Sweet Good Night Text Messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

"When you need to say good night to the one you love, especially when you are going to miss him or her throughout the night, these Good night love Text Messages for boyfriend or girlfriend are can't-do-without.” This collection gives Sweet Cute and Romantic Goodnight messages for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend more than yahoo answers ever would. Your Lover deserves this!

Sweet Good Night Text Messages for Boyfriend

There is one part of the night I don't always like:
It is the part I will sleep without you being by my side.
Emptiness is what I feel, thinking of you not here.
But nevertheless, it won't make me to not say good night.

I hate to say good night without you here
I hate to share the blanket alone
Coldness is the description of such nights!
And sad it's happening again tonight!
I miss you, but good night.
I watched the day turned into night
And sad, knowing you are not here
It is going to be as sad as I see it.
But I can't help but say goodnight
There is part of the day I always like,
And it is the time you say your sweet good night.
I could miss even my dinner but wouldn't miss that!
I love you my dearest, and I wish you sweet dreams.
Good night my love.
I was once told, end the day with smiling with a loved one.
But how could I have done that when you are far away!
I really miss you and I wish you know the intensity.
Good night to you, as I pass the night lonely.
The more the night draws near, the sadder I become
And it's all because I will be lonely in the night.
Still praying, expecting a miracle of me seeing you to happen,
Without which I will be the most sorrowful tonight.
I miss you, but good night.

Without being beaten, I feel hurts all around me.
In broad day light, I feel gross darkness all around me.
Looking gloomy, having the feeling that I am lost
And I reasoned it out only to know it's because I miss you.
I am the strongest of a lady, but not without your helping hand
I am the happiest that ever lived, but nor without your care.
I am all that is good in the world, but not until I find your love.
I love you my sweet, good night but still I miss you.
In couldn't help it without you by my side
My eyelids are heavy but then sleep won't come
The night is going to be a lonely night at worst
How I wish you were here my love
Good night and sweet dreams.
It is hard for me to say good night
And harder for me to realize you are not here
I miss you so much that I can't sleep
Good night my love.

Sweet Good Night Text Messages for Girlfriend

Lively and lovely is how I always feel when you are here
But lonely and gloomy is how I feel when you are not here
Feeling sad that my night will be spent alone.
I am missing you, but Goodnight.

You know the pain from a fractured bone?
I feel more than that presently.
I just wish you understand how much I miss you,
But it's okay if you don't do.
With tears in my eyes, missing you, but Good night.
There are just two words that make me feel on top of the word:
They are Good morning and Good night.
I love it when they are said directly into my ears, not on phone.
Just a way of telling you I miss you. Good night my love.
Words may fail me to describe how I feel within me.
I can try to describe it, but it won't help the matter!
I wish you feel it the way I do here.
I am missing you is all I could say.
Good night.
Just like carrying a heavy load, with no helper
And like travelling in the dark without a ray of light.
That is exactly how I feel when I miss you.
It's happening again tonight,
Good night sweet dreams anyways.
If only I could stop thinking of you, I will be fine.
If only I can do anything good without you, I'll be okay
But the more I think of not being perfect without you,
The more and more I miss you.
Good night, I miss you.

God makes the day with the sun to give light
And He made the night with the moon also
Without light, the day and night are incomplete
And so is all about me without you,
You are my light, I miss you. Good night.
Speechless is me without a word from you
Helpless is me without your helping hand
Loneliness defines me without you.
I miss you, like every other day.
Good night and sweet dreams my love.
I wish I will be there when your eyelids close
I wish I would be there when they open again
I wish I will be there with you throughout the night
But it is a pity my wish can't come true
Good night my love.
I wish this night can turn into day,
I wish my eyelids will never be weary to close
I just wish I think about you all my life
For that is all that is left for me to do.
Good night.



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