Romantic Love Letters for Him or Her

I know how it feels to be loved and cherished, and how great it is when two hearts meet in love. If you've been a candidate of the love that wins and binds, you sure know what it feels to be in love!

You can tell that love is magical!

Words Wouldn't Just Say it Enough

This is best sent to your lover when all they've done for you is so much that you can tell it all.

Throughout my life, I have learned and seen the power of words. The right ones are like honey and honey comb to the heart of the hearer, especially when said at the right time.

I am a big fan of the romantic ones. And sometimes I would have to pick one that I thought would best describe your love and care for me. Guess what? I always failed as I never had the right word to tell how your love makes me feel. And yet the worst happened, I tried finding the right word again and I just failed.

Days go by and I wish to tell what a wonder you have been to my world. And it's much of struggle within to see myself trying to fix what can't be fixed. Hey! I give up trying to get the perfect word for you. But you will forgive me each time I use the normal words...

If I call you an angel, you are more than one. To say you are a Lover and a friend together wouldn't just do. My heart knows the expression but my mouth would fail me to use the right word.

Like every other time, allow me to call you my all. You are everything to me dear. And the world should know about this.

Thank you for being more than my dream lady. You deserve the best of me. I love you. Kisses.

I Want to Say I Love You So Much

From the first smile, I knew your love would be more than fun. 
From your very first gesture, I saw love in its truest form. 
From the first meeting, I knew you'll be here for long.

Days have gone by, the clock has said many tick tacks, you've been my muse, the sure reason to move on. 

It's more than amazing what your love has brought me; and if I'll define it, I'll be here counting from one to infinity. 

On the flip side, I've come to say sorry for all my wrongs. I'm so sorry for all the pains and agony I've ever caused your lovely heart. 
I've seen my wrongs and I can tell how horrible they've made you feel, with their consequential effects on our relationship. 

To say it as it is, you've given me so much that a lifetime wouldn't do to thank you for them all. 
More than a million reasons have you given, that meeting you was more than a miracle. 

My love, I just want you to know, that I'll be here forever too. Beyond the highest of mountains, farther than the lowest of valleys, come rain come shine, even through the winter and the summer, I'll sure be there! 

I'll be your best friend from now on and I will defend your cause. Ready, I am, to make you see all reasons to stay with me forever. 

Once again, thank you for your untold love. I love you.



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