Cute Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Someone Special

So, it's that time again, isn't it? A time you feel like giving the whole world to someone you love and cherish.. Even if you could end up sending birthday wishes.

In case you want nothing but the best, these lovely happy birthday paragraphs will do.

Kindly use the table of contents below to get to the birthday paragraph of your desire.

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Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Friends and Loved Ones

1. You Are the Head

I wish you everything people wish you
And then I wish you what God wishes you
I pray better years ahead
And not the tail, but you will be the head!
Happy birthday to you my caring friend.

2. Blissful Moments

Days filled with bliss
And moments filled with peace
Is what I wish you on this day
Joy and joy all the way!
Happy Birthday to you.

3. The Better Gift

I just wish everyday is your birthday
Cuz I would like to share a moment of the great day.
I wish I could give more than words would say!
Happy birthday to you anyway.

4. The Lovely Birthday

More than sweet collection of roses
More than all friends' cheers and noises
And more than happy returns of the day..
To you, I wish a lovely birthday.

5. The Best Wish

If I give you a million gifts they will finish
And a thousand of wishes would even finish
But I pray the best of God for you instead.
Happy birthday my love and my friend.

6. Your Speciality

Among a thousand friends you are a special one
And among million of gems you are a rare one
If all days are your birthday, I wouldn't miss one
Happy birthday to you my special friend.

7. My Utmost Prayer

More than the gleaming of stars,
May your day be filled with ecstasy
And faster that the fastest of cars
May you reach your fulfilment.
Happy birthday to a caring friend.

8. I Give You My Love

Love that is never lacking
with affections that is unending
And a caring heart, than words can say
Is what you deserve on this day.
And that is what I will give you.
Happy Birthday to you.

9. Flying Without Wings

More than the letters of happy birthday
More than the smiles its thought brings
I wish you a blessed happy birthday
And I pray in life, that you get to your height
And really fly without wings.

10. The Boundless Love

The light from the candles would die
And friends will soon bid their bye-bye
But I pray that God's love won't leave you
And I pray you will ever be the best you
Happy birthday to you and you.

11. Everlasting Joy

Not for the song friends sing,
And not for the gift they bring,
But just for the joy it brings,
May the joy last forever
in winter, summer and spring.
Happy birthday to you, my dearest.

12. I Wish More

Wishes of many happy returns,
With 1000s of rhythmical Hurray,
Is not worth a mint of what I can offer,
I wish I could give more than this!
Happy Birthday to you, my Love

13. Giving You My Love

I have tried all roses but they wither,
All gifts but they don't last forever,
I tried my love and it works,
I'm giving you this now and forever,
Happy birthday my darling.

14. The Secret

I'm keeping this secret
I'm giving you a big treat
I bet no one can beat
I give your my heart until its last beat
Happy birthday to you my sweet.

15. A Special Day

This day is great not ordinary
It's the best day in my diary
It's your day and the greatest of all day
Happiest birthday to you all the way.

16. Help from Above

The help to meet challenges on your way
And the favour to always have a great day
Is what I pray for you, on this day.
Happy birthday to you today.

17. I Pray Joy

May your day be filled with excitement
And feelings more than words of endearment
Forever, May you find joy in all you do!
Happy birthday to you.

18. I Pray Grace

When people quit, may you never give up
And when they are down, may God keep you up
I wish you above all thongs that you prosper
And I pray you grow in God's grace deeper and deeper
Happy birthday to you my lovely friend.

19. Awaiting Testimony

When people complain, you will give thanks
And when many are down, God will keep you up
You will be rich as if you own banks!
And you will soar high nonstop.
Happy birthday to you dear

20. The Best, Daily

I pray this day not only be your best
But every day from now, your very best
May this not be your best ever
But they will come bigger ever and ever.
Happy birthday to you, my caring friend.

Romantic Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Him or Her

21. Immeasurable Achievements

May your accomplishments be without measure
Where people struggle, may you be in pleasure.
Against all odds, may your success be sure!
Happy birthday to you my heart and my treasure.

22. Nothing but Success

May all your efforts in life culminate in success
And to all you desire, may you not lack the access
May you have all that matters to life in excess
Happy birthday to you my love.

23. More Strength and Power

More power to build a dream that will last
And more strength to keep going in life
Is what I wish you everyday and night
Happy birthday to you my love and my life

24. Happy Birthday

I wish you happy birthday without your permission
And I wish you all happy returns without any omission
May you find no reason to cry but all reasons to smile
Happy birthday to my heart, in grand style.

25. Abounding Joy

May this day bring us near and near
May it unite us forever my dear
With much warmth joy and of love,
I wish you happy birthday, my love.

26. Immeasurable Perfection

May you never miss the decision to act
May God keep all that belong to you intact.
And may your life be for all an impact
Happy birthday to you, my lovely sweetheart.

27. I'm Becoming You

If we really become what we think about
It means I am already becoming you.
Knowing today as your day, gives joy in and out
And before it's too late, happy birthday to you.

28. Ageless Aspiration

May everything about your life be interesting
In all you do, may you never lack aspiration
And yearly, may you have a birthday that is befitting
To me one and only, I wish you a glorious celebration.

29. Overflowing Joy

May you go confidently in the direction of your dream
May you find joy overflowing than a serene stream
May God's love and peace showers on you.
And specially, I say Happy Birthday to you.

30. Endless Blessings

Blessings that are never ending
And joys that soothes with no ending
With grace to give and never lending
Is what I ask for you on this day.
Happy birthday to you my love.