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Birthday Text Messages

To be sent by 12am

“This is the first birthday text message of the day. And you have to be “vigilante” to send this, except you use the Schedule option on your smartphone.
Wait! What about writing a birthday message on your own? It’s great. Just look around and think of lovely stuff and moments, then write a message around it.”

1. What's the time? Mine is saying, Happy birthday O' Clock. I just wish it's same there else, I have picked the wrong date. Happy birthday to you.

2. I thought I knew how to count numerals until I discovered that after every 365 comes number 1. It's confusing and my spine would even worn, but no big deal since it's your day. Though short of words, nothing much to say. Happy birthday to you.

3. Like never before, I pray this day will bring much of blessings, joy, ideas, and more, that will give you unprecedented testimony throughout the year. Happy birthday to you.

4. I can see many days on the calendar being jealous that you have the most special spot. When it’s September 1, it’s undoubtedly the most special day. Happy birthday to you my love.

5. If it’s not today, then it isn’t your birthday. And if it’s not your birthday, then it isn’t today happy birthday to you.

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