Love Letter Samples to Her 1

FROM "LOVIE" TO GRACE ( Lovie is not real name, for privacy's sake)



I wake up every blessed morning, feeling fly like I've won a jackpot of money.
I look around and within, and it's obvious what the source of the joy I am in.
Life must have been fair to me, If this is what it's making me to see.
I didn't have to look elsewhere, seeing you're ever close to me my dear.


You've been my song I can't deny, even the sure arm on which I'd rely.
You're the best thing that ever happened to me, as far as my eyes can see.
You're the reason why I look into my future, and all I see is fulfilment so sure.
You're the reason I always Smile, knowing with you I can go the extra mile!


I ask myself what more can I say, when all you give is fulfilment all the way!
I ask myself why I would look elsewhere, when you are all I need my dear!
Loving you all my life is a debt I owe, and that is sure, I just wish you know.
You are all I want, and all I need; forever you're my lover - my friend indeed
If I would just say it with many-a-word, you're my best, you have my word
For the joy you give me is overdose! None from other person comes close
If love is made into a love letter, you are the original copy received by me!
Because, far more than bread and butter, is the fullness you daily add to me.
While I live, you'll be the song I sing along, for your love is so strong.
Being your best as long as I live, showing you true love and not make-believe.
Thank you for following this far, thanks for healing my wounds cum scars.
Thank you for ever being there, and thank you, thank you, my love my dear.
Thank you my love my grace, for being such a friend on life's race
Thank you for coming my way, when I didn't know which way.
You were there when I was lost, and you showed me way at your own cost!
My love, what more would I say, than you really saved the day!
I love your all grace, not just your lovely face.
Over to you: What would you say about this Love letter?
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