I am Really Sorry Treasure

From Wonder to Treasure

He said this...

Things was going on well between my girlfriend and me until I messed up. I said some things that did upset her, but all I was doing was for her to be jealous a little. Before I knew it, our relationship was ruined. It was more than she could bear and then, I was quick to know my errors and ready to fix them. I would love to send her a touching message that would say I am really sorry. Please, help me.
Did I help him? Yeah!

Here is the apology letter I composed for him...


Treasure, I just got a better understanding of what it is to be hurt. The more I think of my wrongs, the more heartbroken I become.

I wish I have the power to take back those foolish words. And I stay here watching how my heart is set apart.

Remembering how lovely it began is enough to break my life in pieces. And thinking about how I have messed up is making me go mad within.

It's a million of questions I can't answer. And the fact remains you don't deserve the ill feelings I have caused you.

I am so sorry to have broken the cord of affection that joined us.
I apologize for making you feel jealous.
I just can't remember it all! My wrongs are many and it's deserving any way you have felt towards me.

With all of me, I have come to say sorry. I am here, asking for a second chance. I am willing to rebuild the link once again.

I am willing to take it back to the path of awesomeness that it used to be.

I am sorry, my treasure.
My muse you are, and my pleasure.
I am sorry for the wrongs I have done.
To be my bad, for that I am done!

Your forgiveness is all I ask for
See... my heart is full of sore
I am back to love you more and more
And To break your heart, no more!

My treasure, please give me a second chance.
I am so sorry my dear, just the second chance.

I love you.

And as you would expect... She really accepted the apology and came back to him again. I remember he said, "I bought my girlfriend a very beautiful handbag to spice up the apology." Lovely?

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