My Love, No More Going Back and Forth

From Joshua to Elena

He said this...

She is the most important girl in the world to me, she makes me so happy, we argue a bit but at the end we always make up and we fix it, I want a message to explain how much i love her, she makes my everyday special, every little thing she does is for me and I appreciate her so much.

And I wrote this, on his behalf


I understand what it takes to be loved, and even the pains that comes from being taken for granted.

I know how it feels when you are the one at the hurting side: It's sure a world of untold horridness on its own.

I remember how it all started, a year a few months passed. I sighed as I am helplessly watching us being the opposite of what we used to be.

It's so much of heartbreak for me to see you denounced the affection you once held sacred; and it pains most to know that I am part of the cause.

It's sure my bad, I agree, Elena. I must have veered away from the lovely path we both plied. I must have even trampled on the heart that loves and care for me. In my own little way, I am sorry, Elena.

Ideally, when you join the words “every” and “thing” together, that's what you are to me. My Muse, and the pivotal point to my daily merriment.

No matter how hard it is for you to construe, the idea of your love has gotten a lasting place on my inside.

And just for you to know, Elena. I have learnt how much being neglected means. It might appear to me that you are jealous, but that wouldn't take away the fact that you do care greatly for me.

I appreciate every bit of what you do for me, and I would love you to know that it means so much to me.

Without you, I see my life as an admixture of little happiness and a well of sorrow. I see myself as imperfect. I would be nothing worthwhile without you. My days would be bad, and I would dwell in loneliness.

But, here I am with utmost remorse. I have come to rebuild the trust we both shared, and I would do that immediately you let me.

My love, this is My plea!

You are so beautiful, and that would always melt me inside.
You're Special ever to me, when I look this way or even that side.

I can't explain my deep love for you:
It's much more than what I can do
You're a blessing everywhere I turn
And to pay back, it's sure my turn.

I do love you and I really ever will
My best friend, is who you are still
You smiles, laughter, my daily meal
And to be yours ever, a done deal.

It might be horrible now, Allow me to make it right,
As I have ever been, my love, I'm back to that.
To Hold you ever in my arms, that I'll do so tight.
It's a world of streaks with you, please let's end this fight.

And back to you, I am, no more going back and forth.

I love you ELENA.


In reply to the letter I wrote on his behalf, his girlfriend reply with this...

"BABY I LOVE YOU!!! With every single last piece of me! You don't understand how much this changed my whole entire mood. You mean the world to me and so much more. I love you Joshua I surely do.

I Asked Him to send this to her afterwards

My decision might have changed your mood
To me, being back is like a means to livelihood.
If I mean the world to you
So much more, do I want to mean to you.

I want to look in your eyes, and see the agelong gaiety
Want to be with you, and it's like I've all social amenities
Just without you, my life would be load of pity
And here I come, shouting your love through all cities.

I love you too, I really do.

Guess what? The relationship became lovelier than it was before.

YOU too need to take the step today. Your lover needs to know you love them than you say in words.



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