60 Romantic Love Messages for Him - Boyfriend

Romantic Love Messages for Him

Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Him - Romantic Love Messages for Boyfriend

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Romantic I Love You Messages for Him - I Love You Message for Boyfriend or Husband

1. I Promise

To be the best woman for you
To give you the respect you deserve
To give my all to this relationship
To be with you and only you forever...
All that, and much more, I promise.
I love you.

2. I Can't Just Explain

I'm getting more than I ever wanted in a relationship
I'm being loved regardless of my shortcomings
And how I've got the best that ai didn't deserve, I just cannot explain.
I love you, my prince.

3. I Am With You

From the highest-rated pinnacle of love
To down its lowest ebb of dissatisfaction
With all I have ever gotten and ever will
I will stay with you come rain come shine.
I just love you. I love us, too.

4. You Got Me

It was all a decoy
How I vowed to love no man
I convinced my heart was made up
Until you, the genius, deciphered the code.
Your love has got me. I love you.

5. Legendary Personality

I have given many guys tough times
I have said my best was never available
I have turned many proposals down
Until yours was too good to be ignored.
I love you for how great you are.

6. The Beauty Within

I've seen how the mirror is deceiving
I've be fooled by my makeup since...
If for the way I now look and feel
You've built a beauty gem within me.
Thank you for your love and care.

7. More than I Thought

I've got love so soothing
I've got it so entertaining
I've had it so romantic
But yours came with inherent ebullience
And did wow me to my marrow.
I got more than I thought. I love you.

8. Until the End of Time

I am giving my devotion to this love
I am making a lifetime commitment, too
To make sure this relationship lasts
From now until the end of time.
I promise. I love you.

9. I Give Myself Away

I give my totality to see us through
I don't want to hold back anything
My soul and spirit I engage
To make us better and perfect partners.
I love us. And I will be with us. 

10. You Have Shown Me the Real One

The world has been an abode of cruelty
The society has been a place strife nd sorrow
Much that true love became a scarce commodity
And heartbreak grew at an alarming rate!
But when you came, you made me have the taste of real love.

11. One Step at a Time

We've savored a union so blessed
We've got its trills in boundless measure
We've got a glimpse of the future, too
And unending bliss, together we can envisage.
We are taking it a step at a time, we're getting there, my love.

12. In My Heart

Deep within my heart is where a timeless love for you dwells
Deep down my soul is where an ageless devotion for you resides. 
I love you so much and wish I could show you my heart.

13. I Will Love You More

You've given me more than I ever hoped for or wished. 
You have taken me higher in than my ambition would.
As day passes by, I got more and more reasons to love you over and over again.

14. You Are My Reward

Ceaseless devotion
Boundless commitment
Rhythmic joy cum happiness
And monumental care
Are all I get from loving you.
I love you so much.

15. I Will Make Us Stay Forever

This relationship is my life.
I wish to make it so lovely forever
And I'm glad the wish will come true because your love for me is true.
I love you my heart.

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16. This Is a Proof of True and Undying Love

Things get better every day of my life.
My worse was turned best in the twinkling of an eye.
This can't be anything else but true and undying love.
I love you, my baby.

17. Your Heart Is Rare

There are millions of girls out there,
But none has your type of heart:
A heart that wants to always give the best.
Your love rocks! I love you, darling.

18. Your Love Brightens My Day

More than the sun rays,
You always brighten my morning.
More than the cool breeze than appears with the morning,
The thought of your love always cool my day.
I love you, sweetie.

19. Your Voice Is More Than Magical

Hearing your lovely voice is a magic spell I don't want to be freed from.
You're lovely even from your smile.
I love you my honey.
I will forever do!

20. I Will Inscribe Your Name Inside My Heart

I tried some couple of time to write your name in the sky and failed.
Reality later dawn on me when I know the best place to write your name is inside my heart.
You will always be in there my love.

21. You Are My Lifetime Treasure

I don't want much of silver, 
Diamond and gold as long as you remain my treasure. 
Nothing can be compared to the sparkling effect that you add to my life. 
I love you

22. You Are the Man of My Dreams

I started believing in the realities of dreams the very day I saw you as the man of my dreams. 
Thanks for being your best for me. 
I love you.

23. My Future Is Bright Because of You

My future once looked bleak until you came and showed me how it could be better.
You're a proof that light always overcomes darkness. 
I love you.

24. It's a Privilege Having You as Mine

I began to know the value of this relationship when I clearly saw that it was nothing but a privilege to be loved by a queen like you.
I wouldn't misuse this opportunity.

25. You Are My Every Day Joy and Hope

There is no such word that will help to perfectly tell how much your love means to me. 
You are my joy and the centre of my hope for a glorious future. 
I love you and I will do that forever

26. My Future Is Great with You

With two eyes, visions are great.
The beginning of fulfilment was it for me when I knew you were my second eye!
Oh what a clarity of purpose!

27. Our Love Is Everlasting

Looking at you, I can see me.
Looking at myself, I can see you.
Our love is perfect and appears everlasting.
I love you.

28. My Promise for You Is Real

It looks more like every other promise 
When I say I will love you forever? 
It's real because that's how I can live forever. 
I love you.

29. Your Worth Is Undeniable

You are too good and lovely, 
I just can't deny. 
You are the last of your kind. 
I love you.

30. I Can't Describe Your Worth

I get lost in trying to figure out how much you really mean to me. 
Think about how limitless the sun shines And you will have a glimpse of how your love is in me. 
I love you.

31. You Are the Perfect One for Me

I need no sermonizing to know you are the perfect one for me. 
My heart tells me that whenever I think of you. 
You are the perfect woman for my future. I love you.

32. You Are Really the Sweetest

You are sweeter than the sweetest of sweet messages could ever describe.
You are sweeter to me than what you see through your mirror.
You are more than lovely to behold.

33. You Are the Perfect One for Me

There was no need for me to look further for a perfect match when you came. 
Undoubtedly, you are the perfect girl for me, 
even the perfect woman for me.

34. This Is Beyond True Love

It still makes me wonder how a gorgeous queen like you would end up being mine. 
This is more than attributes of true love I hear about. 
This is God's favour. I love you.

35. This Love Is Beyond Feelings

True feelings unmetered was what I began to feel when I met you.
I never thought I could ever feel lovely this way.
I love you.

36. I Will Treasure You Forever

Luck and special is the feeling I have to have met a lady as lovely as you.
You are worth to be treasured forever. 
So help me God.

37. I Love You Truly, My Baby Boo

No matter how clichéd this may sound,
I just want you to know that you mean the whole world to me. 
I love you my boo.

38. You Are More Than a Friend Indeed

My definition of a friend indeed used to be someone who would freely give you part of what they have.
You changed that when you chose to give me your all.
I love you so much.

39. You Are My Everyday Music

You are my melody,
you are my song.
I can shout this for all men to hear.
You are worth my future.
I love you my beautiful.

40. To My Sweetest Friend and Lover

No more fuss.
No more ado.
No more ill-feelings.
Now the best of lovely moments.
I got to know this when I met you.
You are sweet, I love you. Kisses.

41. With Your Love, I Am Enlightened

No matter how big the earth would ever grow, 
It would not be any man's abode without the help of sunlight.
You lighten my world my love.

42. With Your Love, I Am Complete

No matter how lovely a ride the journey of fulfilment promises, 
It'll be a dead end for me without you. 
You are my complement!

43. Life Is Easier with You

Life comes easy when I met you.
I wouldn't be this great without your love and care. 
Isn't it obvious that I can't live without you? 
I love you.

44. I See You in My Future

My future waits for you,my love. 
My kingdom expects you, my queen. 
I can't wait to take you down the aisle.

45. We Will Build a Family Together

You will surely be the mother of my children.
You perfectly fit!
No other lady deserves that position but you. 
I love you, my desire.

46. You Always Will Be My Best

She doesn't take me for granted.
She was never rude to me. 
She always has my interest at heart. 
She is none else but the lovely you.

47. Seeing the Best Moment of My Life

This is the most wonderful moment of my life. 
So thrilling is every moment of my life,
All because I have an amazing woman as my own.

48. You Rock My World Beyond Words

You have rocked my world more than enough.
You have cared for me more than I ever deserved.
Therefore, no one else deserves my heart than you.
Thanks for being such a nice lady for me. I love you.

49. I Have Countless Reasons for Loving You

There are millions of reasons for loving you 
But one of the best reasons is because I can be my very best with you. 
We are the best! I love you.

50. Your Love Has Taken over My Heart

It's amazing how your love has taken the centre of my heart. 
This is more than I've ever seen in a lifetime. 
Thanks for being my very best.

51. I Will Be Your Best Forever

If I will ever fail to be the world's best,
I won't dare to fail in being your very best.
That's a promise I'll keep.
I love you.

52. Our Love Is More Than Fantastic

Fantastic is too small to describe my relationship with you.
I just wish the right and perfect English word would be seen someday.
Until then, our relationship is indescribable.

53. Our Love Will Never Fade

Love that never fades,
Sweetness that never gets bitter and joy that never turns to sorrow is my plan for you, my love.
So help me God.

54. Our Love Is Indeed Magical

This is magical.
This is making out the best of me.
Limited would I have been without your love, my dear.
Thanks for giving me this much. I love you.

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58. Less of Myself

For the promises I reneged on
For all the vows I did break
For being a lower version of myself
And for my unmetered thoughtlessness
I am really sorry. Please forgive me.

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59. Love, My Heritage

Love has become my heritage
Love has become my tradition
Love has become my merriment
Love has become my all. 
And thanks to you for making it happen.
I love you.

60. Perfect Timing

My heart has seen its worst
My soul has languished all along
And I said I was done with love
Until you came and made all new! 
You came at the right time.
And I love you for choosing to.