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A Moment without You is Like a Day without Sunshine
I have tried so hard, to keep my body and soul together, tell my heart to stop telling me I miss you, but all not working.

A Day Without You is a Day Without a Smile

I See Us Making a Love that Lasts a Lifetime

We Are a Match Perfected from Heaven Above

Take the Whole of Me as an Proof of My Love to You

This is an Express of Love Divine

I'm Loving You Always and Forever More

I'm Glad I Finally found You

Having You as Mine is a Dream Come True

The Thoughts of Your Love is Beyond a Wonderful Feeling

I Love You as Much as You Do Love Me

I Care for You as Much as You Do Care for Me

My Life Has Never Remained the Same Since I Met You
Since I met you, my life has anchored around limitless bliss that's inherent in love. I've been made better, since you became mine. I love you.

I Give Every Beat of My Heart to Loving You

I See Me Falling in Love with You on a Daily Basis

Our Love Deserves a Daily Celebration

I am Enjoying the Dictates of True Love for the First Time in My Whole Life

Within and Without, I Love Every Part of You
From your head to your toe, you've got such an amazing look.
Looking within you, I see virtues beyond words. I love you.

It Still Beats Me How I Have Found a Jewel Like You
Deep within me, I wouldn't stop asking how a guy like me was so lucky to have found a jewel of inestimable values like you. 

It's Unimaginable How I've Found a Prince Like You

I Love You in Countless Ways

It's so Sweet to Be Loved by Someone Like You

I've Tried but Can't Just Get Enough of Your Love
Of your love, your hugs, your care and... I've gotten so much... Yet I can't get enough of you.

I Keep Falling in Love with You and I Can't Help It

I Care About You Beyond What Can Be Verbalized

I Will Always Cherish and Adore You, Yes You.

I Am Longing for Your Touch 

Can I Have Your Attention?

Meeting You Was the Proof of Deep Love
It was hard for me to believe that someone could live this deeply until I met you and you gave me the best. Thanks for it all. I love you.

What Would I Do Without You in My Life?
I see how wonderfully my life has been going since I met you. I've had a first class experience of love undefined and the more I get, the more you proof to give. So I thought, what will I do without you in my life. Thank you. I love you.

With You, No One Else Matters in My Life
You are my essence, you're my ecstasy. You've been my stay in time of loneliness and in my weary moments, you gave a hand to help carry on. And today I came to a conclusion that I wouldn't need anyone else in my life since I have you. I love you.

I Choose to not Have a Moment Without You

Your Presence Gives the Peak of My Merriment

I Can't Fancy A Life Without You

I Am Giving All of My Heart to You

I Will Always Love You Like I've Always Been Doing

Your Love Has Brought Me to a Spotlight

I've Never Seen Love This Way Before

I Wish to Be Close to You

I Am Longing for Your Touch

I am Longing to Be Close to You Again

I Cherish the Way You Hold Me

It's Wonderful How You Look at Me

I Love the Way You Always Make Me Feel

I Love You in Countless Ways

I Give My Heart and Soul to Loving You

I Miss You Every Second You're Away from Me

This is the Moment I Need You Most

Would You Come Back to Me

I Wish I Have You in My Arms

This Moment Would Have Been Better Shared with You

Without You Here, I'm Like a Stray with No Home

I Don't Ever Want to Stop Loving You

I Wish You'll Love Me Forever Too

Would You Always Be Mine?


I Promise to Love You Until Death Do Us Part

I Promise a Lifetime Devotion to this Relationship

I Promise to Love You Come What May

I Promise to Always Cherish You

I Promise to Be There for You at all Times

I Promise to Be Your One and Only Lover 

I Promise to Never Break Your Heart

I Promise to Be Your Best Friend Forever 

I Promise Unwavering Commitment to this Relationship

I Promise to Never Break Your Heart

I Promise to be Your Confidant

I Promise to Defend Your Interests

I Promise to Keep Your Heart Unbroken

I Promise to Build a Future with You

I Promise to Always Make You Happy

I Promise to be Your Lifetime Companion

I Promise to Always Trust You

I Promise to Always Stand By You

I Promise to Always Care for You

I Promise to Never Take You for Granted

I Promise to Help Make this Relationship Last


I Don't Mind Going to the End of the Word for You

I Desire to Always Wake Up Next to You

I Wish to Always Be Wherever You Are

You're My Knight in Shining Armour

Isn't it Thrilling How I'm a Part of Your Life? 

I Can't Stop Being Head Over Heels for You

I Am Forever Happy in Your Arms

In Your Arms, I find Warmth and Safety

My Love for You Grows with the Least of the Things You Do

I Can't Stop Having a Great Time with You

Life Has Worth the Living Since You Came into My Life

Your Love is the Rhythms My Heart Dances To

To Love You is My Heritage

To Always Be Yours is My Culture

To Stay with You Forever is My Tradition

I Find Loving You an Easy Thing to Do

With You, I See Myself Becoming the Happiest Person Alive
My Heart Can't Stop Leaping for You

You're in Every of My Thoughts and Decisions

I Knew My Lonely Days Were Over When I Met You

It's Evident that Our Love Can't Grow Old

Our Love Bond Will Grow Ever Stronger

This is a Celebration of a Special Kind of Love

Your Love Has Set the Stage for Endless Romantic Streaks

I Am So Glad I Found this Wonderful You

I Am Forever Grateful to Have You in My Life

Our Love Rocks, Makes Sense Forever

You're the Best Gift that Life Ever Gave to Me

I've Come to Say Thank thank you for Everything You've Done for Me

The Sky is the Starting Point for Our Love

Words Are Never Enough to Express How I Feel About You

There's Nothing Possible that I Wouldn't Do To Make You Smile

There's Nothing Within My Power that I Wouldn't Do to Make You Happy

Our Love Story is Legendary

This is more than a Glimpse of Heaven
I've heard they say to love is to receive a glimpse of heaven but falling in love with you has defied the saying! Your love is more than words can say, falling in love with you is more than a glimpse of heaven.

Your Love is a Rare Gift of Nature

We Were Two Separate Hearts that became one

Wherever Love Leads, I'm Walking There with You

It's Obvious, We're Made for Each Other

We Are on a Journey of Blissfulness Together

I Can See that We're Perfect Together

Our Love is Being Built to Last

We Make an Enviable Union

I See Us Celebrating a Boundless Love Forever

The Intimacy We Share is Rare

We're Inseparable through Life's Tick and Thin

This is Nothing But Friendship Redefined

Where in the World Would I Ever Be Without You?

I Love You with Every Heartbeat of Mine

Your Beauty is Never-Fading

You Are so Elegant Inside and Out

Your Love is More than Enough for Me

You're My Lifetime Partner in Love

You're My Friend in Need and Indeed

Your Love Has Brought a Never-ending Smile to My Face

You've Always Brought Out the Best in Me

Your Love Has Finally Complemented Me

Your Love Has Forever Completed Me

You're All I Ever Wanted and Needed

Your Love Ignites an Ember of Passion within Me

You've Filled My Life with a Great Joy

I'll Ever Delight Myself in You

Your Love is Blossoming

You're in the Habit of Taking My Breath Away

You've Become My Favourite

Your Love Lights Up My Life

You've Always Had the Key to My Heart

You Were too Good to Be True and now too Essential to Be Without