Sweet Cute Happy Birthday Love Text Messages for Him/Her

Birthday Text Messages

Do you have someone so sweet and special celebrating their Birthday Today, Tomorrow or Soon?

Then, the Happy Birthday Text Messages on this Page can help. And lovingly enough, they were written to give the best to that lovely Person.

Best Collection of Sweet Happy Birthday Love Text Messages for Him/Her, For Boyfriend/Girlfriend, for Wife/Husband, for Colleagues, for Friends, for Brother/Sister, for Loved Ones.

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This is what I call, customized “Round the Clock” Birthday Text Messages.


Hint: You can click on any time to see the birthday messages for that particular hour. For instance, if you want to send birthday message to the lovely person by 12 noon, just click on the link for 12pm and you will be taken to the page. I suggest you send a message specially written for a particular hour if you will be sending it at that hour.

And if the person in question is so dear to you, you can choose to send to him or her throughout the day. Hey! It’s not much of work; in fact, many of the birthday messages on this page was sent to a single person in a day (one per hour): I remember staying awake for hours in the night and scheduling each message to be sent on hourly basis, from 12am of her birthday through 12am the following day.

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To read it, click  Happy Birthday in Arrears Messages

More so, you can add the following to end the messages, wherever they are applicable. “Happy birthday my friend, my Angel, My Love, My Dear,  My Sweet, My All, My Joy… And all the my’s.”

P.S. If you would want a customized birthday message (or birthday poem) to be sent to that special person on their day, I will be glad to write one lovely one for him or her. Shoot me Hi on Whatsapp: +2348032503305 or on Facebook: Olalekan AdebumitiI will be glad to help.

Reminder: the hourly birthday messages on this post will be updated from time to time for you to keep coming back.

Ready for the best treat? Here you go!

Here is a Plus: you can send this first one some minutes before 12am, if the person is so special to you.

To be sent by 11:50pm (few minutes before the birthday)

Note: Be creative and of course be sensitive here. Get a perfect time to send a message like this, not necessarily by 11:50pm. You could send it earlier.

1. Before the cocks crow… Before the clock ticks its last for the day and pm turns am… Before people would remember a day so special for their loved ones… Let me wish you happy birthday dear. May it bring a lasting moment. I love you.

2. I wish to welcome you to another year full of hope, love and unspeakable joy. It’s going to be your day soonest. I wish you happy birthday in advance.

3. Of all the lovely happenings around the world tomorrow, the thought of your birthday brings unparalleled joy. It’s going to be fun. Happy birthday in advance.

4. On behalf of me, myself and I, I welcome you into another year of all-round joy, success and prosperity. It’s going to be great. Happy birthday in advance dear friend.

5. I almost forgot! My bad! Happy birthday to you… but in advance. I wish you many happy returns of the day. Smiles.

6. I can’t wait for that fun filled moment. Just can’t wait to wish you “Happy birthday” again.

HINT: Click on any of the Link Below to see Customized Birthday Text Messages Written for the particular time of the Day

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