Sweet Love Letters for Her - Love Letters for Girlfriend or Wife

Sweet Love Letters for Her

Sweet Love Letters for Her: Sweet Love Letters for Girlfriend, Sweet Love Letters for Wife.

Sweet Love Letters for Wife - from a Loving Husband

heart Complete Love

I love the way you make me happy
I love the way you show you care
I love the way you are always there

My heart beats for only you my Cassandra
It will be a crime to denounce your virtue
All I ever wanted is for us not to part.
I love you more than I can comprehend
I see the past, the present
And I can see that the future is bright
For you, our children and me.

I see you care for our children
And my heart beats skips a beat
Every action you take
Be it for the children or me
Is an ensnarement of love.

Whenever you tell me that you love me
I'm of a certainty
That it is true
Because I love you too.

You have lit my heart
I'm fortunate, oh yes,
That I'm the man who married you.
Your devotion illuminates my soul.
My wife like no other
I have found no woman like you
You are my ultimate roof.
You plus me equals one complete love
My loving, caring wife.

I promise to give you all that I can give
I will keep loving you as long as I live.

The Request

Name: Kyle

Recipient's Name: Cassandra

Relationship: Husband and Wife

Country: United States

About the Recipient:
Cassandra will do anything to make me smile, she's done a lot for me and our wonderful children but I feel like I can't thank her enough. I feel as if I have we were meant to be.

-- I Love You Beyond Words

My lady, my heart's pacemaker, I told you my quest was over.
It's now an open secret and you know that I love you. My very essence yearns to be completed by you.
I have waited for years for times like this to be ushered in, and now it's here.
I had been waiting on you day and night in the last few days to feel your pulse.
But you seem quite distant.
It's not a joke sweetie, I love you.
I want to be with you through time and after time, starting from now.
It's destiny and I can't deny it.
Almost every day for past seven years, a force I can't explain keeps a memory of you consciously and subconsciously evergreen in my mind.
Many times I tried to wish it away, it just wouldn't go.
Chiro, I strongly believe it's divine, I'm sure you know too.
Beauty, I will forever love you.

The Request

She was my schoolmate back in primary 3. She would sit behind me.

We later met at high school and I decided to write her a letter. She
had been playing hard to get until, finally, a miracle happened this
year after 7 years. We are in love and I want to write for her
something sweet with your help.

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

-- I Love You Forever

I have gained the knowledge of the history of love from the very first incident of love to the latest news about it. There is no record of love as deep as my love for you. Not at all. Romeo's love for Juliet is not as deep as my love for you.

It is deeper than the Ocean's depth, more beautiful than rose, unending like river, more gentle than dove with an ever bright heart. It's petals of rose will not allow bullets to pierce through. For no blood stain is permitted to stain the beauty of my passion that whispers by and by without stopping.

I wish you will know how bold, proud, and confident I do speak about you all the time.I appreciate you more than anything money could buy. One thing I know for sure is that I can never fail you and your God in the attainment of your destiny.

I don't know how to express my feelings but all I know is that I can't do without you because you have infected me with your dosages of love and it is only from you can the antidotes come from. Just imagine a love patient who can not teach in the class until he mention you in his conversations.

Imagine a patient who can't sleep unless your voice is what he listen to. Whenever he sees other ladies, he will always say my Stella is better.

I want us to create an atmosphere of undiluted LOVE. Preferably with the mediator so that won't be like that of the first love but everlasting one because I can't afford a temporary love affair with you. I want an everlasting one.

Marvin loves you forever.

The Request

I love her a lot. We have been together since 8th grade... And it's been 4 years since then.

I want her to feel special.

She's confident. Got admission in top ranked university in my country. She's intelligent. Smart and funny. She has wonderful eyes. She's sensitive. And she doesn't like to be tickled but I intentionally do it. Just to see her smile she's a bit shorter than me but I love it. Because when we hug it's the best thing. We haven't kissed yet, to be honest. I love her. We have been together for 4 years now. And we are both 18 now. I want this to last long.
And I want a love letter to make her special and tell her she means so much to me.

-- The Burning Fire in My Heart

Dear, always remember you are the reason I chose to love more, yes! I will like to satisfy you with immense love.

And all I pray, work towards is to possess many things so as to make you an envy among your friends and to make you have a family which everyone could pray and wish for themselves.

I assure you I will never make you sorrowful, neither will you ever for once regret you ever chose to love.

Allow me to know you more
Permit me to express my feelings to you,
Assure me of a better life together,
I am falling sick, and I'm diagnosed with your love. I LOVE YOU.

I love your beautiful blue eyes. I love everything about you. I want to always protect you. I want to spend all eternity with you. You the only girl in the world for me.

You are both beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and smart put together. I'm blessed to have you.

The Request

She has beautiful blue eyes, stunning, gorgeous, I love everything about her. *She's an angel.* She likes it when I protect her from her fears. *My heart for her is a burning fire*, I want to *spend all eternity with her* because she's the only girl in the world for me and *I hope she sees it through my eyes.*

Relationship: Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

-- The Lady Dwelling in my Heart

You are always in my thoughts. You are Lord sent from above. I hold you in high esteem and will always protect you come what may. I will provide all your needs and tell the world you are beautiful and unique.

The lady dwelling in my heart is a beautiful spirit. All she tries to do is make my life better. She puts her best foot forward in everything she does and I respect her for that.

I promise not to let you down as you constantly tries to show me a real love, unconditionally. Young lady, I'm in love with you and will keep cherishing you. My love for you will always increase with every second. Oh! The joy of loving you.

Thesaurus has not found a word that is synonymous to how you make my heart stop every time I see you or how my body shivers every time we talk that I'm sometimes tongue-tied to express myself to you.

I think about you always.

The Request

Glenn is a beautiful spirit. All she tries to do is make my life better. She puts her best foot forward in everything she does.

She constantly tries to show me more that what is called a real love, unconditionally. She is everything I could ever dream of. She puts up with me being unthoughtful many times but she still finds ways to look over that and love me.

I want her to know how special she really is to me and doesn't want her to leave my side.

I am so in love with her. Words can not explain how she makes my heart stop every time I see her or how my body shivers every time we play.

Relationship: Girlfriend and Boyfriend