180 Islamic Wedding Wishes Messages for Couple

Islamic Wedding Wishes

Best Islamic Wedding Wishes and Islamic Wedding Messages for New Couple.

Islamic Birthday Wishes for Friend

1. As you launch into a new chapter of your life. May Allah grant you great blessings. Happy married life.

2. May Allah give you the wisdom and knowledge you need to run this new phase of your life.

3. May Allah give you peace of mind and protect your, going out and coming in.

4. May Allah watch over your home and shield it from the wicked ones. Happy married life.

5. May Allah bring the plan of the enemies concerning your marriage to nothingness. Happy married life.

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6. Allah, the Al-Malik shall raise your home. He shall make your marriage the best thing that ever happened to you. Happy married life.

7. May Almighty Allah bless your home abundantly. He shall give you happiness within and without. Happy married life, friend.

8. May the great Allah bless your marriage with fruit at due time. Your children shall surround your table. Happy married life.

9. May Ar Raheem go with you on this journey and guide each of your steps. Happy married life.

10. May Allah, Al Quddus pour sweetness into your home. Your marriage shall be sweeter than honey. Happy married life.

11. May Allah grant your heart desires as He upgrades you today. Blessings of marriage shall follow your union. Happy married life.

12. Lots of warm wishes for you as you start another chapter of your life today. May Allah go with you. Happy married life.

13. I pray Allah blesses your union with lovely children, both boys and girls. Happy married life.

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14. May Allah grant you wealth to run your home and peace to keep it. Happy married life, friend.

15. May Allah be gracious unto you and protect your home from the wicked ones. Happy married life.

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Islamic Birthday Wishes for Brother

1. Now that you have tied the knot. May your love grow stronger and deeper as you create room for Allah in your heart. Happy married life, brother.

2. Respect, Love and Commitment are the tripods of marriage. May Allah help you to give these to each other in abundance. Happy married life.

3. Congratulation on your wedding, brother. May the Almighty Allah fill your marriage with the right ingredients.

4. I pray Faithfulness, Respect and trust shall be a common thing in your marriage, brother. Happy married life.

5. May Allah give you have a happy home. Wishing you the best marriage, brother. Happy married life.

6. May Allah help you both to find the happiness and pleasure in each other. Happy married life.

7. Now that you're legally bound to each other, may Allah keep you to together and make you last into old age. Happy married life.

8. Congratulations bro. May Allah help you to sustain the joy and peace you feel right now. Happy married life.

9. May Allah make you best of friends forever. You'll prefer each other. Happy married life.

10. Congratulations brother like no other. May Allah help you find true love in each other. Happy married life.

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11. May Allah grant you both knowledge and wisdom to run your home today and in days to come. Happy married life.

12. May Allah grant you sound health always and comfort when you need it. Happily married life brother.

13. May Allah be the glue that binds you both together in perfect love. Happy married life.

14. May Allah bless your wedding day and your marriage. May he help you never to regret this decision. Happy married life.

15. I wish you a happy marriage, full of peace and Joy from Allah. Happy married life.

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Islamic Birthday Wishes for Sister

1. I wish for you blessings from Allah the Almighty. May your marriage blossom forever and always. Happy married life, sis.

2. May Allah richly bless the two of you with peace of mind, wealth and sound Health. Happy married life.

3. Whatever you see in each other that made you agree to be husband and wife, may Allah sustain it. Happy married life.

4. Two special people are tying the knot today. I pray this shall be the beginning of open doors in your life. Happy married life

5. On this special day of yours, I say congratulations and I wish you a happy married life. May Allah bless your new home.

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6. May you never regret this decision you both have taken today to spend the rest of your life together. May Allah always abide with you. Happy married life.

7. Love has brought you together and thus far. I pray that Allah will continue to uphold thus love. Happy married life.

8. I pray for peace, joy, and prosperity for you both. Congratulations on your marriage. Happy married life.

9. May Allah be throned in your home. May He guide you and teach you how to run your home. Happy married life.

10. May you enjoy the love that has no end. Allah will be the builder of your home. Congratulations on your marriage, sis.

11. As you have said your vows today. May Allah help you to stay true to them. Happy married life.

12. It is your wedding day and I'm so full of joy for you, my beautiful sister. May Allah continue to give us reasons to rejoice with you. Happy married life.

13. Heaven has brought you both together in pure love. I pray Allah gives you everlasting love. Happy married life, sister.

14. Allah blesses your new home with abundant goodies from above. He will make this day a memorable one forever. Congratulations on your wedding, lovely sister.

15. Your life will be filled with unquantifiable joy, undeniable peace and undiluted Love from Allah's bosom. Happy married life, sweet sister.

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