat
Every action you take
Be it for the children or me
Is an ensnarement of love.

Whenever you tell me that you love me
I'm of a certainty
That it is true
Because I love you too.

You have lit my heart
I'm fortunate, oh yes,
That I'm the man who married you.
Your devotion illuminates my soul.
My wife like no other
I have found no woman like you
You are my ultimate roof.
You plus me equals one complete love
My loving, caring wife.

I promise to give you all that I can give
I will keep loving you as long as I live.

The Request

Name: Kyle

Recipient's Name: Cassandra

Relationship: Husband and Wife

Country: United States

About the Recipient:
Cassandra will do anything to make me smile, she's done a lot for me and our wonderful children but I feel like I can't thank her enough. I feel as if I have we were meant to be.